Part 3: Climate Changes, Washington Freezes

Greenlanders Hunting Walruses, François-Auguste Biard
Greenlanders Hunting Walruses in the Arctic Sea by François-Auguste Biard. Photo credit: François-Auguste Biard / Wikimedia
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In the first part of our series on climate chaos “To See Climate Change in Florida…” we revealed how the ominous consequences of climate change are already visible in one of our southernmost states. In the second part, ”Denying Climate Change While Exploiting It,” we showed how big oil corporations are attempting to profit from the melting ice they helped cause. And now, in this third part of our series, we see how even Washington insiders who acknowledge climate change avoid talking about what’s causing it and how to combat it.

To the list of “things the NSA is interested in”, we need to add Climate Chaos. The latest release of documents obtained by National Security Agency contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden, published in Denmark’s newspaper Information, shows that the NSA spied on negotiating teams for the countries participating in the 2009 climate summit in Copenhagen. At that conference, widely declared a failure, the US was accused of playing hardball by refusing to agree to any set limits on carbon emissions. The new spying revelation raises serious questions about whether the US government is really interested in reaching any international agreement to limit global warming—or prefers to monitor and handicap those who actually might want to do something constructive.

More recent evidence that the Washington establishment is fiddling while Nome melts appeared at a January 23 conference in Washington on climate change sponsored by the influential Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a think tank founded during the Cold War.

That conference, “Global Implications of a Rapidly Changing Arctic,” featured three speakers—all key advisors to policymakers—including White House science advisor Dr. Brendan Kelly, assistant director of polar sciences at the Office of Science & Technology, Dr. Martin Jeffries, program officer and assistant science advisor at the Office of Naval Research, US Arctic Research Commission, and Rear Admiral Jonathan White, oceanographer and navigator of the US Navy.

“Maine Coast”, by Winslow Homer, 1896

“Maine Coast”, by Winslow Homer, 1896

What these three said during the conference was not as remarkable as what they did not say.

Organizer and panel moderator Heather Conley, a senior fellow at CSIS, acknowledged in an interview with WhoWhatWhy the absence of any discussion at the event about what was causing the polar region to heat up so dramatically, or what might be done to slow the pace of melting, which is likely to render the Arctic Ocean ice-free in summer months as soon as 2016. As she put it:

 “You’re absolutely right that there is a paradox that climate change is transforming the Arctic and freeing up exploitation of more oil and gas that will make climate change even worse, but here we’re focused on ‘How do we deal with this change?’  We’re not talking about causality.”

 So what did they talk about? A video of the event shows that the three experts spoke at length about how an ice-free Arctic Ocean in the summer will make it easier to exploit resources like undersea oil. Rear Adm. White also raised ominous military implications of the melt and resulting black gold rush, stressing the need for a Naval presence to patrol newly opened ocean and to defend a “new northern coastline.”

The panelists also addressed the negative impacts of a warmer Arctic on other parts of the globe. The laundry list of horrors included widening drought, stronger storms, and the southward shifting of winter Polar Vortexes.

Jeffries pointed out that an increasingly rapid melting of the Greenland ice sheet could by itself eventually raise global sea levels by 24 feet (sufficient, as we wrote in Part 1 of this climate chaos series, to submerge Florida as well as much of the eastern coast of the US).

The ice guys even warned that melting permafrost and methyl hydrates—a frozen mix of methane and water buried under the shallow Arctic Ocean seafloor—could dramatically elevate the amount of global warming gases already in the atmosphere. Methane, it should be noted, is 23 times as potent a global warming gas as CO₂, speeding up climate change and making the ultimate consequences far worse.

What Keeps You Up at Night?

As for the causes of climate change, Conley tried nudging the discussion in that direction without success.

“What keeps you up at night,” she asked the three panelists at the end of the conference. “What is the biggest misconception about Arctic warming? And what should the US be focusing on that we aren’t focusing on?”

“Shipwreck” by J.M.W. Turner, 1805

“Shipwreck” by J.M.W. Turner, 1805

Dr. Kelly admitted that did lose sleep over “our inability to focus on the problem.”

Dr. Jeffries said he lost sleep over “the rate of change in the Arctic,” and added that there was a misconception that what happened in the Arctic would have little impact outside the Arctic.

