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California Seeks Company Profits in Big Oil Climate Lawsuit (Maria)

The author writes, “California’s attorney general on Monday sought to force the world’s biggest oil companies to give up profits the state alleges they made while deceiving consumers about their role in contributing to climate change. The legal action comes months after a new state law took effect that allows the attorney general to seek profits earned by companies while they violated laws against unfair competition and false advertising. … The suit, filed in state court in San Francisco, alleges the energy giants have caused tens of billions of dollars in damages and accuses them of deceiving the public.”

How a Luxury Trip for Trump Judges Doomed the Federal Mask Mandate (DonkeyHotey)

The author writes, “Buried in the April 2022 ruling that struck down the Biden administration’s mask mandate was a section that was unusual for a court decision. The outcome itself was far from surprising. Places all over the country were dropping local mask requirements, and the judge hearing this case — a challenge to the federal mandate to mask on planes and other public transportation — was a conservative Trump appointee, U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle for the Middle District of Florida. Mizelle ruled that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s mask requirement overstepped the agency’s legal authority. What was eye-catching was her explanation of why.” 

CEOs Made Nearly 200 Times What Their Workers Got Paid Last Year (Reader Jim)

From The Associated Press: “The typical compensation package for chief executives who run companies in the S&P 500 jumped nearly 13% last year, easily surpassing the gains for workers at a time when inflation was putting considerable pressure on Americans’ budgets. The median pay package for CEOs rose to $16.3 million, up 12.6%, according to data analyzed for The Associated Press by Equilar. Meanwhile, wages and benefits netted by private-sector workers rose 4.1% through 2023. At half the companies in this year’s pay survey, it would take the worker at the middle of the company’s pay scale almost 200 years to make what their CEO did.”

Burlington Police Terrified High School Students With Mock Shooting (Dana)

From Seven Days: “While teaching a class to high school students on Wednesday, Burlington police officers staged a surprise demonstration in which a masked gunman burst into the room and pretended to open fire. The simulation, which occurred at the Burlington police station, was meant to show the unreliability of witness statements. But the lack of warning — and the loud gunshot sounds — sent students diving for cover in fear for their lives.”

Pizza Shop Owner Convicted of Forced Labor Against Employees in the Country Illegally (Reader Steve)

The authors write, “The owner of two Boston-area pizza shops was convicted of forced labor on Friday for using physical violence and threats of reprisal or deportation against employees living in the country illegally to make them work long hours, sometimes seven days a week. Prosecutors said Stavros Papantoniadis, of Westwood, thinly staffed his pizza shops and purposely employed workers without immigration status behind the scenes for 14 or more hours per day. He monitored the workers with surveillance cameras, which he accessed from his cell phone, and constantly demeaned, insulted and harassed them, prosecutors said.”

Costco Is the Hero America Needs Right Now (Russ)

The author writes, “All hail Costco, the hero America needs right now. The warehouse shopping club, known for its bulk toilet paper and cheap gas, made an important proclamation [in May]: Its iconic hot-dog-and-soda deal shall remain at $1.50, where it’s been for the past four decades. … In this polarizing moment, when Americans have been worn down by inflation, Costco’s commitment to low prices should warrant praise from all political corners.”

What Is Really Going On With Charlotte the Stingray? (Gerry)

From The Assembly: “It’s been months since a Hendersonville aquarium blew up the internet with its announcement of a ‘miracle’ pregnancy, and experts and online fans are growing concerned. When we tried to visit, they called the police.”


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