Welcome to the JFK Assassination Cover-up, Chapter 20.


The Dallas Morning News, notoriously uninterested in real journalism about the most infamous event ever to take place in its city, recently ran a JFK-related piece in its entertainment section. One of a flood of stories purporting to provide insight into the event as we head toward the 50th anniversary, it was headlined:

Looking for fiction about the JFK assassination? Choose carefully

Now, why would we need fiction about the JFK assassination, when most of the purported “fact” put out by the establishment is, as any serious researcher will tell you, straight from someone’s imagination? Nevertheless, here is this article on what to look for among offerings that openly proclaim themselves fanciful accounts.

Before the author of the Morning News piece gets to his favorite novels, however, he must show obeisance to the mandatory establishment line on the event itself:

With next year’s 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination in sight, Dallas is about to experience a torrent of books revisiting Nov. 22, 1963, and its long aftermath.

There will be memoirs such as the recent one by Secret Service agent Clint Hill. There will be self-published “I saw three Guatemalan midget shooters on the grassy knoll” conspiracy books. There will be several charging that LBJ was behind it all. (LBJ is currently a growth industry in conspiracy circles.)

There will be books claiming that Oswald, or whoever, ended the reign of Camelot (see Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot, published this October). No matter that the idea of the Kennedy years as an incarnation of a golden age in American history was a whole-cloth fantasy concocted by a shell-shocked Jackie Kennedy two weeks after her husband was killed. [snip]

Many might find these opening paragraphs deeply offensive, with their snide, even vicious references to hallucinating losers seeing “Guatemalan midget shooters”; gullible fools feeding a “growth industry;” and Jackie, all alone, “concocting” a “whole-cloth fantasy” that John F. Kennedy was actually doing important things when he was cut down.

Now, why would a “respectable” newspaper publish this kind of thing? And who would write it?

At the bottom of the essay, we learn that “Special Contributor” Don Graham

“is the J. Frank Dobie Regents professor of American and English literature at the University of Texas at Austin, where he is teaching a course on the history of the Kennedy assassination. He’s the author of several books on Texas culture, including State of Minds: Texas Culture & Its Discontents and Kings of Texas: The 150-Year Saga of an American Ranching Empire.

It’s amazing that in a liberal city like Austin, a formidable university would have an endowed chair occupied by someone willing to write such an article. Or is it? Is it any coincidence that a school largely funded by people who have little use for JFK and his attempt to change the tax structure for oil interests would have a person “teaching a course on the history of the Kennedy assassination” who is capable of ignoring the many books by serious researchers that present evidence of an organized hit? Prof. Graham apparently cannot fathom that long-time fans, enablers and perpetrators of violent coups against democratically elected leaders abroad could possibly support or cover up yet another coup, albeit a domestic one, against a man they deemed a threat. The professor is also content to ignore the final report of the House Select Committee on Assassinations (1979), which concluded that Kennedy was most likely killed as the result of a conspiracy.

But the Morning News does not stop there. It publishes a letter in reply, from another professor, declaring that students at Dallas-based Southern Methodist University are being taught the truth about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

The headline on the Letter to the Editor is bold:

You want to talk JFK assassination? Bring it on.

Now, a reasonable person, having read Prof. Graham’s essay, might reasonably assume that the Morning News would seek to create some balance by publishing letters from those who disagree. And the headline would seem to confirm that this letter presents another perspective. But does it? Let’s take a look.

No reader of serious fiction inclined to tackle Libra, Don DeLillo’s challenging but deeply rewarding novel about the events leading up to the assassination of President Kennedy, should be deterred by the essayist’s facile and reductive synopsis of its plot. DeLillo has about as much in common with Oliver Stone as does a fine wine with a Bud Lite.

Also, I hope your promised series of articles on the assassination will include something more useful than a detailed debunking of a conspiracy theory that no one but the wingiest wing nuts has ever taken seriously

I have been teaching courses at SMU on the assassination and its aftermath for 20 years. It really is possible to have interesting conversations about the controversies and the texts that have presented and prolonged them, and if anyone doubts that, my students and I will be happy to show you how it’s done.

Tom Stone, Dallas

Curious about Tom Stone, I looked him up and found an article from the campus paper at SMU—Dallas-based Southern Methodist University– headlined “Students Study Kennedy Assassination.” It describes Stone’s class, in which he shows the work of another Stone, the film JFK by Oliver Stone. It quotes a student:

“It was cool because you walked out of seeing the movie totally believing in this huge conspiracy theory,” junior Brian Fox said.

“Then Professor Stone totally debunked the whole thing,” Fox said.

Just think—Professor Stone debunks Director Stone.

What will happen to these students when they start researching for themselves and discover that Professor Stone is oddly unaware of or uninterested in the veritable mounds of evidence that Oswald either was not the shooter or that he did not act alone? How will they feel about the trustworthiness of SMU overall, and the education it provides?

Then we learn that SMU is to “Host Yearlong Series of JFK Programs on 50th Anniversary of Assassination”:

Southern Methodist University will partner with the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum and the Sixth Floor Museum to host a yearlong series of public programs that will begin on President’s Day.

Oh—and SMU’s academic “heart,” Dedman College, has a professor, Daniel T. Orlovsky, who is the George A. Bouhe Research Fellow in Russian Studies. Who was George A. Bouhe? He was one of the staunchly anti-communist Russian émigrés in Dallas who bafflingly squired the supposedly pro-communist Lee Harvey Oswald during the period between Oswald’s return to Dallas from the USSR and the shooting of JFK. You can read all about the strange relationships in Dallas’s Russian community in my book Family of Secrets .

You can also read about how George H.W. Bush couldn’t remember where he was on Nov. 22, 1963, and about the first President Bush’s relationship with another Russian émigré in George Bouhe’s circle, the intelligence-connected George de Mohrenschildt, who was Oswald’s closest friend after Bouhe passed Oswald on.

From SMU’s website one can also learn that Prof. Orlovsky spent some time at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, with its close ties to the intelligence apparatus.

One might note that, after other universities declined to host it, SMU became the home of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museuma center of scholarship and celebration of a president who, most famously, lied his country into a war.

The articles cited above all note that SMU is collaborating closely with the Sixth Floor Museum, the main place we’re supposed to go to learn what really happened on Nov. 22, 1963. For a sense of the reality the museum wishes to dispense, visit not just the displays, but also the bookstore.

On the day recently when I was there, I noted the prominent display given to Vincent Bugliosi’s interminable and also wildly inadequate defense of the Warren Commission and its “lone kook” argument. I did not see any of the many notable books by journalists, scholars and the like representing the other side. There may have been a few copies scattered around, but they certainly did not register.  Could this imbalance be accidental, a sign simply of incompetence? Or could it be something else? On another wall I noticed a display unrelated to the assassination, focusing on presidents, with special prominence given to George W. Bush’s highly selective memoir, Decision Points.

