Photo of the day: Elkhorn coral is found on coral reefs in southern Florida, the Bahamas, and throughout the Caribbean. Since 1980, populations have collapsed throughout their range. In December 2012, NMFS proposed reclassifying the elkhorn and staghorn corals as endangered, but determined in August 2014 that they would remain listed as threatened. Photo credit: SEFSC / NOAA

Editors’ Picks for Jan 21

The Beginning of Warfare, Ottawa Indians Donate to Flint, Whatever Happened to the Ozone Hole?, and More Picks

The Beginning of Warfare, Ottawa Indians Donate to Flint, Whatever Happened to the Ozone Hole?, and More Picks

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Ban Internet Anonymity, Says Homeland Security Official (Russ)

Article in French publication provokes backlash, unsurprisingly.

When Did Wars Begin? (Gerry)

New fossil finds push the origin of warfare back as early as 10,000 years ago. Even hunter-gatherers, apparently, slaughtered their enemies without mercy.


Remember the Ozone Hole? (Gerry)

There was a time (ca. 1974) when scientists warned that human activity was threatening life on Earth. Instead  of sticking their heads in the sand, people got together to end the threat. Read about it here.

Palin Somehow Blames Obama for Son’s Domestic Violence Arrest (Klaus)

Sarah Palin, one of the standard bearers of the party that advocates personal responsibility, blamed President Barack Obama for her son’s domestic violence arrest. Her argument is that the commander-in-chief does not sufficiently respect veterans who return home from Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD. A veteran’s group (and probably anybody with common sense) rejected that argument but urged Palin to talk to Trump, whom she endorsed, about what he would do for veterans.

More Watched Fictional Secretary of State Than Real One in Debate (Russ)

Lots of people watched Hillary Clinton in last Sunday’s debate, but more watched an imaginary Secretary of State on CBS’s Madam Secretary, which ran at the same time (!)

Little River Band of Ottawa Indians Donates $10,000 To Help Flint (Trevin)

Tribal leaders encourage Michiganders to “come together” and pitch in.


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