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Donald Trump, Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank, Trump, and Russia: A WhoWhatWhy Primer

Reading Time: 2 minutes The German banking colossus is back in the news, after German authorities raided its offices Thursday morning as part of a money laundering investigation. We’ve already been looking closely at this bank and its strange relations to Trump, Russia, oligarchs, and more — here’s what we’ve found.

Georgia, voter suppression

When Voter Suppression Goes Local…

Reading Time: 1 minute In majority-minority Hancock County, Georgia, the local election board — dominated by white members — tried to disenfranchise many African American voters and almost got away with it. Where else is this happening?

How We Did It — the Database of Hopeful Voters

Reading Time: 3 minutes WhoWhatWhy explains the technical details of how our reporter created the table in WhoWhatWhy’s Election Day coverage of potential voters who have had their ballots rejected or not yet returned. The reporter who created this table, Jordan Wilkie, is not a trained data scientist. While WhoWhatWhy would not publish work they did not have extremely Read More

MBS, Donald Trump

Murder in Istanbul: Will Saudi Scapegoats Save Crown Prince?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Late on Friday, amid major international uproar and after more than two weeks of denials as well as several days of speculation that it would do just that, Saudi Arabia acknowledged that journalist and dissident Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in its consulate in Istanbul. A day later, even President Donald Trump, who initially attempted to Read More

World Trade Center, 9/11

Collective Interests: Going Numb on 9/11

Reading Time: 3 minutes Another year has passed since 9/11, and it seems as though accountability for those who financed and supported the perpetrators is further from reality than ever. While yet more evidence has surfaced this year about the people involved in covering up the crime, secrecy reigns supreme in Washington. Yelling “national security” a whole lot, which Read More