American Pilot Reveals Al Qaeda’s Early Airborne Assassination Ambitions

Al Qaeda’s ambitions to use planes as weapons started much earlier than was previously known, according to explosive testimony given by one of the group’s first pilots. Secretly imprisoned by the U.S. for a decade, American citizen Ihab Mohamed Ali revealed how Osama bin Laden’s plan to kill the Egyptian president gave birth to the strategy used in the 9/11 attacks. Phil Hirschkorn reports.


The Two Biggest Powers of the American President, and Their Limits

The American Presidency is thought to be the most powerful position in the world. Yet a president’s power is limited to two spheres: growing the empire abroad and producing unlimited economic growth at home, according to presidential scholar Joseph Peschek. Read Joseph L. Flatley’s interview with Peschek, the inauguration of WhoWhatWhy’s 2016 presidential coverage.

Appeals Court Will Hear Tsarnaev’s Change of Venue Request

The First Circuit Court of Appeals will hear Boston Marathon Bombing defendant Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s argument that he can’t get a fair trial in Boston. Don’t hold your breath for any revelations though: the appellate court has forbidden lawyers for either side to talk about the details at the heart of the argument.


Explosive Saudi 9/11 Evidence Still Ignored By Media

Zacarias Moussaoui, the al Qaeda operative dubbed the “20th hijacker,” has given explosive testimony alleging substantial Saudi royal family support for al Qaeda right up until the Sept. 11 attacks. There may be some question about whether Moussaoui is telling the truth, but there’s plenty of evidence out there that the mainstream media has ignored for years. Russ Baker investigates.