SpaceX Falcon 9
A SpaceX Falcon 9 SES 9 two-stage rocket is scheduled for launch today, February 24, 2016, depending on conditions. The rocket will launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at Space Launch Complex 40. The Falcon 9 rocket’s first stage is designed to return from space and land safely on a concrete pad. This feature was successfully demonstrated on December 21, 2015. About this photo: SpaceX on historic booster landing Photo Credit:

Editors’ Picks for Feb 24

Trump’s White Mob, How to Track Your E-Vote, Jane Goodall Speaks Out Against Chinese Exploitation in Africa, and More Picks

Trump’s White Mob, How to Track Your E-Vote, Jane Goodall Speaks Out Against Chinese Exploitation in Africa, and More Picks

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Donald Trump is Inciting White Mob (Russ)

That’s the take of this columnist, who cites the smoldering violence in the ranks of Trump’s supporters.

Special Court to Protect Women from Femicide (Russ)

El Salvador takes an unusual step to deal with a growing crisis.

Animal Activist Jane Goodall Says China Is Plundering Africa’s Resources (Klaus)

Famous anthropologist Jane Goodall said China is now doing to Africa what the colonial powers had been doing for centuries — exploiting the continent’s resources with no regard for its population or the environment.

Amnesty: UK Downgrading of Human Rights Sets Dangerous Precedent (Trevin)

Group points out how lowering the priority of human rights helps the world’s dictators and creates a double standard when asking other countries to observe rights and laws.

Can Open Source Online Voting Allow for Greater Election Transparency? (Trevin)

We’ve written about the hackability of e-voting machines. How then can online voting be safe? claims to be able to solve two issues: “the lack of transparency in our elections and the lack of security of our election systems.”

FBI Wants to Unlock Nine More iPhones (Dan)

Thought the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone was the only one? Think again.

In Spain, Watch What You Say and Don’t Be a Puppeteer (Dan)

The fear of home-grown terrorism has made Europeans believe a jihadi waits behind every corner. At least that is the case in Spain and France, where even political satire — including cartoons and effigies — is increasingly deemed as tacit “praise” of terrorism. Many, however, feel anti-terror authorities and the government are looking to quell Spain’s longstanding separatist movement. A must read for fans of civil liberties.


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