Harpist, created ~2000-1600 BC

Harpist, created ~2000-1600 BC

We at WhoWhatWhy are skeptical of just about everything—and that includes the red satin trappings of St. Valentine’s Day and the more gaseous expressions of love that may or may not mean anything. So, on this day, we thought you might find it refreshing to learn how the Sumerians expressed this feeling.

They made it tangible.

Instead of saying “I love you,” these ancient Mesopotamian people said:

“I make a place for you.”


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It’s why as an atheist I really like every culture’s tradition of breaking bread with someone. It means that they care about the well being of another literally as going without food could be life threatening.


Almost every holiday in America has become a business venture. A lot of people have no idea about the origin of those holidays and what they really supposed to mean, other than shopping and exchanging stuff with someone else.

I used to love some holidays, I no longer do.

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