A Child Massacre Examined

What About Those Online Claims of a “Hoax”?

Newtown Connecticut Photo credit: NewtownFilm.com
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WhoWhatWhy Editor-in-Chief Russ Baker attended the Sundance Film Festival. See his general critique here. What follows is one of a series of reflections on particular films. 


Perhaps, like me, you have been the recipient of a barrage of materials contending that the Newtown massacre was some kind of fiction.

It seems hard to believe, but the Internet is full of such things with regard to tragedies of all kinds —  and even a few people I ordinarily respect state that such events, and Newtown in particular, were in fact “false flag” acts.

The notion is that the military/police/security state, with an agenda of terrorizing the public and expanding its power, staged everything.

This of course baffles most people. And yet, history shows us that regimes the world over have utilized false-sponsor violence and myth to get their way. The US —  which sponsored violent attacks in Europe that could be blamed on leftists and Communists (Gladio), and whose generals concocted a crazy plan (Operation Northwoods) to attack their own country and pin it on Cuba — is no exception.

Because WhoWhatWhy exists to challenge the status quo; because we know that many official narratives are misleading at best; and because we know that, historically, “false flag” events have taken place; we are particularly sensitive to such claims.

But because we also prize responsibility and because we are aware of the damage done by disinformation artists as well as well-intentioned if misguided people, we react carefully to claims that, for example, no one was injured or killed in the Boston Marathon Bombings or nobody actually died in Newtown.

Some of those denying what happened three years ago in an idyllic Connecticut town at Sandy Hook Elementary School simply want to wish away the need to deal with gun violence. They don’t want to deal with the reality of the 20 children, 6 and 7 years old, plus six adult staffers, murdered by a deranged 20-year-old loaded down with firepower.

The Naive, the Deluded, and the Fakers


There are three kinds of responses to reports of such horrific events.

Some people simply accept whatever the security apparatus and mainstream media say about any event, and they seem to be the majority.

Then there are those who reject it all. They claim to believe the whole event was fake.

Within this group are people who, we suspect, are actually faking their belief in fakery. (Perhaps most or all of them actually belong in this group.)  That is, they believe the Newtown shooting was real, but they incite others to believe it was fake — as a way of discrediting all people who, for good reasons, doubt other official stories. (It is tempting to speculate about who might benefit from such deviousness, but I won’t.)

Of course, suggesting that the weeping survivors are part of a fraudulent scheme is itself horrifically insensitive — and, by association, this discredits anyone who believes in any conspiracy by making the doubters appear to be nuts, devoid of empathy, and worse. (Please go here, here, here, and here to see some of our earlier stories on why even reasonable people are skeptical about official narratives. And, on an even more cynical note, why others may be recruited to pose as delusional skeptics in the extreme — to make all skeptics appear ridiculous.)

Open Eyes, Open Minds, and Evidence


Then there is a third group: Open-minded people who simply do not know what to think  — or who withhold judgment until they can look at hard evidence.

We identify with that third group. And that’s why I like the new documentary Newtown. It is an up-close portrait of parents who lost children — and of those children themselves — along with comments from early responders, neighbors and others who personally experienced this tragedy.

To those of you who believe that the entire thing was concocted, you may want to watch the lengthy portraits of specific children who died, including videos of them happy and alive before this horrendous event.

Here we have the names, the pictures, the family members, the neighbors — and no, they were not actors or rootless individuals who moved into town shortly before the shooting to “play their roles.”  A teacher recounts how there were so very many funerals — 26 — that it required a spreadsheet to keep track.

At a question-and-answer session after a screening at the Sundance Film Festival recently, the director and one of those parents explained how difficult it was to even make a film like this. The hardest part was building trust between the filmmakers and the townspeople — to convince them to cooperate at a time when the hordes of media were descending on the town, with all the chaotic disregard for the trauma faced by the survivors.

Newtown is a powerful portrait of ordinary people grappling with grief and a senseless act, but in its own quiet way it is also an important step in showing the consequences behind America’s love affair with the gun. It puts lovable, precious faces on the statistics, and puts the moral burden where it belongs: on those who refuse to meaningfully restrict the death machine.

Related front page panorama photo credit: Sandy Hook Elementary School (VOA / Wikimedia)

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47 responses to “A Child Massacre Examined”

  1. artemis6 says:

    I suspect the truth is somewhere in the middle, the usual sort of political theater , indeed , false flags , with real bloodshed. It seems to me it is designed to try and make people feel as if there is a valid reason to give up the second amendment….Or at least a justification for the powers to take it.

