Trump Is Dangerous, but Is #Resistance Just as Dangerous?

Donald Trump
President Donald Trump places his hand over his heart during TAPS at the 9/11 Observance Ceremony at the Pentagon in Washington, DC, Sept. 11, 2017. Photo credit: IIP Photo Archive / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
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Yesterday the New York Times took the “rare step” of publishing an anonymous op-ed from a senior official in the Trump administration:

I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration

I work for the president but like-minded colleagues and I have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.

The op-ed comes hot on the heels of revelations from the soon-to-be-published book, Fear: Trump in the White House, by long-time investigative journalist Bob Woodward, which the piece references by hyperlink. Like the op-ed, the book highlights administration officials’ efforts to mitigate the president’s rash decision-making and unhinged behavior.

The op-ed author makes clear that his resistance does not originate from the left: “We want the administration to succeed and think that many of its policies have already made America safer and more prosperous.”

The problem, the official says, is President Donald Trump’s erratic behavior and “amorality.”

We can get a clearer picture of where the author stands by placing Trump behavior in what he or she considers Good and Bad.

Good Things About Trump: Effective deregulation, historic tax reform, and a more robust military.

Bad Things About Trump: attacking conservative principles of free minds, free markets, and free people; anti-trade; anti-democratic; leadership style that is impetuous, adversarial, petty, and ineffective; half-baked, ill-informed, and occasionally reckless decisions; flip-flopping; preference for autocrats and dictators (like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un); lack of appreciation for traditional allies; not imposing sanctions on Russia because of the Skripal poisonings; not appreciating John McCain.

Let’s just be honest, you don’t need to be a White House insider to realize that Trump is not qualified to be commander-in-chief — all you have to do is scroll through the president’s Twitter feed. Or watch reruns of The Apprentice.

It surely is comforting to know that there are officials out there ready to stave off the potentially rash decision-making of the president — what with the nuclear football and all.

On the other hand, for Trump supporters who see a shadowy “Deep State” out to get the president, this op-ed will only add more fuel to the fire. This line probably didn’t help: “So we will do what we can to steer the administration in the right direction until — one way or another — it’s over.”

But this op-ed also represents what’s wrong with the #Resistance, an uneasy alliance of left-leaning anti-Trumpers and right-wing #NeverTrumpers.

Both pull their hair out at his treatment of John McCain, but not that he signed an egregiously bloated military bill (passed in bipartisan fashion) named after him. They’re not weeping over the dead children and humanitarian crisis in Yemen that Trump (and every congressperson who looks the other way) is facilitating.

As bad as Trump is, he’s not touching the Military-Industrial Complex or Wall Street. And for those paying attention to his cabinet picks, that kind of disruption was never in the cards. Because if the establishment really thought Trump was a threat to those twin idols, he would have been gone yesterday — one way or another.

Indeed, Trump is the best thing that’s happened to ambitious military careerists, defense contractors, and corporate executives. While the president keeps the gravy train rolling full-steam ahead, they get to be part of the #Resistance, feigning shock and disgust at Trump’s crude behavior and his cozying up to our “enemies” (which we’ll need a bigger military budget to thwart, by the way).

The mainstream media is working overtime to present the warmongers and surveillance-state talking-heads as our heroes and saviors, while never questioning the real dangers posed by the failed policies of the past.

So I’m torn. Trump is obviously an incompetent, dangerous buffoon. But I’m beginning to wonder if he’s the reality-show distraction that the oligarchic elite wants us watching.

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3 responses to “Trump Is Dangerous, but Is #Resistance Just as Dangerous?”

  1. Kevin Beck says:

    This letter from “Resistance” is very self-serving. It assumes that the policies of the writer are what the policies of the government should be.

    Unfortunately, history is a rather harsh teacher.

    That history would show that the CIA has been a complete disaster throughout the Cold War. The CIA stated, up until the end, that the Soviet Union was an economy as strong as that of the United States.

    That history will also show that government in the past has made very poor decisions. So when someone is elected to be President who wants to repudiate those bad ideas, it results in Deep State Rising.

    And for that writer to claim to not be part of the Deep State, then define exactly the purpose of the Deep State in the next sentence, shows a lack of basic knowledge about the term.

    “Deep State” defined: The group of un-elected people who remain in charge of operating the government regardless of who wins elections.

    What the Trump presidency is about (in my opinion) is whether the failed policies of the Deep State need to be turned over and tossed out with the morning trash. I think the good of what Trump is doing is outweighing the bad. I would much rather the failed policies of the Deep State be tossed into the dustbin of history, along with John Brennan, James Crapper (Claptrap? Clapper?), John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton.

    As far as Trump not recognizing the greatness of Senator John McCain: I don’t either. He had status of a war hero when he returned from Viet Nam. When he entered the Senate, he besmirched all his accomplishments. His career as a Senator was that of the quintessential Deep Stater, beholden to government destruction of civil rights on a scale unimaginable (if one is to consider him a hero to the American people). He also never saw a war he didn’t like, and was always belligerent in demanding that the United States send troops to fight in wars that were beyond any interest, let alone national interest. Kosovo. Syria. Libya. Yemen. Which of these actions did he try to stop? And he almost got us into a shooting war in Ukraine, which would have been his stupidest coup yet.

    President Trump may have disrespected Sen. John McCain. But so did I.

  2. Citizen Me says:

    I am every bit as concerned about this phony pseudo resistance as I am about Trump. It might not be treason but it is edging very close to sabotage.

    An unelected so-called “high ranking official” takes it upon himself to subvert and obstruct the POTUS. Substitute Obama for Trump and see if you would support it.

  3. Lawrence P. Schnapf says:

    The ultimate “resistance” by those opposed to his “dangerous” policies are what we feared happened to JFK. This cuts both ways….