JFK: The Never-Ending Wait for Answers

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“Lone” gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald

“Lone” gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald

As a former US Customs Service agent, Karl Golovin may seem an unlikely activist. But that is just what he has become in his quest for the truth about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Golovin is quite frank about his motive in pressing for the release of long-held documents about the events of November 22, 1963: he thinks the government of the United States has something to hide.

WhoWhatWhy has previously reported on the government’s continuing refusal to declassify a trove of still-secret records from that day—even though its fiftieth anniversary has come and gone. The relevant legislation, The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992, allows an independent agency known as the Assassination Records Review Board to postpone the declassification and release of as many as 50,000 remaining records until October 26, 2017.

Even then, the president may choose to maintain the classification…indefinitely.

Why such secrecy around a murder in which the so-called lone gunman—Lee Harvey Oswald—has already been identified?  Is it possible those records contain evidence of something more complicated—and potentially embarrassing to someone in power?

In an attempt to spread the word about this issue, Golovin took his case to Washington’s Kennedy Center, where the political, economic and cultural elite gather for high-profile events in an institution honoring the 35th president.

As it turns out, the crowd was mostly bewildered when Golovin showed up in December with a placard quoting President Kennedy: “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try,” Guards ordered him to turn off his camera recording his attempt to draw attention to his cause, and then threw him out.  Here is a clip of video documenting his action.

Golovin plans another protest at the Center on July Fourth and says he hopes many others will join him. But it is far from clear that those who visit a building honoring John F. Kennedy’s life care to listen to those demanding answers about his death.

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40 responses to “JFK: The Never-Ending Wait for Answers”

  1. Karl Golovin says:

    Greetings to all at WhoWhatWhy! FYI, one year later, on December 7, 2014, much progress was made in the display of signs to inform the powerful/ influential [regarding the issues of withheld JFK assassination records, as well as 9/11(WTC-7) disclosure issues] as they entered The Kennedy Center for the 2014 Honors. Here’s a link to (and text of) a comment I posted to CBS’ story regarding the event, as was hosted by Stephen Colbert! At the end of the comment is another link to an article (and video clips) I posted at OpEdNews regarding the event. Enjoy! –

    http://fyre.it/3koczK.2 : Dear Mr. Colbert! Merry Christmas! At this time of year most often associated in the media with giving of gifts, I must share with you, the world’s preeminent satirist – whose talents I sincerely appreciate – a gift of irony more than 50 years in the making, unwrapping of which earnestly began in the context of your brilliant hosting of the 2014 Kennedy Center Honors! I’ll preface by stating that I greatly respect The Kennedy Center, its staff and all those honored during filming of the Honors on December 7th – Pearl Harbor Day! – to be aired this December 30th, 9pm on CBS. Tom Hanks is a favorite of mine and most of the world. So, to the irony: On December 7th, as you prepared to host, in THE KENNEDY CENTER, honoring of among the world’s finest performing artists – for talents that bring delight, but also great distraction to the meek and powerful alike from actively addressing important, but solvable problems that surround us in this world – outside the main entrance stood several people holding signs (for the benefit of those arriving), calling for transparency in government on both 9/11(WTC-7) and, more poignantly, records still withheld from public scrutiny after 50 years regarding the murder of President Kennedy. The irony (belaboring the point:), is that annual “honoring” of admittedly world-class artists takes place in ‘The John F. Kennedy MEMORIAL Center for the Performing Arts” while President Kennedy himself remains yet to be fully honored by truth, justice – and even mercy for those responsible – regarding his assassination of November 22, 1963. It is hoped that the holding of signs on December 7th gently embedded this irony in the thoughts of many influential politicians, corporate CEO’s, entertainers and others entering therein, that in the time ahead they may apply their influence to see that JFK is thus honored without further delay. I hope it is still possible to edit and make reference to these circumstances (as may not have been raised to your attention on the evening of December 7th – how ironic!) with airing of the Honors on CBS December 30th. FYI, here’s the related article with YouTube links of guests arriving in context at The Kennedy Center on December 7th, notably: Tom Hanks, Sen. Rand Paul, Bruce Springsteen, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, Al Green, Sen. Christopher Dodd, Linda Carter (Wonder Woman!) and Rahm Emanuel. Merry Christmas Mr. Colbert!!! http://www.opednews.com/articles/December-7-2014–A-New-by-Karl-Golovin-Assassination_CIA_CIA-Torture-Interrogations_First-Amendment-141208-266.html