    The real culprit in MHO, is the drugs every shooter was on. Legal ones. Profitable, and never questioned.

  2. jim Griffin says:

    WWW’s position is curious. All “terrorist attacks” since 9/11 are false flags. These incidents are intended to make people afraid. Real terrorists would not bother with such minor incidents like San Bernadino. They would go after energy infrastructure. The real target should be WTC7.

  3. Lynx 2000 says:

    Dear Russ,

    I’m a long time WWW reader and have followed much of your work since first reading Family of Secrets. I admire you greatly and have developed a deep respect for your investigations and reporting. One thing that stood out to me is that you (at least appear to) set aside all bias and just follow the evidence to wherever it may lead.

    If the goal of one’s work is purely the truth, without any sort of agenda or political aim in mind, then sometimes we do find out things that aren’t necessarily what we would like. For example, the Bush family is loathsome, so uncovering ugly facts about them is finding out the truth but it also affirms our opinions of them as ruthless and treacherous, providing us emotional validation. However, if by chance the truth happens to be inconvenient for us, it at least inspires us to find out, or give us that energetic motivation to dig deeper that gives us validation.

    Now, the reason I wrote all of this is because with Sandy Hook, most of the people arguing against the “mainstream narrative” in this case are Tea Partyiers or backwoods conservatives whom I almost never agree with. So it’s uncomfortable to think of supporting their arguments, even for someone like me who sincerely attempts to be as unbiased as possible. So Sandy Hook has continued to pop up and each time I get worried that maybe, just maybe, the “mainstream narrative” this time is just correct – after all, I support gun control so arguing that it’s a hoax would not serve me any political purpose and on the contrary, it would have me agreeing with right wing gun nuts! That isn’t something I would welcome! But still, as many comments here have pointed out, there are at least some strange things about the incident and the media’s coverage of it. Since we know the media rarely tells the unbiased truth, is it just that this case is the exception: that people’s suspicions and the strange coincidences are just unfounded this time? Of course, not every conspiracy theory is true and sometime the corporate media will do accurate reporting, and that very well may be what happened here.

    But I have neither the time nor the resources to do a good investigation. But Russ Baker does and I trust him and I know that he writes fair, well-written reports of what he investigates. So I am asking you, would you take up the task and give us a thorough analysis of the facts, taking into account the evidence from all sides and showing (at least me) once and for all what the truth is here? I will donate to support the effort. Judging from the comments here, it looks like it is also something many readers would also be happy to see. Of course, you won’t convince everyone, whatever the outcome may be, but most reasonable people like myself will know they are getting accurate reporting unlike that from nearly everywhere else.


  4. Deanna Clark says:

    It is impossible to keep monstrous secrets involving many people…if for no reason than the human weakness for bragging. Men tell their mistresses, wives tell friends, and bartenders make many of those dime-dropping calls to the police. Bad people brag…they just can’t resist.

    • Skeptic says:

      Ever heard of The Manhattan Project?
      big secrets kept.. and those involved.. only ever knew, what they had to know, in order to do their job, and nothing more. It is called, “compartmentalisation”.

      And after the event.. once people… or assets.. become superfluous.. they are.. well… for want of a better word.. retired.

      For an example of this.. look no further that SEAL team six..

    • Deanna Clark says:

      The Manhattan Project was to win a war that had the support of almost everyone in the nation. It also didn’t involve children and parents. I believe Sandy Hook leaves many unanswered questions. But it’s much too messy…the Manhattan Project was never messy.

    • Skeptic says:

      “Secrecy in the Manhattan Project was so complete that many people
      working for the organization did not know what they were, working on
      until they heard about the bombing of Hiroshima on the radio.”

      How could it have the Nations support if they didnt know about it ? And by the way, the dropping of atomic weapons on Japan was unneccessary to win the war – it was already won by then, but that’s another story.

      It is said today, that the USA is technologically advanced 30 years ahead of what they tell the public. Fact is, secrets can, and are kept, and false flags are created, and yes, governments will, without hesitation, kill their own in order to push and agenda. If you go down, the best you can hope for is to get a mention as a statistic as collateral damage.

      As for “messy” ? these days it doesn’t matters, as you can see, they can stuff up a false flag to the highest order, and still get away with it thanks to a compliant mass media.

