Jersey Pinelands Fire Contained ; Florida Bill Could Aid Domestic Violence Survivors ; and More Picks 4/1

Crews Contain Forest Fire That Burned 11,000 Acres in South Jersey Pinelands (Chris)

The author writes, “Lawrence Hajna, spokesperson for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection … said that forest fires in the Pinelands were ‘relatively common,’ but that this blaze was the largest in at least several years.”

Florida Labor Bill Could Aid Victims of Domestic Violence (Reader Steve)

From the Houston Chronicle: “Survivors of domestic violence qualify for unemployment benefits in 41 states. But in Florida — which averages more than 117,000 reported cases of domestic violence per year — there is no such compensation. That could change soon under a bill being considered by the Florida Legislature that would provide a financial safety net to victims in need.”

FCC ‘Fined’ Robocallers $208M Since 2015 but Collected Only $6,790 (DonkeyHotey)

The author writes, “the FCC lacks authority to enforce the penalties, according to an investigation by The Wall Street Journal.”

Census 2020 Q&A (Rebecca)

The author writes, “It took more than 200 years of counting U.S. residents, but the census is finally going electronic in 2020. Most Americans won’t get a paper form in the mail. And census takers visiting the homes of hard-to-reach people will record answers on iPhone 8s. These are some of the changes the U.S. Census Bureau has made in preparing for census day 2020.”

How a 119-Word Local Crime Brief Became Facebook’s Most Shared Story of 2019 (Russ)

From Slate: “A tale of accidental virality in the age of algorithms”

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