A Plan for 2017 — Where WWW and You Are Headed

Here Are Some of Our Priorities in the New Year

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Not a day goes by without someone telling us how impressed they are with what we at WhoWhatWhy do as a news organization. And when they discover that we do it all on just pennies compared with other news outfits, including other nonprofits, they are even more dazzled.

But we’re really just getting started. And never has there been a more urgent need for bold investigative journalism and fresh, insightful analysis.

In 2017, we plan to continue our rapid growth (our team’s ranks multiplied five-fold in 2016) toward becoming a leading national and global news source — and to introduce a number of important new beats.

We hope you will send us your tips and ideas, volunteer if you can, and, of course, help us cover the cost of doing what we do (it’s a very lean operation but we still urgently need to cover the basics).

Here are some new things we’re working on:

Election System Integrity

This was a leading source of discussion nationally and internationally … but once the election was deemed “over,” everyone pretty much moved on, without anything being resolved or fixed. We plan to investigate all aspects of the election system, and stay on it.

What Is Happening to America?

Is Trump a refreshing truth-teller and no-nonsense bottom-line doer, or is he an irresponsible and superficial figure manipulating naive and ignorant people in a direction that could unleash the country’s slumbering demons? We will be probing constantly and reporting what we learn. Call it an “early warning system.” Better safe than sorry.

The (Invisible) Daily Business of Government

With such a radical shift in America’s leadership team and direction, what will happen inside the regulatory departments and agencies that influence our lives in so many ways but are largely ignored by media and public alike? We’re setting out to learn the inside story.

Climate So-What?

Perplexingly, the largest existential threat to humanity has not yet risen to a topic of urgent conversation. It was barely mentioned in the presidential campaign. We’ll study this stumbling block to consensus and meaningful action. And we’ll look for the right investigative buttons that can shake up things — and people.

Deep Politics Deepened

WhoWhatWhy has been acquiring a reputation as the place between the “coincidence theorists” (those who always believe whatever they’re told) and the “conspiracy theorists” (those who only believe the most nefarious alternative explanation). We try to stay fact-based as we study the powerful interests and entities that seek to shape events and outcomes but don’t advertise their agendas. We will increase our efforts to understand the huge, under-supervised and under-investigated national security and homeland security complexes, and those corporate interests that benefit from war and chaos.

Increased International Focus

We are proud of our coverage of people and events outside the United States. But we could be doing a lot more. And we plan to. From seeking a unique way forward on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to going deeper on what’s happening with China and Russia, we have large ambitions, and some creative approaches in the works. As with other issue areas, we’re eager to hear your input.

It’s going to be an interesting year. Please join us for the ride. And please help us do the most and best we possibly can — by supporting our work

Many thanks.

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4 responses to “A Plan for 2017 — Where WWW and You Are Headed”

  1. Mackenzie says:

    You forgot about the rise of the robots and the effect it will have on the future of humanity. Not joking about this. Search “Dubai to get android police force by 2017”. It would be extremely naive to think that this won’t come to every country (including the US).

    You also forgot about the surveillance state. Americans are the most spied upon people in world history. The NSA has a major spy center in Pinebluff Utah. They’re also building another in Ft Meade Maryland. Pretty sure there’s at least one other (there might be several more). Their goal is to collect every electronic communication (not just metadata but the actual content of communications as well) from everyone into perpetuity and the one in Utah has already been operating for several years.

    Surveillance technology is also getting very powerful. Facebook is identifying people from pictures (I literally saw it identify a friend of mine from just his face about 2 weeks ago). Don’t forget the surveillance from stuff like “Amazon Echo” and competitors which is in many people’s houses spying on them (though people are voluntarily participating). Plus the virtual reality hardware/software (e.g. Oculus Rift) will undoubtedly be very popular, allowing further intrusion into people’s lives. Keep in mind that a lot of these services stay on and listen/watch your webcam/etc even if you think they’re off.

    When you combine surveillance and powerful robots, it paints a picture of a dystopian world. And the above doesn’t even include the impending financial crisis that we’re facing.

  2. ICFubar says:

    My thoughts on the questioning of the so named “Deep State”, comprising a group of powerful individuals, is that it has been in operation ever since the social compact of Feudalism gave way to the contract law that began to replace it. This would mean that much of our law as it stands today, now universal commercial code, has been authored down through history by those who are the representatives of the “Deep State.” We see this today in the authorship of most legislation that would impact the interests of those who rule from behind the scenes, through their corporate entourage and other agencies, all as subsidiary or at the mercy of the financial-banking cartel that owns the money and credit creation business.

    If this is true then the scope of investigation should encompass the very foundations of societal structure as to the implications of how today’s law sets the legal parameters of how society actually operates from the back recesses of the judicial system and its spawning in past times of money and credit creation and the corporatizing of everything and everyone involved in the human economy. This is likely from where the “Deep State” derives its power, control and operational mandate.

    In America there was a Constitution proclaimed for various entities as prescribed by that contract. What if those entities no longer exist as legal entities with legal standing under a constitution? That would mean the American Constitution would apply to a constituency that does not exist. Is the named United States of America LLC the same entity as the United States of America under legal definition and subject to the Constitution?

    These are the questions that a “Deep State” might wish to act upon in their own interest if such an overarching contract as a constitution were an impediment to their agenda. As law the Constitution stipulates that it cannot be abridged by subsequent law except for international treaties such as NAFTA and such. Is the United Nations with its many binding international treaties under hard law then an instrument of the “Deep State?” One question leads to another it seems ad infinitum. Got any answers?

  3. starlight says:

    Thank you, Russ and Team, for another great year of reportage. You do the Deep digging better than almost ALL other groups. Always interesting and revealing. I consider it of top importance to figure out what is and has been going on with our government and our world. Knowledge is Power. Keep digging. I am very happy to be supporting your efforts. Happy 2017…

    Oh! why do my comments have to await ‘approval’?

  4. 0040 says:

    Disengage from the policy of economics by military intimidation, shut down all overseas military bases, cut the defense budget in half, use the Military to rebuild the US’s Infrastructure , are the only positive way forward. The chances of that happening appear minimal at this moment.