Classic WHO: Must-Watch Video—Secret Service Agent Pulled off JFK Car

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You will be riveted by this video, not even three minutes long, showing JFK’s Secret Service protection being waved away from his car, and the perplexed reaction of at least one Special Agent.

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43 responses to “Classic WHO: Must-Watch Video—Secret Service Agent Pulled off JFK Car”

  1. Cary David Hoffson says:

    By doing this they killed him just has much has Lee Harvey Oswald.

  2. Cary David Hoffson says:

    This is the truth of what happened being it never happened before to JFK and this is a setup to have him killed before anything else happened that day first and they got away with it.

  3. j45 says:

    I think this incident is discussed in one of Vince Palamara’s books on the SS. Vince has done a tremendous job, personally interviewing i think some 60 SS agents in regard to the JFK thing. Vince has the talent for having the SS agents open up to him, in trust – for the most part. There are a few that were at odds with him. :-)

    I haven’t read the book yet, but havea copy around here. I will reference it when I find it.

  4. Steven Robinson says:

    Kudos to Russ Baker for his book, Family of Secrets. George H.W. Bush should be put on trial to testify on what he secretly knows about the JFK assassination.

    • Silverado says:

      There’s a picture out there that purportedly shows him to actually be in Dallas on that particular day although he has constantly denied this. I just figure that he really is one of the men who killed JFK with the backing & blessing of his employer, the spying & intelligence arm of the military/industrial complex.

    • j45 says:

      This has been CONFIRMED as NOT being GHWB. A flim was discovered of that
      scene at the same time the photo was taken, and clearly shows the
      That information was posted on either The Education
      Forum- JFK assassination or Deep Politics Forum- JFK Assassination,
      forgotten which.

  5. Conrade Vetter says:

    Plausible Denial by Mark Lane wraps up the whole thing nicely. All elections are irrelevant until we have the guts to face the fact that our so-called intelligence community can kill a president and get away with it. Politics are an ugly charade. To participate is the ultimate in mindlessness. The only hope lies in convincing people to turn off the television, the propaganda machine

  6. david t. krall says:

    Yes, I have seen this video…It is very interesting….from what I gather and from my research (40+years) it appears that not only were the motorcycle escorts minimized and “ordered” to ride BEHIND the presidential limo but “somebody” made sure that the President’s protection and security was “quietly” compromised and negated…in a most “plain” yet surreptitious manner…that could only have been done ultimately by somebody very well placed very hi-up who HAD THE APPEARANCE of speaking for the president yet, had enough influence and “pull” not to be questioned on their own..that would only leave LBJ or those approximated near him to make sure that the LBJ’s SS agents would actually make sure that such a “quiet maneuver” was just part of some normal security arrangement or format change at the last minute….this all fits into the premise that this was a very, very hi-level and wide/deep inside job with many, many before the fact witting conspirators and conscious. willing collaborators…

    7 Days in May + Operation Valkyrie (USA Style) = 11/22/63

  7. Tarry Faster says:

    Here is an excellent review of THE definitive book on why and who killed JFK. There IS an answer and internationally it matters even more every single day that we waste by not confronting those responsible:

  8. weilunion says:

    The best film I have seen on this that ties many of the varied theories together is: JFK to 911: Everything is a rich man’s trick.

  9. Lbrother says:

    Who pulled him off the car, and by whose orders!!?? We should still be able to find this info.

  10. JurisDS57 says:

    JFK assassination was definitely a conspiracy.

  11. Chir says:

    Had there been any other instance of the SS agents not riding the positions on the back of the car? If so, what was the reason?

    • David Zamora says:

      This is and should be well known : JFK himselfwanted no Secret Service standing up behind him, so that he could be visible to as many people as possible.

  12. cruz_ctrl says:

    I would also recommend Russ Baker’s, Family of Secrets. Very interesting and a meticulously researched book.

  13. cruz_ctrl says:

    I don’t believe that LHO fired a single shot that day.

