How New York Times Stacks Deck Against Sanders, Trump

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Last week, we published evidence that the Clinton campaign and the media were determined to suppress Bernie Sanders’s civil rights credentials to prevent him from gaining traction with Clinton’s strongest base: African-American voters.

It gets worse, judging from today’s New York Times.

Anyone looking at the Times headlines can see that the paper is not embarrassed to act like a butcher with his thumb on the scale.

When I checked in online, here are the headlines I saw:


New York Times screen capture (click to enlarge)


First, we learned that “Cruz Keeps Up the Pressure on Trump.”

The second most prominent headline said “Decisive Win for Clinton in Louisiana.”

The third most prominent headline had Bernie Sanders plaintively saying “Don’t Write Us Off” — which, coupled with the other headlines, suggest that….we should.

The Fine Print

But let’s look at what the fine print actually shows:

Hillary Clinton won one state, Louisiana — while Sanders won two, Nebraska and Kansas.

Cruz won two states, and Trump two.

Yet, one of the “big wins” the Times counts for Cruz is Kansas — the state where Sanders also won (and by a larger margin than did Cruz) apparently does not matter. So we see the same establishment bias against Sanders directed at Trump as well.

But the effort to undermine Sanders is that much more striking, since Trump and his behavior make him a “special case.”

To be sure, Clinton increased her lead in the delegate race Saturday, but Louisiana is part of Clinton’s well-advertised core of southern states where African American voters, her declared advantage, dominate the Democratic vote. And she’s running out of Southern states.

On the other hand, Nebraska and Kansas are traditional heartland states, mostly white — and voters clearly preferred Sanders.

Once you take into account our reporting on how the Clinton campaign and the media suppressed crucial information about Sanders’s more impressive civil rights record  — and how that suppression has kept Clinton in Clover with black voters — you see how weak she really is.

Moreover, Iowa has barely more population than Kansas, and Iowa was worked to death by the candidates (and Hillary with a far more experienced team) in a froth of media coverage, while Kansas was just one of many states in play at the same time.

So you could argue that Kansas is a more meaningful representation of what the majority of voters, in particular those who have received more information on the candidates, think.

Many African American voters have told journalists they know little about Sanders — but would like to know more.

And when you add in the deliberate effort to prevent black voters from learning that in the early 60s Sanders was getting arrested in civil rights protests — while Clinton was campaigning for the arch-conservative Barry Goldwater — you have what looks like a concerted effort to keep everyone from figuring out Sanders’s real, authentic appeal, across the board.

Irresponsible Journalism

The Times must have a mandate to hew to the center and therefore understands that Bernie Sanders’s and Donald Trump’s remarkable candidacies need to be stopped at all costs.

Experiencing the Times’ relentless barrage of ads from America’s luxury brands, it is not hard to see who butters its bread.

In no way is this responsible journalism. The Times’ editors know that consistently underplaying a campaign that is almost entirely built by public enthusiasm and huge numbers of small donations is a sure formula for destroying Sanders’s momentum — given how much the rest of the media follow the Times’ lead.

Will this work? We shall see.

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13 responses to “How New York Times Stacks Deck Against Sanders, Trump”

  1. pragmatist says:

    Would be totally surprised if NYT does anything different. Stopped reading it years ago.

  2. whatever32966 says:

    I was driving in my car at 9:00PM and was listening to an AM radio talk show. Our local AM station carries ABC News at the top of the hour. The first words out of the announcers mouth was that Hillary Clinton took Florida. All the media are in the same bed. The masses just don’t get it at all.

  3. Teacher Man says:

    I haven’t been here in a while. I see you are still doing great work exposing the House Organs of the Elite. Good to see articles like this. I will continue to spread the word.

  4. cstahnke says:

    This is why the first thing any opposition candidate should do is to attack the mainstream media – particularly the most “respectable” ones like NYT, NPR, WaPost and so on. These propaganda organs are, virtually state-run and should not be taken seriously. Some of these outlets did and still do occasionally let loose some non-official narrative but it is rare.

  5. joe smith says:

    ((((The New York Times))))

  6. dondep says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this, the details of the evil of the Establishment NYT. What also galls me is how CNN – and I repeatedly tweet this to those Establishment hacks they call anchors and reporters how literally evil this is – always includes Hillary’s 495 so-called ‘super-delegates’, as most of them have agreed they shouldn’t be counted until “the voters have spoken”. They could mention them as an after-thought, but to put them on-screen before the average viewer sees the more competitive race for actual voter-produced delegates is one of the ‘crimes’ they engage in. When I get too enraged, I switch on the pity for how fearful these Establishment types are and how they face getting…. ‘overly jostled’ in the coming days.

  7. claudia606 says:

    After 9 years of reading an actual Sunday NYT each weekend, I have cancelled my subscription and explained that under-reporting for Bernie and biased reporting for Hillary dictated the decision.

  8. user132132 says:

    If Bernie came out against bad trade deals that hurt American workers, he would sew it up.

  9. MarkSegal says:

    Russ, thanks for pointing this out. I saw this too. Once people get familiar with these tactics, you can see them everywhere. CNN and MSNBC have also taken this subtle manipulation to an art form.

  10. jimryan62 says:

    Great article, Russ. Jim Ryan, Istanbul

  11. Medici1 says:

    New York Times editorials and reporting need to be read with a salt shaker at hand. Their bias is evident and would be even more of a disservice to the public in the absence of alternative sources. The notion of Newspaper of Record is quaint, a relic of a prior era when journalistic integrity was more in evidence.

  12. raysondetre says:

    thanks for keeping abreast. for the previous, especially, on Sanders civil rights history burial.