The EU and U.S. failed to reach a deal covering transfer of personal data between corporations. This could cause European data protection regulators to start blocking transatlantic routing of personal data. Photo Credit: openDemocracy / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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More Weird Weather and Animal Die-offs (Russ)

For our friends who don’t want to worry themselves about the Climate, here’s something you should read anyway.

State Takes Vets Kids Over Medical Marijuana (Russ)

While en route to Colorado, the state of Kansas grabbed a veteran’s children over “endangerment” despite having a reason to use marijuana — i.e. a prescription.

Famed LA River System Will Be a Test for Clean Water Rule (Klaus)

The LA River system, which has been made famous in many movies and TV shows, will provide a major test to the Obama administration’s new Clean Water Rule.

Oklahoma Breaks a Record: 26 Bills Filed to Attack LGBT Civil Rights (Trevin)

State Republicans are not only defying the Supreme Court, but the Constitution, with one bill stating that “contrary to the United States Constitution, this state law would overrule federal law.”

Scientists Successfully Decode Thoughts, Reading Individuals’ Minds in Real-Time (Trevin)

Technology developed by a team of University of Washington scientists “allows a device to effectively read your mind.”

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