While I was in town I read that the official Dallas ceremony on the fiftieth anniversary will feature the historian David McCullough reading excerpts from JFK’s speeches.

One does have to wonder why the Dallas establishment chose someone best known for writing about Harry Truman, not JFK. With a little searching, they might have found a thoughtful person who could demonstrate that JFK’s determination to do battle with corporate, military and intelligence elites –not to mention  the kind of folks who run Dallas to the present day—was something more than “a whole-cloth fantasy” concocted ex post facto by Jackie and her acolytes.

Perhaps McCullough will point to the internecine warfare raging in the United States in the early 60s, and show how our democracy was so badly wounded that dark November day that it has yet to recover. Perhaps he will explain how many of the crusades that Kennedy set in motion—restricting offshore tax shelters, regulating monopolies, doing something about the corruption of politics by big money, tackling Wall Street influence and the Federal Reserve, controlling militarism and reining in the national security apparatus—are still being successfully resisted by entrenched interests.

It would certainly be a welcome surprise to see Dallas do the right thing, after all this time.  But don’t hold your breath.

[box]WhoWhatWhy plans to continue doing this kind of groundbreaking original reporting. You can count on it. But can we count on you? We cannot do our work without your support.

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When I asked Gary Mack, 6th Floor curator, about the lack of conspiracy books he kind of sheepishly said he wasn’t responsible for the choices on display.
I ran into the same thing in 2 other bookstores, the Smithsonian American History Museum Bookstore where there were no books on the JFK assassination & the National Archives bookstore. At the latter I was told in 2005 they were controlled by new Bush admin. policies denying placement of JFK conspiracy books. They also mentioned that recently a woman came into the store after viewing the Constitution upstairs & upon seeing a conspiracy book remarked her visit was spoiled.

Bob Franklin

Gary Mack (real name Larry Dunkel) sold out for the opportunity to curate the museum @ $180000 per year, the catch being he could no longer champion the conspiracy cause. conspiracy themed books are strictly forbidden there, & Gary/Larry knows it.


In the run-up to the JFK assassination, Alexander Haig and Howard Hunt had run sabotage missions against Cuba and Castro for the CIA.

On November 22, 1963, with the Cuban exile community still sore about the Bay of Pigs disaster, they turned one of their anti-Castro operations against President Kennedy.

When Hunt was arrested for his role in the Watergate burglary in 1972, intelligence insiders quickly linked him to Haig. By no coincidence, Haig’s career had skyrocketed. He had become a top aid to President Nixon.

Watergate’s so-called “Smoking Gun” tape features Richard Nixon telling HR Haldeman to tell the CIA to tell the FBI not to probe Watergate any further. He feared it would open up the whole “Bay of Pigs thing.” It was always about the whole “Bay of Pigs” thing.

The whole “Bay of Pigs thing” was Nixon code-speak for the JFK assassination. More precisely, it was code-speak for the Haig-Hunt role in the JFK assassination. That’s what Watergate was really about.

For more truth, read Against Them:


The correct solution is usually the most obvious one.


I rejoiced the day Arlen Spector, the magic bullet guy, died ! For many years when he appeared on the MSM , I swear I could see Oswalds ghost hovering over his shoulder, strange but true. Occam was right for sure in this case , A CIA hit from top to bottom.

H.P. Loathecraft

Reading that book presently.

Mr. M

Gutsy and well written. This is why I mention you and your book when it comes to 11/22.


THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY – PT 9 (THE GUILTY MEN) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcwBEzW8S1M

Evidence of Revision (1 of 6) The Assassinations of Kennedy and Oswald. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gBxMJFQd04


When I visited the museum in 1997,I left a curtain rod.I’ve always wondered what the clean up crew thought about it.


Wonderful post quite timely. I have already engaged several, what I assumed to be CIA flacks, who are pushing the Warren Report as the only source of assassination facts, like a Christian does the Bible on morality. I think this the main way this thing will be spun as the anniversary draws near, and the anger and pain that the event caused rises in many of us who were around at the time. I would love to donate to your cause, unfortunately all I can give you is morale support. I’m a pensioner living on a very modest income, I don’t even own the computer I’m using. I do have a hard cover copy of your book “Family of Secrets” that I got as a gift, and I’ve shared it with several friends..


Anyone, and I do mean anyone, who has actually read the drivel called the 26 volumes of the Warren Commission report, knows of hundreds, if not thousands of nonsensical and mindless instances in that report which renders it null and void.

When one has read the mention of Lee Oswald being stationed at Monetery (which everyone in military intel knows means attending language school at the Defense Language Institute, Russian in Lee’s case), and then has read the WaPo interview with chief counsel Rankin (who never served in the military so didn’t realize his major goof) who aggressivly claimes they (the Warren Commssion) will get to the bottom of what Oswald was “…doing at Monterey…” — realizes it for the garbage it is.

When reads in that garbage report of associate counsel Leon Hubert (a Phi Beta Kappa law school grad) interviewing the mayor of Dallas, Earle Cabell, as to if the mayor had seen Ruby at the hospital after JFK’s murder, and Hubert suggests the mayor would recognize Ruby from his photos in the newspapers (this was 9 months after the assassination and murder of Oswald), Cabell responds that he would know Ruby by sight, since he’s known him well for years — yet Hubert never, ever follows up with the next logical question as to the how and in what capacity would the Dallas mayor know Ruby????? (Of course, FOIA requests the next 20 years have demonstrated that the FBI had damning files — whether true or not — on ALL the associate counsels for the Warren Commission!)

That’s why Mort Sahl appeared so obsessed with the Kennedy assassination — he belonged to the smallest minority in America — he’d actually read the damn report!!!!!!


The pictured plaque states that Dealey Plaza is the site of Dallas’ “first fraternal lodge” (among other things). Indeed, the plaza was named for George Bannerman Dealey, 33rd Degree Freemason and an early publisher of the same Dallas Morning News mentioned in Russ Baker’s article. Just type “Dealey Plaza Masonic Temple” into a search engine and see what you find.

As for the reader of JFK’s speeches as part of the 50th anniversary of the assassination, I suggest someone like James W. Douglass, author of JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters. In that 2008 book, Douglass references the content of President Kennedy’s commencement address at American University in June 1963 as an indicator of the “why” connected to his assassination five months later.

When I visited the plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum in July 2011, I was immediately aware of the strong presence of evil. This is not just a historical site, I thought, this is the scene of a public murder, one that left two young children fatherless, and overturned the outcome of an American election. Having just read Douglass’ book, and having read Michael Collins Piper’s Final Judgment the year before, I was finally able to articulate the JFK assassination in one sentence for the first time: The evil bastards got away with it. The most high profile man in the United States, perhaps in the world, the U.S. President, was shot to death in the downtown area of one of America’s largest cities during the noon hour on a Friday (a business day), right next to the sherriff’s department building, with a swarm of law enforcement officers around, with cameras and microphones wide open, and with dozens of other bystanders witnessing the crime directly, and THE EVIL BASTARDS GOT AWAY WITH IT!!!