Still, these government officials apparently felt they had to measure their remarks. That’s not so surprising when one considers the power in Washington of moneyed interests whose bottom-line pressures demand maximizing profits while diminishing the possibilities of life itself.

As for the military, it understandably welcomes new opportunities, as suggested by Rear Adm. White. When asked by Conley how much of this keeps him up at night, the admiral replied: “I sleep pretty well.”

IMAGE: Francois Auguste BiardIMAGE: Maine CoastIMAGE: Shipwreck

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0 responses to “Part 3: Climate Changes, Washington Freezes”

  1. flow says:

    Climate change has been occurring non stop on Earth since it first formed.
    Ice core sampling has shown this to be an historical fact. What people need to understand is that geo-engineering has been practiced for a very long time and has the ability to effect weather in specific locations as well as globally.
    Chemtrails are a perfect example of geo-engineering.These are a reality and in spite of all those who ignore and deny it and have been observed and studied long enough now to verify its truth. By creating an artificial chemical cover over the earth they are actually increasing the greenhouse effects that have been caused by ‘normal’ pollution. But they then claim it is all from the man-made pollution problem, and Co2 is the villain. Therefore they can make us all feel guilty for everything from driving to breathing to cows passing gas to justify carbon taxation.
    I do not deny that pollution is a serious issue. But governments and military actions are making it worse,
    Geo-engineering is very real and after years of denials, it is now admitted in the guise of a way to protect the earth from the sun.
    How dumb do they think we are? Pretty dumb and so many people believe their hype that they might be right.

  2. NoMoLies says:

    I was working at NASA in 1992 in Greenbelt Maryland. It was announced there one day, with great excitement, that the Sun was increasing in output in a way we had not yet witnessed. it was not understood, but it was clearly decided that this increase was warming the entire solar system and that it would continue for at least another 20 years. I am convinced this is by far the dominant cause of the warming we have seen. When you look at the carbon dioxide contributions of the natural world on Earth, things like algea blooms in the ocean for instance, and realize that just the variations in these phenomena exceed mans contributions you have to laugh at the so-called science of global warming when they claim the problem is anthropogenic.

  3. judith lawson says:

    These things cannot be metrically precise, but we do know that in the flow of time since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution global warming
    began, that it’s been ramping up since mid-20th century and we see
    it picking up speed every day. We cannot stop it. We can slow and
    gradually ameliorate global warming, IF we want to. Scientists, with no
    exceptions that I’m aware of tell us a rapid, dramatic reduction in burning
    fossil fuels is the only known way to slow it down. When-and-if humans
    become wise enough to act for our own essential interests (which include our home the Earth and all other living beings) we will do so. Wisdom born from the awakening of a general awareness that we are actively committing
    global suicide, that practical solutions and replacements for our deadly modern way of life are still held by indigenous elders who traditionally have
    learned from animals, plants and the unseen world of spirit may save some
    of us. While military, corporate and mainstream pundits focus on exploiting the Arctic’s
    imminent freedom from ice, they entirely miss what’s most important.
    They are the big IF. And if we collectively started to say NO … to their

    • John Cook says:

      Sorry to have to upset your theories but despite all the extra co2 since 2000 the average temperature had not increased.
      You see the whole “greenhouse theory” turns out to be simply wrong. But still they go on and on about co2. It’s the sun that determines the earths temperature. And according to its current lack of sunspots we are headed to a low activity period for the sun. Expects more cold and/or dry weather for the next few decades.

    • Jim B says:

      Actually, I would take exception to your statement above. The warming started BEFORE the Industrial Revolution. That was the point of my comments a couple of weeks ago. The warming began about 1800. Before cars – before coal fired power plants – before the first commercial steam trains. Add that to the constant assertion by climate scientists that anything we do now won’t have an effect until decades later, it’s completely false to assert that the warming started because of the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution couldn’t possibly have had an effect until the very late 1800’s because of the delays involved, and the very limited areas where it began.

    • It almost doesn’t matter if Climate change is happening or not. The money isn’t in solving climate change, it’s in proving it and disproving it. the money is in this debate itself. Ad campaigns, public relations, lobbying, Political ideals being sold to us as “news,” etc. When the American people fight over something, massive amounts of money starts to move. The longer we debate, the longer the money flows.

