ICYMI: RadioWHO: Russ Baker on the 51st Anniversary of JFK’s Assassination
Tune in for Russ Baker’s insights into the JFK assassination, during an interview with KGO radio in San Francisco on the 51st anniversary of the killing. Russ discusses some little-known facts about George H.W. Bush’s connection to the event with popular host Pat Thurston.


Who was forced to step down from a key post inside the Obama Administration? Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. He resigned “under pressure” after some notable shifts in Obama’s strategy against the Islamic State and the “pullout” from Afghanistan. Also key to Obama’s desire to make a changea reported “rift” between the White House and the Pentagon.

And who is next in line to run the Pentagon?

Who is preparing to “declare war” on the Islamic State?


What was extended? The deadline to reach a nuclear deal with Iran.

What was excluded from the Senate’s much-delayed report on CIA torture?

What are the “five myths” keeping America perpetually (and erroneously) locked into the Middle East?

What scares China’s military?

And … what exactly is it that Jeb Bush does to make a living?


Why are you more likely to be killed by a cop than by a gang member in Utah?

Why does “Black Friday” highlight the widening inequality between the rich and the poor?

And how can you find out if you are under surveillance?

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