The assassination of John F. Kennedy was done in such a way that it not only got Kennedy out of the way for those who saw him and his policies as obstacles to their own power agendas, it sent a strong and clear message across the political and social landscape of this country and beyond: if the shadowy powers that be can take out the President of the United States in such a public manner and get away with it, then they’ll have no qualms about eliminating anyone who they even perceive to be standing in their way.

The examples Baker allude to in this article, of dissent to the Warren Commission Report barely tolerated even half a century after the fact and in the face of overwhelming independently discovered evidence further affirm the work of researchers that demonstrate an up-to-now impenetrable coverup to the crime of the century.

randrand run



Ask anyone in the military as to how important wearing the Masonic ring is if you want promotions. Oh yes, & don’t forget THE handshake.

Uncle Albert

As Dallas diminishes the reality of the JFK affair, so looking at the facts surrounding the Kennedy affair takes away from seeing the Big Picture – which is that political murder as policy arrived as handmaiden to Empire as a consequence of the strategy of WW2. Johnny may have been a signal event, but he was not the first, nor the last. Look around…the Policy is obvious, open, and it’s even claimed that it’s legal!

Greg M

” I visited the Sixth Floor of the Texas School Book Depository which the museum has kept painstakingly accurate to preserve the history of that fateful day in 1963, right down to the spent cartridges, the boxes near the window and the fact that Oswald is not in it.”
— Bill Hicks

I am San Antonio-based and an anti-establishment Texan of the “Iconoclast” variety. If they’re gearing up to blow smoke about 1963, I think a media counteroffensive is in order. I am tired of sifting through weaponized propaganda to get at the simple truths about the American Empire.

Uncle Albert

Surely only the most foolish and credulous people would see the JFK hit as an early policy version of modern democracy’s murder-by-drone solution for troublemakers…I’m sure that Gaddafi, were he available for comment, would think there’s a smooth and harmonious transition between the crude affair in Dallas and the whizbang press-a-button-and-spread-democracy. Well, maybe not too harmonious, they used a knife…

The Hawk

The truth about JFK came to me one night. I did not develop this thought on my own. There is a belief that every killer leaves something behind, often referred to as DNA in those instances when it is truly biological. In this case it is not that. It is more relative. The “DNA” in this situation was Oswald. He was not a biological specimen and therefore we cannot make the connection with the killer via tests conducted in a laboratory. So what is the connection? Well, Mr. Oswald was a US Marine. Till the day he died, and not one day sooner, no matter what they told us. So that is the link. He was a military man. That leads us to believe that Kennedy was killed by someone high up in the US military. But why? Well, there is one other coverup that has gone on for even a longer time than the assassination. We know it as Roswell. And, surprise, that coverup has been conducted by none other than, that’s right, high-ups in the US military. They threatened anyone who had seen anything, whether it be the soldiers who searched the fields or watched guard over the ship or the dead bodies from inside. That coverup was working. Then along comes Kennedy, a mere 16 years later. He did not like government secrecy. He was a man of the people. Truth is, he wanted to divulge information about Roswell and maybe others. Those military boys found out about this and were not too happy. After all, imagine having something not from this earth. It is not just a fad toy. This is something from another world, the find of a lifetime. They made their plans, found their patsy, and, as they say, the rest is history. What about all those other “conspiracy theories”? It was great for them, just added to the confusion. The military funeral didn’t hurt either. Anyways, under scrutiny, all the other theories, as purposeful and needed as they were, all hit a wall. Remember two things. (1) the killing and coveup required a most deadly force and (2) that spaceship is still out there.


The Hawk has been eating too many rats and has watched way too many “X-Files” reruns…”Trust No One.”


I have hunted many a deer- and the author of “A Sniper
Looks at Dailey Plaza” and I have had many a laugh about what passes for the truth about the K shooting.

Forget about the gun or the scope- they were useless. It is impossible to place an aimed shot under the circumstances. Shoot from a height and you must aim LOW, and LEAD the moving target. All done with a daffy scope and “the humanitarian rifle”(as the Italians called it- it was more dangerous to the shooter than to the target). Did you know that a German Mauser Rifle was also found in the building? Google “Roger Craig” to find out what happened to him when he tried to get this info out.


Podcast archive for all things JFK

Alan Mercier

Want to know the truth, go and watch a movie with burt Landcaster in it called “Exsecutive Action” Thats what really happened and we all know it. As for Bush not knowing where he was …I was in kindergarden and I remember I was out on the school Playground and they made us come in….Then they made an announcement over the P.A. system about what happened.

H.P. Loathecraft

i have to agree about the extreme absurdity of Bush stating “I don’t remember where I was that day”. I was 8 years old and the image of the place that I was standing at the moment that I heard the news (I was at school and it was afternoon recess) is like a detailed still photo that will remain etched in my mind for the rest of life.


Excellent post! Highly recommend the book Legacy of Secrecy: The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination by Lamar Waldron & Thom Hartmann which is meticulously researched using, among other sources, National Archives declassified files that were released as per the 1992 JFK Act. Many more related CIA files are supposed to be released by 2017, per the 1992 JFK Act, but CIA has filed a lawsuit to prevent this. Carlos Marcello ordered the hit on JFK and confessed to it many years later to an FBI informant while serving prison time. Warner Bros. is making a movie of the Legacy of Secrecy book which will come out in 2013 starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The authors were featured on a Discovery Channel special in 2009 called “Did the mob kill JFK?” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nRpD6OmFl0. Also The Daily Beast had this excellent article about the book and its conclusions: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2009/01/05/the-mob-did-it-we-think.html


No offense, Donna, but I’ve never in my life read such unmitigated drivel as Hartmann’s pile of crud (with the exception of the actual Warren Commission report itself: “The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy” — all 26 crappy volumes of balderdash)!

Going off on all sorts of mindless tangents does not constitute “meticulously researched,” I’m sorry to say. Lamar is such a clown, I’m also sorry to say, who makes absolutely no sense when Hartmann, who has been a republican most of his life until relatively recently, when he got that radio show of his, has Lamar on his show.
The Mafia isn’t all-powerful, nor would they have ordered a hit on any president — the CIA went outside normal channels and used them as the original Bay of Pigs Plan originated in the Eisenhower Administration, under the Special Planning Group, whose members included Vice President Nixon, Thomas Gates, Allen Dulles, et al., the same group which instigated the creation of the Defense Intelligence Agency within the Pentagon. (The CIA’s Operation 40 assassination team for Latin America was also unathorized, which was the deep cover mission of Oswald, which from the House Select Committee on Assassinations — circa 1978 — we know was on both the CIA payroll and an informant of the FBI — and Oswald was tasked with finding out the location of the Operation 40’s training base, the land which was leased to them by a close friend of Jack Ruby, the mob paymaster, or payoff guy, for the Dallas Police Department, etc. — which was why Oswald met Ruby in N.O. — Oswald would tip off both the US Secret Service and the White House about their planned hit in Chicago, which was why the presidential trip was called off there at the last moment.)

