Eco-Fascist Terror Group Linked to Swedish Arson ; The 10,000-Year Clock Is a Waste of Time ; and More Picks 1/30

Eco-Fascist Terror Group Linked to Swedish Arson (Chris)

The author writes, “Last fall, part of a mink farm in Sweden was mysteriously burned to the ground and police couldn’t figure out why. And while the crime remains unsolved by authorities, evidence appears to show an eco-fascist cell within The Base — an American neo-Nazi terror group under intense FBI investigation — is responsible for the arson. Through confidential sources and online records, VICE believes the crime was committed by a teenage member of The Base living in Sweden, who first claimed the attack in a video on iFunny, a popular meme-sharing website.”

Germany Urged to Fight Anti-Semitism to Avoid Jewish Exodus (DonkeyHotey)

From ABC News: “[German Foreign Minister] Heiko Maas said in an article Sunday for the weekly Der Spiegel that German politicians must do more ‘but there is one thing they can’t do: replace solidarity in everyday life.’”

Washington State AG Looking Into Decision to Close National Archives in Seattle (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson said Monday he has assigned an attorney from his Complex Litigation Division to review a federal panel’s decision to close the National Archives at Seattle. ‘If, in our opinion, the administration did not follow the law, there would be a lawsuit,’ he said.”

Problems in Social Science Are Being Used to Discredit Climate Science (Mili)

From New Scientist: “A conference in California next week says it aims to make scientific studies more reliable, but critics fear the event is a new tactic used by those who question the reality of climate change. The event, called Fixing Science, is being run by the National Association of Scholars (NAS), a non-profit organisation based in New York.”

The 10,000-Year Clock Is a Waste of Time (Chris)

The author writes, “There is a clock being constructed in a mountain in Texas. The clock will tick once a year, marking time over the next 10,000 years. The clock is an art installation. … The clock was conceived by a tech millionaire. It is funded by the world’s richest man, a tech billionaire. It is being built adjacent to his private spaceport, inside a mountain that he owns. You can visit the clock in the mountain in Texas someday. You can walk through its jade doors, climb the staircase up to the sapphire dome. … Just ask Jeff Bezos for an invite when you see him at Davos … If you can’t get in touch with Bezos through your personal networks, you shouldn’t worry about the 10,000-Year Clock. They wouldn’t say it so bluntly, but this art installation isn’t for you. You have more pressing concerns in the here and now.”

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