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Equifax Data Breach

How to Keep Safe after the Equifax Cybersecurity Breach

The recent Equifax cybersecurity breach, now the worst known cyberattack to date, changes everything for a huge number of Americans. Are you worried about how this affects you? You should be. The worst-case scenario of this data breach, from identity theft to adulterated finances and more, will take years to recover from. There is no Read More

Village Voice

The Village Voice’s Death by a Thousand Cuts

When word broke late Tuesday that the Village Voice would end its six-decade print run, it provoked dutiful hand-wringing on social media by fans of the counterculture icon. At the same time, the emotional power of the elegies was strained by a recognition that sadness at the paper’s end was motivated not by excitement over Read More

Unite the Right

GOP Quickly Running Out of Time to Dump Trump

One headline today read, “Republicans in Despair After Trump’s Disastrous Week.”It brought to mind heated conversations I had years ago with Republican aides on The Hill, folks I have known from when I reported on such things back in the 80s and 90s.Those conversations were sparked by the first signs of trouble: the Tea Party Read More

Monument Avenue, Robert E. Lee, Richmond

An Evening in the Old South

I’m having an attack of nostalgia. I feel a deep pang of loss as I think about the Confederate statues that line Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. Are their days numbered? They stand only a few blocks from where my maternal grandparents lived in the 1950s, and where I spent many summers.  I loved staring Read More

Unite the Right, Charlottesville

Media Slow to Expose Trump Contribution to Fake News

The media went hard after President Donald Trump about his moral stance (or lack thereof) on Charlottesville. But they missed a chance to take him to task for disseminating his own “fake news.”After receiving broad, near-universal criticism for equating deadly violence perpetrated by white nationalists in Charlottesville, VA, with the response of counter-protesters, Trump decided Read More

Protesters, Durham, Confederate statue

What Really Happened in Durham, NC? A Nasty Thought

On August 14, in Durham NC, something strange happened that does not make sense to me. A protester climbed up on the statue of a Confederate soldier, tied a rope around his neck, gave a signal, and her fellow activists pulled until the statue came crashing down. Then several others converged on the statue, viciously, Read More

Mohammed bin Nayef, Mohammed bin Salman

Recent Shake-up in Saudi Line of Succession Fails Sniff Test

Last month, multiple news outlets reported on what appears to be a “reshuffling” in the line of succession under Saudi Arabia’s 81-year-old King Salman, whose powerful nephew was suddenly forced out as crown prince by royal decree in favor of his much younger, yet impulsive son. Now, The New York Times and Reuters have gone Read More

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