It was Kennedy who altered their plan, which called for the assassination of Castro and full military support of the invasion of Cuba — Dulles, Bissell & Gen. Cabell assured Kennedy that a popular insurgency would occur, so JFK killed that military support.

Also, check back on old articles in Newsweek and the NY Times and you will find that the CIA had sabotaged sugar shipments from Cuba at shipping ports in South America, and President Kennedy had gone ballistic on the CIA and reimbursed Castro’s Cuba for those sabotaged sugar shipments and apologized on behalf of America — as he was attempting reapproachment with Castro in a subtle fashion.

You’ve got the wrong facts, Donna, and please don’t pay too much attention to those recently self-identified “progressives” like faux crat Hartmann, Stephanie Miller and Ed Schultz —- lifelong republicans all…..

H.P. Loathecraft

Hartmann was an anti-war liberal in the 60s. When did he find time to be a Republican? I call bullshit.


Did you carefully read my responding comment?

Did you ever read Thom and Lamarr’s pile of crap book on the JFK assassination? (They will also be blaming the Mafia for MLK’s assassination!)

Have you ever listened to the two most obscene interviews ever heard: Hartmann’s suckup interview with David Rockefeller lackey, Peter G. Peterson and his suckup interview with Kevin Phillips, when that misinformation specialist Phillips is blaming the econ meltdown on the CPI or Consumer Price Index?

Nobody who supports what passes for the status quo today can call themselves either a dem or a progressive . . . PERIOD!

I hadn’t heard Hartmann in the longest time, so I happened to turn on his show the other week, and he was giving the longest interview to the author of that latest pile of crap, The Great Diversification! The author mixes fact with fantastical fiction, their usual M.O.

The douchey author claims that jobs offshoring in America has no effect on unemployment nor the economy ! ! ! ! %**%&$*

One of the major issues, along with workers’ rights, women’s rights, national transportation and housing, has been jobs offshoring, a major tool for reduction of wages and wealth transfer to the upper one-tenth of one percent (labor arbitrage).

I’ve been fighting and protesting against it since at least the late 1970s, when with a bunch of other activists (circa 1980 or thereabouts) I met with Charlie Rangel (D-GE) and Conyers (D-Wall St.) who were behind the Black Congressional Caucus’ bill to remove defense-related manufacturing jobs from the offshoring -restriction list (meaning they would soon be allowed to be offshored).

As this affected all American workers in general, and Black-American workers, who were just making inroads into that area of employment, in particular, it was a most important employment-related issue.

We failed to dissuade them and the BCC (led by Rangel and Conyers, ‘natch!) were successful, in the name of “diversity” (????? WTF?) in further offshoring of American jobs.

I call BS on all those easily fooled and duped members of the species, ignoramus americanus.

Recommended reading (the bible on jobs offshoring, written by Ron Hira and his brother):

Outsourcing America, by Ron Hira

H.P. Loathecraft

You know, i just had Hartmann o in the car and he reiterated his belief that the JFK hit was done by the mafia.
lol Totally disagree, Thom.
I personally respect the guy but I recognize that he’s not always right, and the evidence suggest that he’s waaay wrong on the JFK killing.

Matt Prather

The “mob” was connected to the Dallas City authorities (police, mayor’s office, et cetera). The City authorities probably had connection to the National Security State through Earle Cabell.

“The mob” probably had a significant (but low in the hierarchy of the conspiracy) role in effecting the assassintion. For instance, Jack Ruby probably did what he did because of mob / Dallas City blackmail.

Remember that actors in a hierarchy are often not aware of how things work above them. Even Ruby, who was pretty confident of his understanding of the hierarchy of the conspiracy, and whom I agree with, was ultimately probably only guessing.


H.P. Loathecraft

I never doubted that there was involvement of a mob element, only that it was the mob per se that engineered the hit. For me it was a cabal of various government figures working with sundry mob contractors, Cuban expats and intelligence people acting on a behalf of primarily Texas-based oligarchs.

Paul M. 'Sasqutch' Kuehne

f there weren’t shooters or an individual sniper firing from the rail over-crossing into President Kennedy’s vehicle, then I’m a monkey’s uncle.

Please read the Collier brothers’ book ‘Vote Scam’ and learn about what James Collier calls the ” Universal Field Conspiracy Theory”; how Lyndon Baines Johnson was complicit in the JFK murder and is not only a person of ‘interest’, but a man suspected in that President’s assassination.

But how that fact has been successfully covered-up by our Casper Milquetoast media is a huge question unanswered. We may all rest easy in our beds, secure in the knowledge that the Fourth (Fifth ?) Estate is doing its’ usual bang up job,

God help us all (and He ain’t THAT happy with us),

P.M. ‘Sasquatch’ Kuehne


How is it that the photo array of 11/22/63 in Life Magazine is never mentioned? I have always wanted to trust what the founding fathers left us until I saw the first issue of Life after the murder. You will clearly see the man on the grassy knoll wearing a hat & cape. Then take a look at the following weeks issue & you will find the same photo WITHOUT the man in a hat. I didn’t believe it until I had the xerox copies in my hand. I have now learned to never trust anything from DC. As Ronald Reagan once said, “The scariest words you will ever hear are, I’m from the government & I’m here to help”!!


the same conservative skum who killed JFK did not stop there , they have killed many more including Hendrix , Morrison and Lennon . Helter Skelter was also their operation, Manson was demonized to help kill the Hippy movement along with legendary Rock Stars. Elvis was also a victim.

Justice Angel

Connected the dots 20 years ago…Bush! Skull n Bones!! Allen Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles worked for Prescott Bush at United Bank Corp. –
(see 5 of 10)

Prescott Bush got Nixon elected and then placed him on the Eisenhower ticket as VP. Nixon and Dulles – two of them were under the auspices of Bush. Allen Dulles (CIA) was killing world leaders for “american interestes” long before he formulated a plan with Nixon to Kill Castro. This plot to kill JFK involved the CIA, MIA, SS, and the Mafia. It cut across party lines as LBJ and his crony, John Connelly was also involved. According to Craig Zirbel, Johnson and his Baker were going to be indicted and were well on their way to prison and were to be arrested on about Nov. 26, 1963.
Read Webster Tarpley’s – Unauthorized Biography of George Bush.
LBJ put the Warren Commission together to cover up…the 3 prinicpal people who spearheaded it were Allen Dulles, Gerald Ford, and J. McCloy – a banker! What in the hell was a banker doing on the Warren Commission.
Even J. Edgar Hoover was involved, he was LBJ’s friend and next door neighbor. They both hated the Kennedy’s. Oswald was Hoover’s snitch. Oswald was also a CIA “patsy”. They set him up.
Look at the Watergate break-in…all of the “plummers” were Nixon’s boy’s and all were CIA.
Operation Mongoose, Operation 40, Operation Zapata….they’re all related.
In 1957 – http://www.myspace.com/patriotrevolution/photos/147351#%7B%22ImageId%22%3A147351%7D
– there was a meeting at Bohemian Grove and there is a famous picture taken at a table therein where seated next to each other are Nixon and Regan…what are the odd that there’d be 2 future Presidents there?


what about the leaders of the WJC and Israel ??