  4. stevor says:

    So, did you know that the government wanted to create climate change in 2005? Think they might have followed through on it?

  5. Jim B says:

    OK – I don’t disagree with any of the facts as presented above. I don’t deny warming is happening. What is never addressed in these articles however is an important fact – we are in a period of warming that started in about 1800 that looks very similar to the Medieval Warming Period (look it up, really!). The MWP started around the year 850 or so and ended circa 1300. At the end of the warming period, they were growing grapes in England and the Vikings settled Greenland because it was very habitable. Then the cooling between approx 1300 and 1800 happened. Everyone in the Viking’s Greenland colonies died because of the ice. Everyone. If you look at the facts, you’ll see the warming started in the pre-industrial age and has followed the same track since. You can expect about 200-300 more years of this. Sorry, I was shocked by this too -but the facts don’t lie.

    • Dave Lindorff says:

      Actually, global data suggest that while certain areas of Europe and Greenland were warmer during part of the period you mention, the overall temperature of the globe, based upon tree-ring and ice core samplings, was slightly lower than it is today. Hardly a case of another dramatic global warming period. The same is true about the so-called “little ice age” that followed that so-called warming period. Actually, much of the globe did not get cooler, but we know about it because the North Atlantic area, including Greenland and Europe, did get noticeably colder for a couple hundred years.

      That’s a lot different from the warming we’re experiencing since the era of industrialization began.

      The Greenland ice sheet did not, for example, melt away, but the outlook for that vast sheet of ice over the next century alone does not look good. Much of it may even be gone by 2100 if the rate of melting keeps doubling every 10 years as it appears to be doing.
      Dave Lindorff

    • Jim B says:

      Dave – First, thanks for your polite response. Some people tend to get very worked up about these things which prevents an Adult conversation. I have not heard that the rate of melting was doubling every 10 years – where does that info come from? Also, I’ve read from more than one source that while the Arctic ice is shrinking that the Antarctic sheet was actually growing:

      So, as you point out, these things can vary at different places at the same time. This issue is complicated, and it’s easy to find evidence to support either viewpoint, unfortunately. I think your sincerity comes through in your articles – So, I’m not saying your wrong, I just have lots of questions.

    • stevor says:

      Don’t give me any of that “tree ring” garbage. I had an interest in it and decided to study it. I looked at seven elm trees of similar age in a park in my city, compared the rings, and they DID NOT MATCH one another. I did a similar study of 30 trees at Lake Tahoe (conifers) and they did not match, either.
      If you truly care and dispute what I say, go to Amazon and order my CHEAP kindle book “The Fallacy of Tree Rings” where pictures of the tree rings are shown plus a graph of the data.

  6. concerned says:

    And remember how noone could explain why seawater was used for drillng fluid on the deepwater horizon? Seawater for drilling fluid was part of the proposed method of extraction mentioned in the 2003 JIP document.

  7. concerned says:

    2003 JIP (joint industry project methane hydrate r and d international effort) workshop document reads like a timeline of events leading up to the gulf oil spill they dilled into methane hydrate and the previously disscussed worst case scenario happened.

  8. ReduceGHGs says:

    Human-caused climate change is well established science. Among those that actively study it, there’s no credible doubt. We are deteriorating our only habitat mainly by changing the atmosphere’s composition and deforesting the land. Please join the efforts to change. Learn more and do more.

    • stevor says:

      What is Cloud Seeding? (climate change)

      How long have we done cloud seeding? (decades)

      Do you think we’d still be doing it if it did not change the climate? (not likely)

      Do you think that after all those decades, we might have “improved” our ability to PURPOSEFULLY change the climate? (I think so)

      Does the government WANT to change the climate on purpose? (yes, see accompanying link)

      So, make sure you’re complaining about the correct cause of it!

    • ReduceGHGs says:

      I didn’t say anything about “cloud seeding”. Try looking it up on the net. It’s used to increase precipitation levels locally.
      For now I think the focus should be on reducing activities that we know pollute the atmosphere to the extent that it affects climate patterns. If you think of governments as “We The People” it’s easier to understand why they would want to reduce the risks of altering climate patterns that we’ve become dependent on. Consider how these changing conditions affect the health and safety of people around the world for many generations to come; Decreased fresh water supplies, stronger storms, higher sea levels, increasing ocean acidity, and much more.