  2. LJ Hardy says:

    The assassination is really not a mystery any longer. There are some fantastic books that have come out by true researchers who can walk you through the crime and the systematic cover-up that followed. The only thing we don’t have is justice and truth in press/media to stop treating us like idiots who can still be spoon fed ridiculous lies. The justice department needs to conduct an investigation and force all documents to be released by the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, and any other place the investigation leads. I say we prosecute those responsible and expose any accomplices posthumously. NO MATTER what state or local government agencies might be involved. We already know it was a coup de’ tat. All we want now is to be heard and to have our government stop continuing the LIE.

  3. StanChaz says:

    I find it interesting -and relevant- that on the very day he was assassinated, on 11-23-63, the front page of the New York Times reported that JFK was starting a WITHDRAWAL of troops from Vietnam. That very day.
    Johnson despised the Kennedys, and felt that he -with his years in the Congress- deserved the Presidency, …not the rich young upstart JFK, who stole it from him in the Democratic primaries, just when it was within his reach. His lifetime goal.
    With the faked Gulf of Tonklin incident that followed JFK’s death, it’s obvious that the military-industrial complex, with Lyndon Johnson now at it’s helm, wanted to drag us wholeheartedly into this war…. a war that was very very profitable for some, and so terrible for the rest of us.
    So who had the most to gain from disposing of JFK?
    Who profited?..politically? financially? and in terms of power and influence?
    Follow the money, follow the power and the lust for power.
    Johnson, the military & the CIA, and the industries that were to make fortunes from the war effort.
    How do you spell “coup d’ etat”?
    It can’t happen here you say?
    In America, …..our America, ….your America?
    Think again.

  4. Frontier Psychiatrist says:

    Mossad had JFK killed because he refused to give those shysters the means for nuclear armaments.

  5. Karl Golovin says:

    Facebook JFK activist Diane Antonio recently suggested that there should be simultaneous, global events to Honor JFK on the anniversary of his birthday, May 29, 2014. That is simply brilliant. So the current Facebook Event page calling for a July 4th Constitutional Assembly at the Kennedy Center, to Free the CIA/JFK Files is going to be updated to reflect a preliminary event at the Kennedy Center’s public terraces on that date. This may either preclude the need for (or intensify the importance and attendance of) any subsequent gathering, whether July 4, 2014 or perhaps coinciding with the window of time from 11/22/14 until the 2014 Kennedy Center Honors. I will be correcting various technical glitches in the first video, notably updating date-related images to highlight this now earlier, preliminary event to Honor JFK at the Kennedy Center on 5/29/14. While updating, I will make sure that creation of the JFK “Free-the-Files” poster as used for COPA’s 2013 JFK/Dallas Conference is appropriately attributed to Gene Case, who has left us the brilliant legacy of his organization: http://www.AvengingAngels.org. Having just learned of him, it is readily apparent that Gene Case was a brilliant and perceptive man:

    “At one small gathering of key JFK researchers for a weekend he asked ‘Is this just a hobby for you guys or do you want do something about it?’”

    “His slogan for Avenging Angels, Inc. was ‘It’s time for the better angels of our nature to start kicking ass!’”


  6. russbaker says:

    FYI, there was a discussion here about who owned the rights to a sign shown in the video. For now, we’ve decided to take those comments down, subject to further review.

