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Poster for magician Kellar (c1894) Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from Strobridge Lith. Co. / Library of Congress.and Strobridge Lith. Co. / Library of Congress.

The Mystery of the Constant Flow of JFK Disinformation
By Russ Baker and Milicent Cranor
For decades, the mainstream media have been promoting, mostly through TV specials, the government-approved story of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. But those who were inclined to believe it before may have become more skeptical, ironically, because of these shows, most of which have been slick infomercials using junk science. And each one just provides more embarrassing evidence of a cover up. Below,we present a small sample of this mind-opening evidence, along with an essay that explores the mystery of why these attempts keep coming.

The CIA, Mafia, Mexico — and Oswald, Part 3
By Peter Dale Scott
This is a complex story, as fascinating as it is appalling. It is about how the CIA and FBI suppressed a major clue to the existence of a pre-JFK-assassination conspiracy. And about how alleged evidence of Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico was manipulated and altered by elements in the CIA and their Mexican clients, the Dirección Federal de Seguridad (DFS).


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Today is Evolution Day, commemorating the anniversary of the initial publication of On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin on November 24, 1859. About this photo: Charles Darwin. Photo credit: J. Cameron / Wikimedia

Today is Evolution Day, commemorating the anniversary of the initial publication of On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin on November 24, 1859. About this photo: Charles Darwin.

Photo Credit: J. Cameron / Wikimedia.

Donald Trump Defends Retweet of Fake Crime Statistics (Trevin)
Data was attributed to a fake agency and claimed most white murder victims were killed by black offenders. Trump: “Am I going to check every statistic?”

Terrorists Indicted for Planning Deadly Attacks on Churches and Synagogues (Gerry)
GOP presidential candidates call for strong measures against all members of the plotters’ race and religion! Actually, they don’t.

Former GOP Official Tries to Kick Trump off New Hampshire Ballot (Klaus)
Fergus Cullen, a former New Hampshire GOP chairman, is trying to exclude Donald Trump from the state’s primary on the basis that the billionaire is ineligible because he is not a Republican. While Trump is a registered member of the party, Cullen argues that “his views expressed over decades are inconsistent with the Republican Party Platform …”

Attacks on British Muslims Up 300 Percent Since Paris (Trevin)
Most victims were “Muslim girls and women aged 14 to 45 wearing traditional Islamic dress. The perpetrators were mainly white males aged 15–35.”

Your Handy Guide to Where Candidates Stand on Fighting ISIS (Klaus)
With nearly 20 people still running for president, it can be difficult for voters to keep track on where the candidates stand on key issues. Here is a chart showing everybody’s position on fighting ISIS.

Hillary Clinton Dominates the Pack … in Fake Twitter Followers (Trevin)
Trump and Sanders have lowest percentages of fake followers.


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