Sanity Break: Chef Paul Funeral Procession

Video filmed by WWW today


We don’t usually post this kind of thing, but Editor in Chief Russ Baker was in New Orleans and caught video footage of the typical New Orleans style funeral procession for “Chef Paul” Prudhomme and thought our readers might appreciate it.

This is a “break” from our normal subject matter which we hope you’ll enjoy.

WhoWhatWhy Editor in Chief Russ Baker is currently in New Orleans. He was invited to attend the funeral of the famed chef Paul Prudhomme. “Chef Paul” almost single-handedly made Cajun and Creole cuisine a national favorite and was widely loved — and known as a kind and gentle soul who celebrated diversity and life.

What follows are three videos Russ shot of the classic New Orleans funeral procession for Prudhomme. They capture the affection for Prudhomme and the spirit of the place. They are short and unedited.





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