      The causes are mainly CO2 emissions and deforestation. Read what the experts have been saying for many years. I provide links on my website.

    • flow says:

      Don’t forget chemtrails and other aspects of geo-engineering.

  9. Undecider says:

    Nice work of fiction. This “climate change” is a religion no less fantastic than Santa Claus. Mr. Lindorff seems to have bought the whole kitten kaboodle with all the appropriate talking points. These are political party driven. From, 2000-2008, they gained steam criticizing the policies of George Bush and the Republicans and kept it going by going along with the Leftist pushed religion of global warming.

    All the talking points are there. CO2, methane and melting Arctic. These people never understand the proximity and output of the Sun, the reflective and shading effects of Moon, as well as the tilt of the Earth that creates the effect of the seasons. It’s truly amazing. Complete ignorance and fueled by the spoon fed information from the Foundation and Corporate funded Establishment and their scamster sub-organizations.

    Oh but wait! Dare we have a discussion regarding geo-engineering and weather modification? Oh, let’s not go there.

    Wake up and get a clue.

    • Dave Lindorff says:

      This fact-free criticism by the “undecider” is based upon a narrow parochial focus on the United States. All scientific evidence of global warming aside (and that’s shoving an enormous amount of real facts under the table!), this particular conspiracy theory totally ignores the reality that climate change is a concern not just of two US parties, but of the governments of most of the countries of the world — countries that on many issues are totally at odds, that have political ideologies that conflict, and that are often political rivals on the world stage (think China, Russia and the US). Even huge US corporations are starting to break away from the US Chamber of Commerce’s denial stand. Check out Coca Cola, for example. None of this matters to the denier conspiracists.

      Talk about willful ignorance and science fiction!

      As for climate engineering, science hasn’t even figured out how to make it rain with any kind of precision. If one group, say in the US, had figured out how to melt the North Pole, it would have required a scientific undertaking that would have involved massive academic research, much of which would have been published or leaked out. There would have been scientists who would have rebelled against such an outrage who would have spilled the beans. Countries on the losing end, like Holland, Denmark and others with lots of low-lying coastland, would be exposing it.

      Undecider’s “criticism” is the height of ahistorical, unscientific thinking, if that’s the right verb to use here.

    • stevor says:

      “leaked out” such as HAARP? Yeah, there are quite a few HAARP installations in several countries. What do you think their purpose is? One HAARP worker said it can “raise the upper atmosphere”. Just what do you think that might do and why do you think they’d try to do it?

    • John Cook says:

      How preposterously naive. This guy believes there is no such thing as secret. Billions or Trillians of dollars can get “lost” in the Secret parts off the Pentagon accounting but Dave is sure that any research in Climate Comtrol would be all in the open. How stupid IS HE? Or how stupid does he think we are?

    • ReduceGHGs says:

      So you think NASA, NAS, AAAS, AGU, MET are all religious organizations and therefore don’t do honest science? And YOU tell others to “get a clue”? LOL!

  10. PaulFelixSchott says:

    Father look another fish near the top of the water Young Eagle soon there will be many as the water goes down.
    Father and when the water is gone what will we eat Young Eagle that is foretold in Revelation 19:17-18
    Have no fear young Eagle, those who are faithful to our Father in Heaven to the end will be saved.

    Father and the wicked and lost Young Eagle Most of them will die in the desert because they did not believe
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    Satan’s Sin City “Las Vegas” very soon to die like a fish out of water.

    World Leaders Pay Close “ATTENTION”.

    This Planet Earth Cannot And Will Not Support Life As We Know It Without Its FOREST.
    Soon all will take note to the sounds and rumbling of Volcanoes and Earthquakes Around Earth that are Waking Up at a Alarming Rate.
    Just as they did in 1883 from Krakatoa.


    Read well and study on your own after you have read this.

    This is not a game or joke our Sun gives off a Solar Wind all day year round. If you live in the State of Alaska you see it in the sky above what a sight it is going through our Earth’s Magnet Polls of the North and the South, North Poll. It’s called the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis. The day will come when you will be able to see it all over Earth as in the year 1859 Solar Flare,
    It was the largest in 500 years. Two Astronomer’s Hodgson and Carrington told the World that the Solar Flare made a Geomagnetic Storm reach Earth in hours not days. Back then it gave new meaning to “Reach For The Skies” from Telegraph Operators. For hours sparks flew from the key board. Even after the Batteries were disconnected. Nov 3 and 4, 2003 had a X40+ Class Solar Flare,
    Thank GOD it was not coming at Earth this time.