  14. Alvy Singer says:

    Apparently you have not read Russ Baker’s groundbreaking book called, “Family of Secrets- The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government, And the Hidden History of the Last 50 Years”.

    Baker’s work on this book in no small way led to his desire to create “Who, What Why”.

    Do try and make informed comments next time instead of the unsubstantiated innuendo that you’re sharing.

    What’s interesting is that you made a comment about Trump on the correct page and now you comment again about it on page with a totally unrelated topic. How many other pages on this site have you been spamming your unsubstantiated views?

  15. It has become painfully obvious that our country has major problems;
    what else could be expected after the JFK conspirators destroyed our
    country, the United States of America, and what it stands for, that
    terrible day in Dallas. I say “REMEMBER DEALEY PLAZA AND PRESIDENT

  16. lessismore says:

    unfortunately u cannot see the bigger picture,they are all in the same gang and don’t give a damn about u or America,20 trillion in debt,thats looking after you,just for starters.

  17. lessismore says:

    Have seen this,but was this filmed on the day of his assassination.More importantly you can see from the Zapruder film he is shot from the front,not the back.As the mainstream media will not look into this,then getting to the truth about 9/11 seems very distant.

    • People who look and get to close seem to Die!

    • cruz_ctrl says:

      yes, this is moments before he is shot. also note that in earlier segments of his ride thru Dallas he not only has SS agents but also motorcycle cops flanking his limo and there are hundreds of people lining the route several persons deep. that all changes when the car turns into Dealy Plaza. Not only does his bodyguard fall away, there is no more motorcycle escort and there are hardly any people to obstruct the assassins. oh, and the limo slows and comes almost to a dead stop.

    • Mark in Boston says:

      My understanding is that this is Secret Service footage captured on the tarmac at Love Field before the motorcade entered the streets of Dallas. The lack of bystanders and overall terrain seem to substantiate this description about where and when this was filmed.

    • editorsteve says:

      It’s just that every academic and police ballistics expert has analyzed the film backwards and forwards and doesn’t come to the conclusions you do. The analysis is even a common exercise in physics classes. By any chance, are you a physicist?

    • lessismore says:

      Firstly no, but you can see Jackie Kennedy climb onto the boot some 4 to 6 feet behind her to pick up some of his brain or skull. clearly see Kennedy is shot and in distress before the fatal shot. perhaps you just believe it was a single shot and how the media told you it was, then Oswald is killed, how very unlucky,can’t go to trial. At the end of the day if you want to believe the truth with your own two eyes you can or you can believe what you told.30 years ago the local paper had a headline” son strangles father to death” knowing the family well he had a history of violent abuse to all his kids, but in the next line, reporter talked to his neighbour (widow 76) and she said,the father used to come round every Saturday and cut my grass for nothing and yes he did.To the people reading the evening post they must of thought the son was just a bad man,But when the case went to court,they didn’t think putting the son in prison would serve any purpose,As he had suffered enough over the years with scares to prove it.So it just depends whether you want to read the headlines as the truth,or look at the facts that are behind them.Sometimes they are the same,but not with JFK,If they were we would not be talking about JFK today.

    • editorsteve says:

      I am a physicist and I have often reviewed and helped with these VERY SIMPLE AND OBVIOUS analyses (at least for the tribe of physicists…) over the years. I’ve spent a lot of time at the site. The first time I was there, I was amazed at how confined it is. Much smaller than appears through the wide angle lens of a TV camera. Zach Sklar, a colleague at the time, wrote the initial script and edited the book upon which Stone’s JFK was based. While it is obvious that there absolutely was a BIG conspiracy, it is clear to me from the ballistic evidence that Oswald’s shots (or shots from someone else from the same window) were the only shots (from ballistic and acoustical evidence). I note that it would be logical for conspirators to deflect investigation into other (ghost) shooters rather than having them look higher in the federal food chain. I also note that good conspiracies never risk too many loose ends. The point of the spear (Oswald probably, but maybe a highly trained assassin at the window) would be that point — one person who could be (and was) killed off later if caught.

