Fake News? Mainstream Media Hands Not Quite Clean Either

Yes there is a problem with totally fake news. But the mainstream media, in creating panic about that problem, ignores a fundamental issue: much of its own content, while superficially “accurate,” is often spin and manipulation itself. Russ Baker discusses this issue with the Russian English-language news outfit RT, which itself takes criticism from Western media.

Where else do you see journalism of this quality and value?

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  • artemis6

    YES! This SO needs to be pointed out.

  • edwardrynearson

    “not quite?”

    • David S

      I was thinking the same thing. That is beyond “putting it mildly.” Every war since the war of 1812 (and maybe that one too) has been the result of “fake news” propaganda put forth on the government’s behalf. The truth about FDR’s provocation of Japan and foreknowledge about the Dec. 7th attack was known and written about before the war ended and yet 75 years later they STILL peddle the same tired old lies.

  • punkyboy

    We know RT (which I think is an excellent alternative site) is Russia-sponsored. They don’t deny it, so we know up front that we need to take things with a grain of salt in some cases and look for “the other side of the story.” However, here in America, the government also uses propaganda, mis/disinformation in certain mainstream outlets (like WaPo), against the American people, but DOES NOT admit it and takes umbrage when this is pointed out. In my opinion, PropOrNot smacks of a CIA “frat boy” stupid idea, along the lines of exploding cigars for Castro back in the ’50s. TrueOrNot? I also think this is a slippery slope to full-on censorship and is very, very dangerous.

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