    Our Sun’s UV Rays will get stronger as each passing day goes by, read and i will tell you why. The Great big FOREST have be stripped from most of the Earth for Greed of Money by the Wicked. The trees our are Main Source of Oxygen on this Plant. The Forest Trees scrubs the Pollution out of the air and makes Oxygen from the rain and dirt that it grows in. The Forest Trees do more than just make Oxygen they stop Soil Erosion, just Look at the 1930 Dust Bowl. Greed by our wicked Government leaders to bleed from us as much money as they could out of us thru taxes led farmers to clear cut all their Forest, and farm all the land they were being Tax on.
    They had to farm it to pay for the Taxes. Why leave the Trees when food crop makes Money.

    This Did not Help the Depression that effected most all Worldwide. More than 100 million in the coming years will suffer from Malnutrition and Dehydration. Going without Food and Safe Drinking Water to drink many will die!

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  11. soularddave says:

    Powerful, powerful, 1%ers make LOTS of money by maintaining “business as usual”. They convince us to spend our way into oblivion. It’s just *others* whom this will affect, and not those who can spend their way around rising seas and disappearing fresh water.

    The government has largely been bought by spreading money and influence, so by extension, the NSA is the tool of the powerful to enhance their position.

    Everything has a balance, and its waaay out of control right now. We’re learning who, how, and why this is so, and we should be using our information to throw OUR weight to OUR side of the scales.

    Keep the faith, and pass the word.

    • stevor says:

      It’s NOT “1%”. That means 1 out of 100. Do you actually think that 1 out of 100 are in control enough to get what they want from the government?
      It’s 0.01% at best. That’s 1 out of 10,000. It’s that VERY SMALL number (banksters/wall streeters) who BUY CONGRESS and the “president” to get things to their advantage!
      Saying “1%” is just foolish and the Democrat way to try to make more “rich” (to a billionaire, a millionaire is NOT RICH) look evil (woe is me)

  12. Axel Mattson says:

    Hi Russ. I’m a huge fan of your work. I consider Family of Secrets one of the ten most important books in my library. IMHO, the global warming debate is ultimately about control. Large corporations trying to control resources, governments and elites trying to control me. My freedoms have already been so curtailed in my lifetime, based most recently on bogus crap like the “war” on terror, the “war” on drugs, etc, that I no longer have any faith or confidence whatsoever in the human race. We have the greatest brain that has ever evolved on this planet and yet we choose to live emotionally instead of rationally, choosing brainwash over logic and reason. Boobus americanus is far more interested in the latest Justin Bieber story than in analyzing even the most basic news items, or seeking out truth. Our species is so easily decoyed by inane trash that they let important things like truth and freedom go by the wayside. At this stage of my life, and with the knowledge I have learned and believe to be correct, I just don’t care about our species anymore. I finally understand what George Carlin was talking about. I don’t care if we go extinct to join 98% of all the other species that have inhabited our planet in the past. We deserve it for squandering our intelligence as a species. I love and respect many individuals but I just don’t care about our species any more. I will do all I can to fight against any further curtailment of my freedoms. If I have to choose between 1) less freedom and control of my own life and 2) caring about my grandmother’s beachfront property in Florida washing away, I’m choosing my freedoms. I’m also a biologist so as a fascinated observer, I welcome change. Mankind is intelligent enough to figure out how to move to higher ground as seas are rising, but not smart enough to know that they are basically just a bunch of sheep being led by their emotions instead of their rational thoughts. If I’ve learned nothing else from your work, including your work on global warming, and my own years of research, it’s that the masses are always clueless as to what is really going on. That will never change.

  13. Cloudchopper says:

    Unfortunately, nothing much of any consequence is going to happen until it really hurts the bottom line of the movers and shakers. Some are making fun of formally called global warming by pointing out the snow and cold in the East of the USA. Others are stupid to blame the horrible California drought on Liberals. And Liberals are doing nothing about it either other then paying lip service to it. Obama is terrific in speech making, not so much when it comes to action, unless it helps the banks and corporations.