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Scientists Spot Unknown Colonies of Emperor Penguins in Antarctica (Maria)

The author writes, “Previously unknown colonies of emperor penguins have been spotted in new satellite imagery. Emperor penguins, considered ‘near threatened’ with extinction, are the world’s largest penguins. They raise their chicks in Antarctic winter on patches of frozen sea ice. But if the ice breaks up before the chicks have fledged, most will die. At least some emperor penguins are moving their colonies as melting ice from climate change threatens breeding grounds, according to research released on Wednesday.”

Trump Hints at VP Pick: ‘People Won’t Be That Surprised’ (Reader Jim)

The author writes, “Former President Trump on Saturday suggested he has his pick for vice president and hinted people will not ‘be that surprised’ by his choice of running mate. Asked by Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier in New Hampshire about when he will decide who could join him on the ticket if he secures the nomination, Trump said, ‘Well, it’s never really had that much of an effect on an election, which is an amazing thing, both election and primary. … It won’t have any impact at all. The person that I think I like is a very good person.’”

Donald Trump Could Get $5 Million Under New Florida Bill (Reader Steve)

The author writes, “A new bill put forward in the Florida State Senate would provide up to $5 million to politicians like Donald Trump to pay for legal bills while running for president. On Monday, a new piece of legislation, championed by Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis, was introduced by Florida state Senator Ileana Garcia which would create the ‘Florida Freedom Fighters Fund.’ The fund would provide up to $5 million to cover legal costs for Florida residents who are running for president, like Trump, and face ‘legal, partisan, political attacks by the Department of Justice or State Attorneys,’ according to a release from Patronis’s office.”

Critics of Ukraine War Could Have Property Seized Under New Russian Law (Sean)

From The Guardian: “A bill to confiscate property and valuables from Ukraine war critics convicted of, among other crimes, ‘discrediting the Russian army’ or calling for foreign sanctions has been drawn up by the Kremlin. The draft legislation to the criminal code was registered in Russia’s State Duma on Monday, where it has been backed by the main political parties and appears likely to pass into law. The bill aims to allow the government to seize money and property used or intended to finance illegal activity or that which is believed to threaten national security, as determined by a court order. It would also allow law enforcement to seize honorariums received by journalists or researchers convicted of writing ‘fake information’ about the invasion of Ukraine.”

The Show Went On: Inside the Fight To Perform ‘Oklahoma!’ at a North Texas High School (Gerry)

From The Dallas Morning News: “Max Hightower huddled with his Oklahoma! castmates on the Sherman High School stage after finishing vocal warm-ups and enunciation exercises. It was time for the pre-show tradition. The students turned to each other, holding hands and locking eyes. They echoed, line after line: ‘Haters are gonna hate. And players are gonna play. And we’re just gonna shake, shake, shake it off.’ The ritual had new resonance on this opening night. Shortly after Max earned his leading role in the fall, the school administration took it away. They decided Max, who is transgender, would not be allowed to play a male part.”

The Life and Death of the American Mall (Laura)

From Atlas Obscura: “I’ve visited hundreds of abandoned places in my life — factories to asylums, schools to churches — but suburban malls might be the most surreal and striking. They captivate the imagination in a way few other types of environments can: with an almost imperceptible layer of fog that forms between the first and second floors of an atrium, endless reflections of vacant storefronts, or a chance encounter with a groundhog in the remains of a food court. Stripped of signage and wares, they are nearly perfectly liminal spaces.”


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