    • Skeptic says:

      I posted links, in regards to my points..but they didnt show up.

    • Deanna Clark says:

      If you’d a husband or son shipping out from San Francisco for the invasion of the Japanese home islands, you might feel different. If you were a Japanese soldier hoping to come home to marry and see his folks, you’d keep it a secret, but you’d feel the same.
      You need to read some serious memoirs. And my Dad was sailing from the Golden Gate straight for Japan when the news came.
      The fire bombing of Tokyo, Dresden, and Hamburg were for rebuilding contracts, already signed…pick on them!!! I put away my hippy guitar years ago….

    • Skeptic says:

      Also, you’d think if you worked for the CIA – you’d be up on all the secrets, no?

    • William Murphy says:

      Just think for a moment………how many people would have to be part of this event for it to be a cover-up? Well, let’s enumerate a bit….. parents, teachers, the kids themselves, all relatives, everyone living in Newtown, funeral directors, insurance reps, first responders, the local news media etc.. We are up to about 30,000-100,000 civilian people. Do you still think that so many civilians are part of the cover-up? Let those poor children rest in peace. Perhaps go with the thought that Lanza was a mind controlled assassin at the very most but leave those murdered children and their families alone. They have suffered enough.

    • William Murphy says:

      You are correct, too many civilians were involved. Civilians do not keep secrets and over 30,000 people were affected by Sandy Hook. Maybe Lanza was a mind controlled assassin? I might give that to the people that are adamant that the shooting was a hoax. Neither gun control nor confiscation happened as a result of the horrible massacre. I wish the sickos would let the kids rest in peace.

  5. Bencollet says:

    You won’t print my comment and give no reason. So I am giving you no contribution.

    • Comments editor says:

      With respect Sir, your other comment here was published several hours ago, and is visible via several different internet browsers. There should be no problem. Perhaps it is now downstream due to subsequent comments appearing at the top of the thread, and so is not immediately visible. Please contact us if there is any further problem.

  6. gustave courbet says:

    The Newtown massacre was an interesting event as it revealed the perspective biases of the various sectors of the media, both alternative and corporate. The leftists immediately clamored for more gun control while the right predictably blamed the tragedy on “gun free zones.” The conspiracy crowd (I have Infowars in mind) cried “false flag to take our guns” before the dust had settled.

    One might not agree with the conclusions of WhoWhatWhy, but they should be lauded for their open-minded and measured approach. Having delved into the possibility that this event was more (or less) than it seems, I failed to find much compelling evidence to that effect (though I invite anyone reading to proffer evidence or resources that they consider to be interesting, keeping in mind that the moderators here don’t like posted links).

    I’d add that it would be far easier for a conspiratorial group to actually perform a massacre at a school than it would be to simulate such an event, and I think most would agree that there are psychopaths out there capable of such a thing.

    • Pete Felice says:

      I find it troubling that the Ct State Police have their 6,700 page report online for all to examine, yet people continue to offer their “speculations”…

      Read the report which is on the CT State Police website for all to see. Read about the dearth of Adam Lanza’s dna on the weapon.
      1) Most of the dna is from an unknown individual…of 9 different locations on the weapon Lanza’s dna is only on 1 place and it is a mixture of his dna with this unknown dna…the source of the dna on the trigger itself is unknown .
      2) Swat officer from Bpt., running away from the police (and the shooting) into the woods.
      3) Lanza supposedly shot himself directly in the back of his head (impossible)…
      4) the letter found at the Lanza residence addressed to the Young Children of Sandy Hook, which tested positive on a national dna database for a felon in NY, yet we are never told who this is.
      5) the weapon that killed Nancy Lanza was completely wiped clean of fingerprints and dna.
      6) FBI report stating Lanza was killed by police.
      7) Witness statements identifying 3 different shooters – N. Hammond says he was 5’8” or so dressed all in black with a black mask…an officer stated that this was different from his visual of Lanza when he saw him dead; the shooter in rm 8 described by a teacher to be screaming profanities at the children as he shot, yet the descriptions of the shooter in rm 10 describe someone who acted calmly and never uttered a word.
      There are many more oddities in the report that indicate more than 1 shooter…read the report before speculating…especially books 5,6 & 8.

    • gustave courbet says:

      Thanks for the info, I’ll check out the report. I’m reminded of the discrepancies in the official version of the Columbine shooting and the reports of many witnesses.