Walter Adams

I lived in Irving, Tx. and was in the eighth grade when Kennedy was shot . My girl friend and I used to go parking on a dark side street near the house that Marina Oswald rented in Irving.
I drive by the Dealey Plaza site a couple of times a week as a rule and always note the people, the year round, walking, standing, pointing this way and that and taking pictures of every possible thing from every possible angle.
I have often thought of going to a gun store, one that sells reloading supplies, and buying a box of the long, odd shaped slug that Oswald fired that day, and just dropping them around on the grass at the site to give the visitors there the thrill of finding something, maybe generating a whole new conspiricy wave when the fourth, fifth, six – etc. – slugs are found.
Dallas is sometimes called “The City Built Where There is no Reason to Build One” – – no port, pass, river [ not a navigitable one ]
So I think you can forgive them if they milk any reason people might find to go there for all its worth.

Personnely, I think Lee Oswald sat up on the sixth floor and did the only significant thing in his whole meaningless, hapless life; he killed the president of the United States.
Probably to prove to his wife that he wasn’t a loser, a nobody.
When you talk about assasins of presidents, you are talking about nuts, losers, who do what they do for the most inocuous of reasons.
Its as simple as that, too simple for a lot of people I suppose.

Still, it is a pleasant place to visit; there are a lot of good resteraunts nearby, the Dallas Museum of Art is walking distance.
I would go in the early spring or late autumn, is too hot otherwise.
And watch out for the traffic; its just another street to most folks.


Check out Lee’s actual military test scores, sir, as he should could spell hellaciously better than you, chum…..


Personally I think you are irredeemably brain washed, and like many, never let facts get in the way of your opinion.


The narrative about Oswald’s Russian adventures is absurd. OK- so a near do well kid from New Orleans joins the Marines. But, he is not a patriot, but a self proclaimed Marxist (sorry- ain’t gonna happen in the cold war 1950s). Then, after leaving the Marines- he goes to Europe (as a late teenager or early 20s) and shows up in the USSR wanting asylum, this is denied.Then he attempts suicide. So instead of being dismissed as a nut case, he is accepted into the country. (what?) Next, he marries a Russian gal and is given a really good job (for the USSR) in a radio factory that makes military equipment for the USSR. (are you kidding me)- So he becomes disillusioned with the USSR and is allowed to return back to the USA, no questions asked, with his wife and child–.Hey look- I lived during this time during the cold war and I am pretty sure that this story is laughable.


Thank you, sir, and anyone who would disagree with your comment would be well served to listen to the short audio clip below (which contains rare audio of Lee Harvey Oswald — after the 7 minute mark):


H.P. Loathecraft

Excellent find.


Well said, it appears that anyone with an inclination to learn the truth has fettered out this rat. Maybe the first policeman on the scene was to have shot oswald. But, when the building foreman vouchef for him, it would have been obvious murder. Why do I never read of the 6th floor being smokey, or strong smells of gun powder? How does one riding a HARLEY and wearing a helmet tell where any sound of gun fire is coming from? I’m pretty sure if I was standing there watching, I could descern the direction the sound was coming from. These witnesses were belittled. Ok, so who did it? I don’t know. But I know who had the power to kill any real investigation. Johnson, Dulles, Hoover, Cabell, all were afraid of losing their jobs or already fired. Look around and see where we have come. There is no real choice for president anymore.

Walter Adams

Three shots fired nearly fifty years ago aren’t going to be discernable today, or even days later.
I don’t think you could tell the direction of gunfire if you were there. I’ve walked around that area scores of times. It is like a canyon, echoes and re-echoes from the traffic passing because it is surrounded by stone and concrete.
On top of the overpass is about fifty yards wide and a hundred long; it is dead flat and wide open, you could not possibly hide up there.
There is no they.
There is no man walking this earth, today or fifty years ago, who cannot be killed if someone is determined to kill him.
Kennedy didn’t die because of Cuba, or Viet Nam, Oil, Nixon, Johnson, Howdy Doodie or the Roswell Space Ship.
He died because a demented soul put a high velocity round through his head, and that is the sum total of the meaning of Nov. 22, 1963.
There is more profound meaning in the brand of mustard sold by the hot dog venders in Dealy Plaza than in all the theorys I have heard of that day.


Yup, those pesky facts never bothered your mentally-challenged little brain…..

Walter Adams

Let’s see — how to answer such a well thought out argument, from such a razor like mind —-
Go home bub, your mama wants her panties back.


Gee Walt, I guess you also believe the Gulf of Tonkin attack was for real too. And 911 was done by the man in the cave. God bless America and we thank you for your service. 

Bob Franklin

And you sir are either an idiot or a shill for the guilty parties. Your brand of LN slop just doesn’t sell anymore.

Walter Adams

“Your brand of LN slop just doesn’t sell anymore.”
What is LN?
I think you shouldn’t devote so much passion to something that makes no difference in your life one way or the other.
You may have none left for the things that do.

Bob Franklin

LN = Lone Nut = official version of events. For the record, it makes all the difference in the world – not just to me – but to my little girl, who must inherit the world left to her. She will not enjoy the same freedom I have. She’ll get the Orwellian mess left to her by the intel/bankster/hydrocarbon elite who murdered our 35th president. And don’t go worrying about my passion reserves, I have more than sufficient to carry me through.

Walter Adams

Thank you for a civil reply.
May your tribe increase.
I think I’ll try fishing another creek.
This is like tracking the currents in a washing machine.

H.P. Loathecraft

“This is like tracking the currents in a washing machine.”
One more thing else you’re under-qualified for, apparently

H.P. Loathecraft

Who the fuck are you to make the determination that such an event “makes no difference in your life one way or the other”?
You really are an imbecile.


I do not know who killed JFK -but as (an ex) deer hunter – the bullet used to kill him was not a full metal jacket military round. Even an expanding hunting bullet would not have exploded his head as is what happened. JFK was hit with a custom made exploding round.

Matt Prather

yes! thank you


Oswald did not shoot Kennedy. A simple fact.


right, it was Lee Harvey Howdie Doodie.

The “demented soul(s)” who actually pulled the trigger were paid “mechanics” for this hit. Detached professionals more than likely contracted via “The Mob(tm)” with whom JE Hoover for one had warm relations.

This was a political murder NOT a random shooting. US Intelligence action teams have years of practice at this stuff and had in place the requisite influences to not only pull off the hit but most impressively cover their tracks.

And you gotta hand it to them they got away with it! so what CAN’T they get away with?