  18. It still blows my mind in this the year 2015, there’s still a lot of people who think that Oswald acted alone. Just goes to show you how ignorant people can be, then, (1963) and now. Really unbelievable. Then again there’s still so many things in America that are unbelievable, that people believe.

    • PecosinRat says:

      I’ve read–but not personally confirmed–that polls indicate that a strong majority of Americans believe that the Kennedy killing was a conspiracy. The really interesting thing is that most Americans don’t know that…

    • mudshark23 says:

      That is interesting.

      Also, is there a statute of limitations on the assassination of a sitting US President?

    • PecosinRat says:

      There is no statute of limitations on murder.

    • old golfer says:

      In my opinion, based on reading everything I could find, Oswald wasn’t even on the 6th floor of the book depository. Like he said during his arrest, I am being set up for a patsy. He was. Professional hit, triangulated and all got away clean. The Warren Commission covered it up well and LBJ had the power as President to see that it stayed that way.

  19. VoxFox says:

    Obviously, IF that secret service guy had been on the bumper then no one would have believed the made-up story of JFK being shot from behind from the Oswald’s spot in the schoolbook depository. The shooters at the side would then have been readily exposed AND caught.

  20. TheCarCzar says:

    Who benefited, who controlled the inquiry (Hint: LBJ) and who was under two inquiries about to explode in a national magazine expose (same guy)?

    • HW Bush was on the scene as well. Texas oil didn’t like JFK. And the big money boys needed Viet Nam. America is one f**ked up country. There’s so many things ‘they’ say happened that either was staged or just a out and out lie. And it doesn’t matter how many innocent people get killed, just as long as the rich and greedy get their fill. It’s up to you American voters to put a stop to this bulls**t. Vote Sanders for Pres, and leave Warren in the Senate where she’s got them by the balls!

    • Lbrother says:

      The media is still kissing old Bush’s ass. It makes me sick. PS. Nixon was there that day also.

    • weilunion says:

      The Mafia needed to kill JFK to get rid of Bobby. Giancana pulled the election for Kennedy in both Chicago and heavily Protestant W. Virginia. He would never have won without Sam Giancana and the syndicate. But then the Kennedy’s double crossed Sam after Joe, the father, said he would not.

      Carlos Marcello, head of the Texas, New Orleans and AK Mafia did the deed with his men and the help of Santo Traficante of the Florida mob.

      The CIA and the anti-Castro Cubans also were involved as well. ‘That Bay of Pigs Thing’ was what Watergate was really all about. Finding the secret meo that the Chileans had regarding the assassination.

      you can read how all of this was done in Lamar Waldron’s great book: The Legacy of Secrecy.

    • D Gordon says:

      No, to mafia. You think the mafia gets the secret service to stand down or change the route?

    • lessismore says:

      If voting made any difference,They wouldn’t let us do.Mark Twain

  21. Non-dualist says:

    Read “Dr. Mary’s Monkey”

  22. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    As long as we’re talking books on the JFK assassination, don’t miss Jim Marr’s “Crossfire”, the main source for Oliver Stone’s movie JFK. He lays out in great detail what happened and why. Oswald was most likely a CIA agent or contractor, but he didn’t kill Kennedy.

  23. PecosinRat says:

    Read Rodger Stone’s account of the assassination, “The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ.” Stone, in addition to reminding us of the Altgens photo of LBJ hiding on the floor of his limousine one second after the first shot, points to news accounts quoting motor cycle officers riding beside Johnson’s car as saying that LBJ was in the floorboards of his limo 30 to 40 seconds before the first shot was fired. As damning as the photo is, it is only incidental information beside the very complete case against LBJ that Stone lays out.

    • johndissed says:

      There is also “LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination” by Phillip F. Nelson. Profoundly changed my view on the matter.

    • VoxFox says:

      Let’s not forget the Texas Oil Mafia that was pulling LBJ’s strings.