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Feed Your Head

Reading Time: 2 minutes Every day, we ask ourselves: Who…What…Why? Once a week, we invite you to Stop, Look and Listen to our podcasts. In 2015, we’ve given you a lot to listen to and think about — over 50 episodes this year, on a variety of topics. Here are some highlights.

Gitmo Already Serves As Model for Trump’s Plans

Reading Time: 2 minutes Donald Trump’s comments about rounding up Muslims and keeping Muslims out of the country are not so far-fetched in light of what happened after 9/11. The Guantanamo Bay detention camp is filled with internees who have never been charged with a crime. WhoWhatWhy’s Jeff Schechtman talks with the editor of a diary written by one of Gitmo’s longest-serving prisoners.

The Mysterious Death of an Artist Whose Drawings Were Too Revealing

Reading Time: 18 minutes In March of 2000, the acclaimed conceptual artist Mark Lombardi was found hanged in his New York apartment. It was ruled a suicide. But Lombardi was no ordinary artist. His pieces , “Interlocks” as they were called, shone an unwelcome light on the Vatican, the Mafia, the Bushes, international financiers, and the CIA. His biographer, Patricia Goldstone tells his story to WhoWhatWhy’s Jeff Schechtman.

The Hidden Good News Out of Africa

Reading Time: 2 minutes During his current visit, Pope Francis not only called Africa “the continent of hope” but also railed against corruption, which continues to hold back development in many countries. However, defying popular opinion, parts of Africa are at the cutting edge of technology and economic growth— and the rise of the African consumer economy is one of the biggest, and most undercovered, stories. A podcast.

When the whole truth is out….

Reading Time: 13 minutes The assassination of John F. Kennedy forever changed America and its politics. And yet, even in the wake of such a tectonic event, the facts around that fateful day are still in dispute. One man who can cut through the confusion is Gary Shaw, a pioneering investigator of JFK’s death. He is this week’s guest of WhoWhatWhy’s Jeff Schechtman.

Why the New Boss Is Just like the Old Boss

Reading Time: 15 minutes Who actually runs the country? If you said our elected officials, think again. Despite what candidates promise while running for office, the national security policy of each successive president and administration tends to look very similar, irrespective of party or stated philosophy. In this podcast interview, Michael J. Glennon, Professor of International Law at Tufts Fletcher School, lays bare the truth few are willing to acknowledge: “We have a structure of double government in which even the president now exercises little substantive control over the overall direction of US national security policy.”

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Podcast: Russ Baker on Trump, Jeb and More

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here’s WhoWhatWhy Editor in Chief Russ Baker with the podcaster Jack Blood a few months back. In this wide-ranging discussion, they mulled Donald Trump; what’s wrong with the candidates and the coverage; problems with modern conversation; the importance of thinking and reading outside the box; the narrow mindset of elites; and more.