It does not overly matter who pulled the triggers (there was surely more than one shooter) but rather the political milieu in which it occurred.

Other than that it’s mostly yourself who is full of mustard here.

you wrote:

There is no man walking this earth, today or fifty years ago, who cannot be killed if someone is determined to kill him.
Kennedy didn’t die because of Cuba, or Viet Nam, Oil, Nixon, Johnson, Howdy Doodie or the Roswell Space Ship.
died because a demented soul put a high velocity round through his
head, and that is the sum total of the meaning of Nov. 22, 1963.
is more profound meaning in the brand of mustard sold by the hot dog
venders in Dealy Plaza than in all the theorys I have heard of that day.

H.P. Loathecraft

In contrast to the conclusions of the Warren Commission, the United States House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) concluded that Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.[6] The HSCA found the original FBI investigation and the Warren Commission Report to be seriously flawed. While agreeing with the Commission that Oswald fired all the shots which caused the wounds to Kennedy and Connally, the HSCA stated that there were at least four shots fired (only three of which could be linked to Oswald) and that there was “…a high probability that two gunmen fired at [the] President.”

…but no doubt you know something that they don’t, right?

Jeff Grotke

Alright Walter, then why hold back 1000 top secret documents concerning this event?


I am always fascinated by renewed interest in the Kennedy assassination. As a young mother living in Kingston, NY, years ago, four nights prior the event that shocked the world, I had a dream of the president’s assassination. Too much to relate here but I saw in the dream the casket in state in the White House, heard the sounds of the mourners, the long lines, saw the newspaper headlines declaring the event, heard the radio broadcasts from everywhere announcing the event, saw the funeral cortege to the cemetary. At the end of the dream I am taken back to the White House to a huge room with polished floors and long, blue flowing drapes. A plain casket in the center. (Why this I don’t know) As I ponder why I was brought back to the WH an arm appeared from a doorway which I grab declaring, “You are the one to have shot the president!” The voice replied, “Yes, I am the one who did it.” I pulled, wanting to see who, but after this amazing dream which is too long to detail I awoke.I knew then it was someone in the White House connected to his death.
I told my husband the dream. A neighbor downstairs. And the next night at a dinner I told a friend. Two of these people are still alive.
To my shock the friend called the day of the event 3 days later screaming, “Turn on your radio, the president has been shot! My God your dream, it came true!”
As I watched Johnson being sworn in I had a very strong feeling he knew the event was to occur.
Just about 8 years ago I saw a documentary where Johnson’s mistress (an old woman of course) was being interviewed. Her comment, “I don’t care what they may do to me, I am an old woman now, but I tell you this, the night before the president was killed he came to me stating, ‘tomorrow you will see who is really in power.’
Because of my dream I never believed the Warren commission and believed deeply there had been a conspiracy. The dream altered my whole life and understanding of reality, and began much research into prophecy, dreams, the paranormal.


Sweet Jesus save me from all the misdirection specialists out there who want to blame Cuba, or Johnson or the rest of those not involved — sure Johnson was a member of the establishment, and guilty of flipping pretty much everything the Kennedy Administration put into play — being anti-colonial, as pushback to the Eisenhower administration which supported the recolonization of Africa and Asia by the Euros, etc., while the Kennedys were anti-colonialist.

And Johnson sent in troops to occupy the Dominican Republic, and sent arms and helped finance the overthrow of the demoncratically-elected and popular president of Brazil.

And Johnson didn’t put in force all the pro-worker legislation the Kennedy administration wanted in his last budget proposal, and Johnson ended the financial transaction tax in 1966 (how few ever recall that fact!!!!!), etc., etc.
No, please don’t redirect attention away from David and Nelson Rockefeller, and Harriman, and Morgan and Mellon and du Pont — please don’t aid and abet and collude.

Jeff Grotke

LBJ could not have pulled this off by himself, but I think he knew about it, and was ready willing and able to profit from it. The conspirators also would have kept LBJ in the loop. This is why Nixon was also brought to Texas. This way, anybody who might break the secret would just be implicating himself as well. Who killed Julius Ceasar? In the end it didnt matter, all the conspirators were there and he was dead.


Perhaps you’ve misunderstood my comments, but LBJ had nothing to do with it, other than following orders and benefitting from it — the reason Johnson never served a second term was that he was scared s**tless, and during the House Select Comittee on Assassinations back in the late 1970s (where I was a volunteer research, BTW), LBJ’s military aide recounted, under oath, how he found Johnson crying his eyes out in the bathroom of Air Force One, never believing they would actually assassinate the president! So we are in agreement with your take on LBJ, who flipped everything the Kennedy administration was about: going out whole hog on Vietnam; going along with the Pentagon/Wall Street on Operation Brother Sam; ending the transaction tax in 1966, in place since 1914 (tax on speculators, etc., plus many, many more items…..

Matt Prather

Thank you for sharing this story. Don’t let the detractor “sgtdoom” intimidate you; I think he’s used to the pugilistic forums at Zerohedge. I have seen Johnson’s “old mistress” tell that story too, and I believe her too. She even had a son from him and received monthly payments from him. I believe she also said that he said that Hoover’s FBI was part of the it too, which is believable to me as well. The financial investor elites named by sgtdoom are also very believable to me as well.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for sharing that story. Together, the truth may be able to come out if people work together. It’s possible once we reject this system of money, if we also keep our heads on straight….


There are at least two other versions of this story, which leads one to believe that it’s an “urban legend”. The other story, which comes from Johnson’s mistress has “after tomorrow, the Kennedy’s will never embarrass me again”.


The 50-Year Mark, Part 1

Let the word go forth from this day on, a new generation has been born.
Born to the task to keep us free, but proud of the rights of the Home country.
This is the new frontier, this is the new frontier.
(Kinston Trio)

We are quickly approaching the 50-year mark of the murder of the New Frontiersman, President John F. Kennedy, and 50,000 documents on his murder are still classified — the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, is a Navy boot camp washout of a drunken loser — Erskine Bowles, the Rockefeller-Peterson-Kissinger stooge, who sits on the board of directors of Morgan Stanley, while his wife sits on the board of directors of JPMorgan Chase, was appointed to a committee by President Obama to help his fellow neocons create that distracting fiction called the “fiscal cliff” — what the bloody Hell is wrong with this Hollywood PR script?????

When Alexander Hamilton (and his son), Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Bobby Kennedy, and Paul Wellstone (and members of his family) were slain, the plutocrats proclaimed, “Mission accomplished!” — their objective achieved. Those assassinated historically face the massive revisionism of the dead, but let those who labored mightily on the public’s behalf not have perished in vain.

The List:

Battling Wall Street: the Kennedy presidency, by Donald Gibson

Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years, by David Talbot

Family of Secrets, by Russ Baker

Thy Will Be Done, by Gerard Colby with Charlotte Dennett

JFK and the Unspeakable, by James Douglass

The Kennedy Assassination Cover-up, by Donald Gibson

A Terrible Mistake, by H.P. Albarelli

The Echo From Dealey Plaza, by Abraham Bolden

Eight books — that’s all, just eight books — but most Americans haven’t read a single book the last year, and most Americans are still clueless as to the causes of the recent economic meltdown.

