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VideoWHO: Russ Baker Takes a Trip Behind the Headlines

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CaptureWhoWhatWhy Editor-in-Chief Russ Baker takes his audience on a slightly unsettling—and occasionally amusing—trip behind the headlines during an April 24 talk at The Common Good Cafe at University Temple Methodist Church in Seattle. Russ speaks about the Boston Bombing and how the “Boston Strong” campaign diverts attention from the real story; his exploration of the Bush dynasty in his book, Family of Secrets; and how the truth is often far from what is being reported in the media.

Russ also took a series of engaging questions from the audience, which you can see here:

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0 responses to “VideoWHO: Russ Baker Takes a Trip Behind the Headlines”

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  3. Avatar Linda says:

    Ann Cappelletti & Barbara Bush are illegitimate witch daughters of Aleister Crowley who got together in 1970s to set the ushering in of th antichrist into action. Bush & Cappelletti bros are part of the 911 demolitions. Nwo AGENDA.Barry Soetoro is a fraud who was chosen by the Luciferian cabal as part of the NWO agenda for Luciferian world domination. Bill & Hillary Clinton iare Lucifierias. Hillary is a shaman, practicing witch. Clintons are as evil as the Bushes. Barry is a total fraud. You have not done any research or you pare part of the 911 scam.

    Cappelletti bros (Nike & John) demolition company got the cabal’s order to gut, prep & plant the explosives in the WTC. There were no planes. The fake terrorists were patsies/decoys. No planes on 911.

  4. Avatar Gregory Herr says:

    I like the expression”conspiracy of silence”.

  5. Avatar gogetem1 says:

    No, in my opinion Halbig is a shill and an infiltrator whose role is to divide and to discredit legitimate researchers.

  6. Avatar gogetem1 says:

    As with Sandy Hook, in Boston nobody died, nobody got hurt. Other than the cop, the Tsarvaevs, and Todashev.

  7. Avatar Cat says:

    slam fucking dunk. absolutely superb. I sent it to my whole network. Will someone give this man a Pulitzer?

  8. Avatar mohamed says:

    that’s my truth hero

  9. Avatar Bryce says:

    I could listen to you for literally hours and hours.

    • Avatar Kevin says:

      There’s an interview Russ gave to Dave Emery (sp?) that is like 10 hours. It’s on YouTube in multiple parts. Search “Russ baker family of secrets”. Riveting stuff.

    • Avatar Bryce says:

      Yep, I’ve listened to that one. It’s just nice to listen to such lucid reasoning. You really never see it anywhere else except in his interviews and lectures.

  10. Avatar furtive says:

    Another FBI entrapment MURDER with a “backpack” wish!

    Sound like another “story” you know about?


    I would file a motion to remand this back to the STATE COURTS.
    This Tsarnaev show trial should have ALL potential Jurors mindful of the insatiable need for the FBI FOR GLORY & annual budgetary increases for “Productivity.”

  11. Avatar furtive says:

    Great presentation except there is no ALARM or admonition in your voice to alert the public regarding a police state.
    The lying analogy is far more URGENT & sinister than charles Schultz.

    The purpose of a police state & NDAA IS TO ALLOW THE CRIMINAL SYNDICATE IN DC TO PLUNDER & pillage with no consequence.

    I would CHANGE your analogy to this:

  12. Avatar edwardrynearson says:

    Both videos are excellent!

  13. Avatar spritzler says:


    You’re right about the Official Boston Marathon Story not holding water. I have tried to report on this at .

    In my experience, public awareness of the deep problem (that we live in a fake democracy controlled by the rich) is greatest among the poorest and least among the better-off. This is the reason for my conclusion about “what is to be done,” which is discussed (and our efforts doing it reported on) at ,

    All the best.

    John Spritzler, editor

  14. Avatar goingnowherefast says:

    Russ, I like the way you referenced people’s reaction to being told things they find too disturbing to think about. I think we’ve all experienced the same thing when attempting to give an honest opinion on these deep events. The visceral response is always awkward at first, but it’s important to not give in to the pressure to stay within “acceptable” boundaries.

    Thanks for the important work you do.