  7. U3O8 says:

    The facts as reported at Sandy Hook don’t add up. Lying by omission of facts is still lying. Truth is like pregnancy – you either are or you are not.

    Here’s what we’re dealing with:
    The anomalies & aberrations & Deep State regime that is capable of controlling the narrative & social programming of the masses. Socio Economic interception & dis / Mia information are its hallmark for success or controlling the narrative. The JFK hit, 9/11 are examples of it & it continues to this day. The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence…
    Reductio ad absurdum

    • Deanna Clark says:

      Yes…which brings us back where we started…saying our prayers and struggling with our own personal integrity. No simple human can fight such stuff otherwise.

    • U3O8 says:

      And that is exactly why when the PTB wrote a Report From Iron Mountain (1967) they wanted to bring about shattering Christianity & create a new Religion / Belief system. It was so far out there for that time LBJ ordered it sealed & not to be released to the public. Imanentize the Eschaton is the goal. Knights of the Holy See lives on…

    • Deanna Clark says:

      It’s impossible unless the dead return physically…talk about a population problem!!! The great majority, as they used to be called, must be here too.
      So, it’s another pipe dream from the opium den of Dr. No.
      I deeply mistrust any iron grid of “Heaven” imposed from the mind of humans, especially humans who put themselves in God’s place.

      Anyone who has lost a child, or a soulmate, or a beloved pet can tell you that….simple as abc. heaven is where broken hearts are healed and all are alive.
      And it is about having beautiful desires for other people…a deeply personal choice, one soul at a time.
      I say phoooey, and again, phoooey! What hubris to even imagine such a thing…LBJ was right!

    • U3O8 says:

      We can all thank & give a rousing round of applause to the “MAJ12” – Sedes Sacrorum / Jesuit Order / Knight’s of Malta, Gnostic Ecclestia et alia for they’re paradigm construct & Hegelian dialectic of out of Chaos come Order (Ordo ab Chao) the illumineri of enlightenment & beaming paragons of moral virtue they are.
      Bravura to them for their Magnum Opus they constructed……
      Done absolutely nothing towards the improvement of the human condition except make it worst & widen the gap of greed, absurdity, “do as thou whilst”, ignorance, indolence, indigent while furthering the suffering of humanity.

  8. weilunion says:

    Well, this is very good to see that this site censors what they do not wish to hear, see or allow anyone else to. My friend from SF posted, I posted all gone. no vitriol, no vile language just a question as to why someone or some site who knows JFK, MLK and Bobbie were murdered by dark forces would not give a fair hearing to alternative points of view.

    Critical thinking demands that we elicit alternative points of view, especially those not keeping with our own, examine them and then examine our own thinking tor reconcile contradictions or notions.

    Sites that do not allow for a fair hearing for all points of view does considerable damage for it is didactic and disavows dialogue.

    As America falls, it is a shame to see such good journalists and good sites go down the rabbit hole of not allowing critical commentary on issues of substance.

  9. Skeptic says:

    “They don’t want to deal with the reality of the 20 children, 6 and 7 years old, plus six adult staffers, murdered by a deranged 20-year-old loaded down with firepower.”

    The reality is there is no hard evidence that proves they died at the hands of “a deranged 20-year-old loaded down with firepower.” – at the least, none that can withstand scrutiny beyond all reasonable doubt. Their whole story is full of holes, that is the reality.

    Your last paragraph, seems to blame this whole thing on “America’s love affair with the gun.” However, if it was a false flag attack, in order to push the case for gun restrictions, then that blame is misdirected. The blame belongs to those who want to take the guns away.

    Time and again, Australia’s gun laws are referred to by those wishing to restrict the “death machine.” – there is plenty of evidence to prove also, that the events at Port Arthur, were also fabricated to push such an agenda.

    The moral burden is to expose the truth, and punish the real culprits.

  10. weilunion says:

    I am surprised that one who understands that MLK, JFK and Bobby were probably murdered by dark forces will not believe that Sandy Hook was a false flag.

  11. Jim Morgan says:

    If you want to see what a real school massacre looks line, google Beslan.

  12. I will never believe that there was three hundred kids in that school, and 26 people were killed, nobody wounded, parents were not allowed to see their ‘murdered’ children for best part of the day, and the school was not even open for use, and the whole scene was false. That’s how I feel today and forever. It was just a hoax.