Honorable mention: Shane O’Sullivan’s, Who Killed Bobby?

In one lengthy chapter in his book, Shane wastes precious time and resources and realizes he’s been Psy Op’d — but even then, Shane mentions the CIA’s Joannides and his trip to New Orleans to set up Oswald for his fall as “they patsy” in a crucial and little-known event.

If only Shane had the time to dig more deeply into the family background of Valerie Schulte and their employment at Lockheed, and how it connected to Thane Cesar’s Lockheed employment, and how Lockheed’s chief of security then was the former personal US Secret Service agent to Vice President Richard Nixon — who left the US Secret Service for Lockheed when Vice President Nixon lost his presidential bid — and would later leave Lockheed after the RFK assassination to rejoin Nixon as his security for his 1968 presidential campaign.

Would Nixon have won the presidency in 1968 if JFK, MLK and RFK hadn’t been murdered?


Would Johnson have been president in 1964 if JFK hadn’t been murdered?


Some to the rivers and some to the sea.
Some to the soil that our fathers made free.
Then on to the stars in the heav’ns for to see.
This is the new frontier, this is the new frontier.

Suggested links





Kingston Trio (The New Frontier):




How about “Plausible Deniability” by Mark Lane. I found it very informative. I think it should be on your list.


In respect……………at the age of 21 years, as I drove with my girlfriend past Western Reserve High School in Wakeman, Ohio, we listened to the radio and to the visit of President Kennedy to Dallas during his re-election tour. We were to learn later that because of an open microphone on a police motorcycle, that we were able to listen in part to the crowds reaction as the President passed by in his motorcade. Sounds were heard such as….. we love you Mr. President. Then as shots were heard and moments later we could hear people screaming and yelling get down…………. and one person yelled, “I SMELL BURNING GUN POWDER”. All my life I have believed that President Kennedy was shot by more than one shooter and location, because burning gun powder does not drift down with the bullet from the height of a 6th story building window. I have been very upset over the decades regarding missing information and evidence that had been presented earlier. Its apparent that authoriries are protecting families and individuals who were involved. Forty years ago we were told that the archives would be opened up to the public around 2025. In respect, I have visited the sight and museum twice to see, guess, and imagine who, what, and why ? The Kennedy Presidential shooting vehicle is on display at the Dearborn, Michigan, Henry Ford Museum , because the car was built by and owned by the Ford Motor Company.

Matt Prather

thank you for this


George H.W. Bush –grassy knoll–and no doubt, that date of 2025 c.e. will be changed yet again to a later date.


The book “Final Judgement” by Michael Collins Piper seems to identify the events and the culprits behind it. With facts and documents showing JFK correspondence with the Israeli’s that killed him stealing America’s future and manipulating our country ever since. Including LBJ’s giving them Nukes, and LBJ’s cover up of the sinking of the USS Liberty and the threat to the few surviving American crew of court marshal if they told the truth. When will this information see the light of day. All Americans should know the facts and recognize the parasitic enemy that has our country by the balls. Wining and dining Congressmen and Senators befor elections to secure their support. While the rest of the world considers us idiots for being so blind.


Everyone should know AIPAC controls who is elected from congressmen to senators to the president. Zionists run the media and the media presents us with two highly controlled candidates. Thus we have Barry , a shill for their interests.


How can any rational thinking person not see there was a PLOT to kill JFK when his brother was shot 4+ years later only after he rose within the ranks of the Democratic party to contest and most likely win the 1968 presidential election? RFK didn’t die in ’63, he wasn’t suicided when he was lost in the wilderness, nothing nefarious happened to him after he became a senator, he was only killed when he had his hands firmly on the reins of power. Of course one could say if that’s true, why wasn’t Ted Kennedy killed when he ran for president? Perhaps “they” knew he wouldn’t get the nomination but if he did, there was a plan for him too. I don’t know, but by the time of Ted Kennedy, the Kennedy mystique had eroded and that’s why I think JFK Jr.’s death was just an accident too as he wasn’t a threat.

And the years between the JFK & RFK assassinations does nothing for the Madam Nhu theory put forth recently on Coast to Coast. If this Madam Nhu was so powerful and required two head shot deaths to avenge her family, she wouldn’t have waited almost 5 years to do the deed.


They killed JFK, Jr, too!


A part of me thinks these evil bastards 


To finish my thought. I get the impression these evil bastards made it a joke by the time they got to JFK Jr. So sad but that was a dynasty I’d much rather have seen in power.

tony bonn

teaming up with the bush library to understand the jfk assassination is the classic fox watching the chicken coup charade. bush, sr was a key player in the murder of the president. he led the cuban contingent who provided some of the assassins….and i strongly believe that bush was one of the site supervisors of dealey plaza….
the bush crime syndicate, leading the cia and under the aegis of the rockefeller axis of evil, murdered the president. the cia handled all of the planning, execution, and cover-up, but the force behind the murders was the bankster wall street elite, with the rockefeller cabal at the helm.


Yes, you are correct!


I don’t think it’s possible to get the truth out. The military/intelligence cabal that pulled off the JFK assassination learned that day that they could get away with anything. Thus 911. We’ve painted ourselves into a corner. Americans have been terminally pacified. By contrast, Europeans – having experienced many wars and rule by dictators – are cranky, obstinate and suspicious and more unpredictable, and prone to kick over the table and break things. They keep their governments somewhat at bay. Without an organized resistance, Americans are at each others throats. They buy the capitalist dream and think they can rub shoulders with Donald Trump if only they had that “break”. This naivete may lead to be chaotic violence followed by military reaction.


I was an ex-pat in Europe for awhile.  You are quite correct.

Dallas Res

Well worth reading is the story of Judyth Vary Baker called Me & Lee: How I Came to Love & Lose Lee Harvey Oswald that came out around 2010. Prior to that I think she was interviewed on 60 Minutes around the year 2000. She was a brilliant cancer researcher who worked on a secret project to develop cancer-causing viruses as  bio weapons, worked with and had a relationship with Lee in New Orleans. She helps make sense of all the myriad players involved in the assassination and corroborates much of the research of many others.


If you want to
get quickly “up to speed” on the JFK assassination, here is what
to read:

1) LBJ:
Mastermind of JFK’s Assassination
by Phillip Nelson

2) JFK
and the Unspeakable:Why He Died and Why it Matters
by James Douglass

3) Brothers:
the Hidden History of the Kennedy Years
by David Talbot

4) The
Dark Side of Camelot by Seymour

5) Family
of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty by Russ

6) Power
Beyond Reason: The Mental Collapse of Lyndon Johnson
by Jablow Hershman

7) Watch “The
Men Who Killed Kennedy – the Guilty Men – episode 9” at YouTube

best video ever
on the JFK assassination; covers well Lyndon Johnson’s role

8) Google the
essay “LBJ-CIA Assassination of JFK” by Robert Morrow

9) Google
“National Security State and the Assassination of JFK by Andrew
Gavin Marshall.”

