A reader posted a comment on the item below—which features the graphic from Sarah Palin’s PAC, and “targets” various congressmembers, including Gabrielle Giffords. The reader writes,

I come here for the truth, not ham handed partisan nonsense. If I wanted knee jerk corporate leftist dreck I know where to find it.

Didn’t your years on Family of Secrets show you that it’s never this simple? I’m actually surprised to see this kind of thing on your site.

Did Palin have the crosshairs over the Federal Judge who was killed? C’mon. If I can’t rely on a journalist like you Mr. Baker, then your efforts are in vain.

Do you agree or disagree with what this person wrote? Was it appropriate or not for us to post that graphic?

By the way, the reason we did post it was that we thought it a journalistic artifact of relevance at the moment. We’d also saved the image before it was removed from Palin’s site, and we thought people should have the right to see it and consider it.

As to the reader’s point that Palin did not put crosshairs on Judge John Roll, who also died: that seems a bit of mixing apples with oranges. It was an event for Giffords, not Roll-he had just stopped by and got caught in it, like the 9-year-old girl. Seems to us that does not in any way diminish the reasonable interest of news media to show Palin’s graphic.

Maybe you disagree? Whatever, let’s hear from you.

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