Josh Marshall makes the case that Facebook is "lying about its role in the 2016 election." Facebook can be leveraged to spread propaganda and misinformation because it is designed for digital engagement on a worldwide scale. Tweets from Facebook executives discount this assessment. Photo credit: Lawrence Jackson / The White House

Facebook: Platform for Propaganda?

Lockheed Martin Makes Bank ; Nationwide School Walkout Planned ....and More Picks

Lockheed Martin Makes Bank ; Nationwide School Walkout Planned ....and More Picks 2/19

Amidst Election Security Worries, Suddenly Paper Ballots Are Making a Comeback (Jimmy)

The author writes, “America’s paper ballot states may seem antiquated to some, but our neighbors to the north have used paper ballots for federal elections for their entire history. Thanks to an army of officials at 25,000 election stations, the integrity of Canada’s elections is never in doubt.”

Lockheed Martin Got $35.2 billion from Taxpayers Last Year. That’s More Than Many Federal Agencies. (Jimmy)

The author writes, “Lockheed’s government sales are nearly what the Trump administration proposed for the State Department next year in its recently released spending plan. Or $15 billion more than all of NASA. Or about the gross domestic product of Bolivia. With a White House proposal to spend a massive amount on defense next year in what one consultant called an ‘eye-watering’ budget for the defense industry, Lockheed, the world’s largest defense contractor, could get even more.”

Austin Just Brought Paid Sick Leave to the South (Jimmy)

The author writes, “Early on Friday morning, by a nine to two margin, the City Council voted to make Austin the first municipality in the Southern United States to mandate that all businesses within its borders provide paid sick leave to their employees.”

Because ‘Nothing Has Changed Since Columbine,’ Students, Teachers Call for Nationwide School Walkouts (Reader Luke)

The author writes, “The day set for the actions is April 20, which will be the 19th anniversary of the massacre at Columbine High School.”

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