10) Google “Chip
Tatum Pegasus.” Intimidation of Ross Perot 1992

11) Google
“Vincent Salandria False Mystery Speech.” Read every book &
essay Vincent Salandria ever wrote.

12) Google
“Unanswered Questions as Obama Annoints HW Bush” by Russ

13) Google “Did
the Bushes Help to Kill JFK” by Wim Dankbaar

14) Google “The
Holy Grail of the JFK story” by Jefferson Morley

15) Google “The
CIA and the Media” by Carl Bernstein

16) Google “CIA
Instruction to Media Assets 4/1/67”

17) Google “Limit
CIA Role to Intelligence” Harry Truman on 12/22/63

18) Google
“Dwight Eisenhower Farewell Address” on 1/17/61

19) Google “Jerry
Policoff NY Times.” Read everything Jerry Policoff ever wrote
about the CIA media cover up of the JFK assassination.

KP Ryan

The Texas establishment is still going out of its way to cover up the truth about the murder of the last great American president, JFK; and the reprehensible Texans directly connected to his murder.

In my opinion, that day in 1963 was nothing less than a coup; and unfortunately a supremely successful one.

Jeff Grotke

The bottom line is that if Oswald killed JFK there would not be a single “top-secret” Kennedy document still being held back. At this point one must also extrapolate that the documents implicate people still living, GHWB for example. If it was the mob, or the Soviets, or the Cubans, or even a very small band of CIA renegades, there would be NO reason to hold back the documents. The only reason is to protect people like GHWB, and his legacy.There can be no national security interest, after 50 years, still existing.

Matt Prather

For Russ, and for anyone who collects information sources:

1: http://jfkcountercoup.blogspot.com
2: http://jfkcountercoup.blogspot.com/2007/12/jfk-countercoup.html

This is one store of research for William E. Kelly, Jr.

Matt Prather


Marguerite Oswald said before the Warren Commission that her son, Lee Harvey Oswald, was in her words, “a government agent.” And there lies the crux of it all. Who was this man? Why is he so important that even at this day, over forty years later, information on him remains classified? There are still secrets to be uncovered deep in the bowels of the beast.


What’s to diminish? A womanizer with a murderer for a brother and a sick other brother who like to share movie starts who had mental issues and a father who was a crook. The Kennedys were rich white trash.


love your oh-so-appropriate monicker. Glad you’re not using your real name–because you telegraph your ignorance of larger and more important matters, and that you have read precious few of the many fine books on the topic.


Oh look a “Kennedyphile”, I’ll bet you think Obama is special too. Please the Kennedy’s were rich white trash who at least earned the pain they deserved as Obama has earned the moniker of, The Big Brown Stain.

Jeff Grotke

Actually I think before you call somebody “rish white trash” you should at least be richer than them. Also you should have more class than them..Otherwise it just sounds hateful.


I have more class in my bowel movements than all of the Kennedys combined.


As Texan, I would like to state how entirely embarrassing this article is! It’s tacky and tasteless. The Dallas Morning News is well known to have run the nasty ad {John Birch Society} Dear Mr. Kennedy; Welcome to Dallas!! Its disgusting; almost celebrating the death of JFK the morning after the assassination. Please don’t judge Texans as being this crass or clueless. SMU; Highland Park expensive Private Univ. Home to W’s Library and only a stones through from his current address. Mentioning you are from Texas leads to being associated with Poppy and Dub-Ya Bush, LBJ and many of the other old-family-oil moneyed type who are neck deep in this and many other scandals. I would liken the association to the feeling one might have waking up from a college frat party with a lovely not well thought out new tattoo. The commentators in the article are clearly in outer space if they can’t see that we’ve all had it with these jokers. The writers should have some pride. Do some real journalistic work. It’s not 1965. We have scanners in our grocery stores now and most even have access to The Google. And, no. Rick ‘Governer Good Hair’ should not revive his campaign. Please, out of respect for future generations of Texans. The George HW Bush Turnpike, LBJ Freeway, National Park, fetus in a jar, HPV Vaccine, on and on and on. These are painful and stigmatizing enough.


sorry for lack of editing.


Also one hopes that people realize when you say “this article is..embarrassing..tacky and tasteless,” you mean the Dallas Morning News piece, not the article on WhoWhatWhy, which was written by one of my absolutely favorite journalists. LOL

Jeff Grotke

Margie the problem is, no, you haven’t ALL had it with these “jokers”. Texas is still a very conservative place, despite your abundance of supermarket scanner devices you still managed to elect Governor Perry. You aren’t personally responsible for it, anymore than those of us in California are responsible for what Bush did in Iraq. On the other hand, if you are an Iraqi father with a dead child killed because Bush thought this would make his Presidency successful, the distinctions seem less relevant and the problem is that in a democracy we are all ultimately responsible for the people we elect.


There is an answer to all of the questions on JFK but first you have to be able to think. That means look at facts and make decisions, not run to Bugliosi’s RECLAIMING HISTORY and try to make the lies fit. This video proves conspiracy.


Jeff Grotke

im interested to see what “evidence” Roger Stone has.

Matt Prather



I know who the three men are that shot JFK are. And yes there were three not one.
One hidden in the grassy knoll one perched on a roof top and one in the book repository.
I’m related to them. I’ve been offering the truth to whoever would listen.
The killing had more to do with JFKs father than JFK himself.
He was a moonshiner who sold moonshine to the mob.
But the fact is that he JFK singed into congress the Land Between the Lakes bill those were the final nails in the coffin.
The truth you seek is in TN.
And the three men that shot JFK where all named Wallace.
I am a grandson to a brother of two of the killers.
I’d like the world to know what happened.
All the men responsible are long dead so it’s OK for the truth to come out.
And yes we are related to Gov George Wallace of AL.
I’ll Give you the whole story.
Call me 1(731)335-4162 Ask For Al Wallace

david t. krall

from: david t. krall
email: truthatlarge@hotmail.com

The “network” will not go down without “fighting” or continuing in its efforts such as using trained seals, lapdogs, dobermans, and accordian-trained monkey’s in attempting to perpetuate the massive fraud and cover-up of the (true) facts regarding the murder of President John F. Kennedy. To quote or paraphrase another researcher, that “to study this murder, and objectively look at all the facts, either you will conclude it was a conspiracy or you are intellectually or cognitively challenged”.
May I add: Or someone has a conscious agenda to smear and
ignore facts and truth…these so-called professors and instructors are a disgrace to their profession and are nothing more that professional destructors of truth, reason, facts and research ARE THEY TENURED OR TETHERED??????
from: david t. krall
email: truthatlarge@hotmail.com

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