  13. Skeptic says:

    Just because someone dies, doesnt mean it is not a false flag attack.
    There are still many legitimate unanswered questions regarding Sandy Hook, and other events, and if this was suppossed to be some sort of final arbitration on the topic, it fails miserably.

    • weilunion says:

      Absolutely. Critical thinking requires a fair hearing for all points of view, not comic finger pointing and erasure of comments. If a site cannot provide this then it is simply preaching not allowing people to come to their own independent judgment. All the evidence needs to be seen, discussed, debated and allowed a fair hearing

  14. Elderly R. Staff says:

    It is very tempting to go with clever arguments about Sandy Hook being real but all non-American people know for sure that the U. S. is filled with ban-the-guns type people. We have in our own countries seen the dark side move to remove guns from our societies. You people have NOT yet seen this happen – WE have. DO NOT ever allow any person to introduce any rule, guideline, helpful order that is in ANYWAY able to be used to restrict gun ownership. GOOD people, honest people, genuine people WILL bring to your country TOTAL devastation. If you keep your guns no-one will dare touch you – they will respect you and co-operate. NO guns-no international co-operation. It will be America completely on its own ‘serving the world with the gospel’. You will have to enforce your religion on other nations at the point of an Hydrogen bomb.

  15. TJTruth2 says:

    Thanks for putting this out there. Deadly conspiracies have happened. The problem with this one is that it “muddies the well” – making casual observers conclude that ALL conspiracy theories are preposterous, when clearly they aren’t. It seems to me that this is a case of deliberate disinformation. If Jim Fetzer isn’t a COINTELPRO agent, nobody is.

    • Elderly R. Staff says:

      A not nice thought from Jim’s perspective. He has helped many people. As you would be aware there is no example, ever, of a COINTELPRO agent helping in any context.

    • TJTruth2 says:

      Fetzer claims that “energy beams” took down the World Trade Centers and that either 1) Sandy Hook never happened or 2) Mossad agents took out the kids. He is either mentally incompetent or the government is blackmailing him to the extent that he is working for COINTELPRO.

    • Jim Morgan says:


    • Bencollet says:

      Typical. When unable to come up with even a single argument refuting the points presented by Jim Fetzer, author of “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”
      you then resort to accusing him of being Cointelpro.

      TJTruth2 shows us a good example of Langley 101, or, “How to Argue When You Don’t Know Anything”.

  16. Clark says:

    Investigating every mass killing that happens inside the United States is a bit wearying.

    The US population, because of a worn out Constitution that supposedly guaranteed liberty with the 2nd Amendment, has made it dangerous.

    Hence, its own citizens are considered enemy No.1 with Russia and China a close 2nd and 3rd.

    Hence, before nuclear war with the last two, some kind of martial law and gun confiscation will happen. The economy has to go first, because people with money are too damn independent and won’t toe anyone’s line. With almost 50% on food stamps, it’s more likely they’ll listen and obey. Next, ensure some kind of guarantee of search and seizure, and mass killings generally ensures that.

    And close 3rd after that is surveillance and snooping on everyone’s business, because often in the haze of citizens there is easily somebody who is smart and charismatic and can bring down a house of cards quickly. Tabs on everyone can preclude that.

    Of course, controlling borders will entail removing currency, and that’s on the horizon as the 500 Euro and 100 dollar bills are now being removed. And that to preclude more US Citizens leaving and taking their hard earned accrued living.

    Renouncing citizenship is now over $4300 and will probably rise, especially now that the IRS can rescind US passports.

    And now WHO WHAT WHY announcing the genuineness of a False Flag. Makes one wonder what made them flip sides. Well, if when one prints the money, it’s no object.

    Time to cancel.
    “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous
    he cannot believe it exists.” Former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

  17. (Comment by reader @LindaJLeBlanc2) I find it so disturbing that some say this never happened. Bizarre. It hurt us all. We witnessed it. People r crazy.

  18. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    Sorry Russ, I have great respect for you, but sounds to me like you got snookered. Way too many unanswered questions regarding this event (and you know it). Such as the rehearsed line-up photos of those 30 or so kids they were “evacuating”. Speaking of numbers of kids, where were the rest of them? What about the sorry shape the school was in? What about the demolition workers sworn to secrecy? Why no medi-vac helicopters or scores of ambulances? And how ’bout all those property transfers on Christmas day? Snookered indeed.

