The Internment of Japanese-Americans in World War II: Will History Repeat Itself?

Temporary Japanese internment camp at Santa Anita Race Track in Arcadia, California. Photo credit: Photo credit: Ella's Archives / YouTube

Michael Flynn, the man tapped to become the next national security adviser, has stated that fear of Muslims is rational. Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a member of Donald Trump’s transition team, has said internal discussions about a registry of Muslim immigrants have already been held, and prominent Trump supporter Carl Higbie cited the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II as precedent for such a registry.

In light of this rhetoric, it is worth revisiting this shameful episode in US history, and there is no better way to do that than by looking at a propaganda video from that time. The clip below was put out by the government and sought to convince Americans that removing tens of thousands of their fellow citizens from their homes and putting them in camps was a good idea.

As talk about a Muslim registry heats up, expect to hear some of the same rhetoric used in this 1940s video. Once again, the nation is on the verge of trampling on the rights of Americans out of fear.

Please watch the video below and join us in wondering when will we ever learn from history.

Related front page panorama photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from Japanese American Internment Center (Dorothea Lange / Wikimedia)

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  • 0040

    The internment of a small number of Japanese during a war is in no way similar to what is going on today. Theocracy is a real threat to Secular governance. Stopping immigration and deporting illegals is the cheapest and least disruptive method of addressing this issue. SuperMax for-profit prisons are already bursting at the seams. Electronic surveillance and snitch networks are where huge amounts of taxpayer dollars are being stolen these days.

  • raypc800

    Hey I feel that you should be looking at Germany, Trump is copying Hitler in several ways. Once the Jews were used as scapegoats to anger his supporters, Hitler turned upon others. Any and all that hid the ‘undesirables’ were deemed enemies of the state.

    I expect Trump to blame different groups for different failures of his stated policies. This will continue as long as We The People allow it. One important action that needs to be taken is ALL citizens need to read the U S Constitution and use it against Trump and his administration. We will know how much danger the USA is in if and when Trump violates the US Constitution and our military does not act. We all take an oath to protect the US Constitution, not politicians.

  • Another example that’s been around awhile and is growing in numbers every day is the government blacklisting system that is alive and well in that of law abiding citizens who are now formerly convicted sex offenders. These registered citizens who have completed their convictions obligations are required by law to ‘register’ as “sex offenders” for decades, or in some cases, for the rest of their lives on these public shaming, humiliation and persecutions blacklists. Nothing ever changes.

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