    • Kevin says:

      Wolfgang Halbig’s comments on Sandy Hook are very interesting. The fact that they knocked down the school seems very fishy. And while I haven’t looked that closely into it, isn’t there a kid (Noah Pozner) whose pic is in the list of Sandy Hook victims as well as some Taliban shooting incident pic ?

    • weilunion says:

      Sure, when all the evidence of 911 was taken away and destroyed 911 questioners became livid. But when a school and the house of the alleged murderer is decimated, we just shrug?

    • The walrus says:

      There is a picture of Noah Pozner as one of the victims of the shootings in Pakistan. Google Noah Pozener Huzaifa Huxaifa to see links to various sites documenting it. I’d be very interested in Russ’s take on it. I’m not of the opinion that Sandy Hook is a hoax but there are some very odd things associated with it that warrant additional investigation.

    • weilunion says:

      What Russ needs to do is lay out the case pro and con and then examine the evidence for his readers and attempt to reconcile what his investigations have found and what the evidence proffered shows. In essence, we need a fair hearing as one would want in jurisprudence.

      But fair hearings are hard to find, be they in a court of law or in the court of public opinion. Prejudices and habits of mind sever the need to give a full and fair hearing to claims.

      If we cannot use our intellect to help people examine critically the world within which they live by modeling fair minded critical thinking then we preach to the choir.

    • Kevin says:

      It is bizarre how Russ has such a strong opinion about this issue (it’s the guns!) when it doesn’t seem as if he did “forensic journalism” on this particular case. From this article, it sounds like he watched a documentary and saw a Q&A afterward and that settled the issue for him.

      For the record, I’m not sure if anyone died there but even if they did, it doesn’t mean the MSM account is accurate. I know people who died on 9/11 but I still think that one is a false flag event. It’s also very strange how Russ doesn’t cover Wolfgang Halbig’s commentary on this situation. In short, Russ seems to be very one-sided in his coverage here (at least from this article). Disappointing. And I’m a big fan of his too. Personally I would prefer he only cover events that he does his forensic journalism on and exclusively stick w/ that. I feel like this is more of an opinion piece (“guns are bad”) dressed up in a “I did an investigation into this” (watched a documentary) article.

    • William Murphy says:

      Snookered? Yes, that is you. The property transfers were a glitch. Do you really think that people were given free homes? LOL. Boy are you gullible. Just think for a moment………how many people would have to be part of this event for it to be a cover-up? Well, let’s enumerate a bit….. parents, teachers, the kids themselves, all relatives, everyone living in Newtown, funeral directors, insurance reps, first responders, the local news media etc.. We are up to about 30,000-100,000 civilian people. In your sick imagination do you still think that so many civilians are part of the cover-up? Get real man and let those poor children rest in peace. Perhaps go with the thought that Lanza was a mind-controlled assassin at the very most but leave those murdered children and their families alone. They have suffered enough.

  19. Vivek Jain says:

    What is known about the psychology and personalities of Adam Lanza and his mother?

  20. Vivek Jain says:

    It is possible to assert the public’s right and responsibility to defend itself, and simultaneously demonstrate empathy for the victims and survivors of the mass shooting, and also think critically about the definitions and etiology of violence, expanding one’s understanding of violence beyond simply violence-by-mass-shooter.

    For instance, there’s the violence of poverty, which is inflicted not through a gun barrel but through public policy and “bipartisan consensus”. Capitalism-imperialism by design starves the many in order to enrich the few. There’s the violence and terrorism by the police and other coercive agencies of the State who hurt our Sisters and Brothers and communities daily. There’s the massive-scale violence by the US military, and also the deliberately- inflicted violence of economic policies that exploit working people around the world.

    Many self-identified liberals, progressives, and Democratic partisans do not oppose or condemn the Imperial Police State or Imperialist aggression by the US government. They find it easier to whine about the NRA or to make fun of low-information overt right wingers.

    These liberals are moved emotionally watching the war criminal POTUS appear to cry. They don’t consider for a moment whether the drone-terrorist-in-chief ( by any definition a sociopath), might be manipulating public opinion to achieve the objectives of the ruling class.

    • weilunion says:

      What you post is interesting but does little to broach the issues of the case.

    • Deanna Clark says:

      yes…however he makes us think about the difference between economics, politics and murder. Murder is a violation of the most basic human right and a direct cause & effect sin.

  21. Vivek Jain says:

    Thank you, Russ.