    • Karl Golovin says:

      Mr. Moderator:

      Your taking down the entire dialogue has removed from public consideration (by the entire JFK research/records community) my responses to the one who began and continues throwing stones, now via the exclusive venue of his own website. It is interesting to reflect on the process that has occurred and what it has accomplished. Your website served to introduce the “issues,” to which Mr. Gunter provided his personal invitation, inviting my responses, which I was pleased to provide. Statements, facts and circumstances that I explained are now only vaguely and incompletely alluded to on the other website. Only enough to bias readers, for example calling into question whether I have “standing in the community” to have so dared “doing something” not harmonized by prior approval with the agendas of others. Seriously? Your taking down the full, already developed dialogue that was public here on your site seems to have primarily, even exclusively served the one continuing to make accusations. So is there evidence in this process of the long rumored “controlled opposition” at work in the JFK assassination/records community? Fascinating!

  7. Darkbird18 says:

    Iron Mountian Report

  8. Maggie18 says:

    Karl should contact a Jim Rothstein who lives in MN. There are a couple off YouTube videos with him being interviewed.

  9. Anita Thompson Monroe says:

    Why should anyone with a placard quoting President Kennedy be thrown out of the the Kennedy Center? There is a large community of people who think that that those records should be released and he was bravely speaking for all of us.

  10. Guest says:

    “As it turns out, the crowd was mostly bewildered when Golovin showed up in December with a placard quoting President Kennedy: “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try,” Guards ordered him to turn off his camera recording his attempt to draw attention to his cause, and then threw him out. Here is a clip of video documenting his action.”

    Mr. Scholl,

    I am fascinated by your persistent hammering of the words”his/him” in a single sentence. Usually journalists avoid using the same term multiple times in the same sentence. As written, the word choices seem directed to marginalizing, as with “The crowd was mostly bewildered,” when “Golovin showed up.” Showing up was a non-event. Being compelled to leave, under threat of arrest for simply standing with a sign in a public space, was bewildering in several respects. Up to that last paragraph, nothing really jumped out as unusual in your framing of the event.

  11. Guest says:

    Mr. Scholl,

    The comment section of your article is being used to publish defamatory comments. I suggest you redact, or have them redacted. Promptly. Thank you.

  12. Karl Golovin says:

    Mr. Scholl,

    Please note that videographer Bill Dumas and I weren’t “thrown out” per se. The video’s narration explains: “Threatened with arrest, seizure of the sign and camera if we didn’t leave, take down the sign, or move where it could not be seen, Karl walked back to the parking garage as we came in, through the Hall of States. But the message was held high and noticed, perhaps more than had he remained standing outside the front door.”

    Peacefully standing in a public space – in this case outside the Kennedy Center’s main entrance – holding a sign to communicate an important political message, is the exercise of a right provided under the Constitution’s First Amendment. To exercise one’s right to so communicate isn’t protesting or being disobedient. On the contrary, to do so is an important and necessary form of “Civil Obedience” Please consider a quote from JFK’s April, 1961 speech regarding secrecy and the media: “Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed—and no republic can survive. That is why the Athenian law-maker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy.”

    For those asserting authority to discourage or prohibit the exercise of First Amendment rights – that is what is uncivil, not the conduct of those attempting to exercise their rights under the U.S. Constitution.

  13. Chandler says:

    They won’t release any more papers due to the 5th amendment. They cannot incriminate themselves. Oswald shot no one on that day, or any other day. Sorry to ruin the Warren Commission report parade but the people responsible for JFK’s death are still around, and some in power. Carrying this guilt with him is one reason why LBJ went down so fast in the end, doing things that did not make sense and talking out of his head requiring psychiatric treatment. He became a hermit, confined himself to his ranch. He obtained his childhood obsession but the manner in how he got there eventually ate him up. He died a lonely man. Since all they would have to do to prove Oswald is guilty, and the Warren Commission accurate is to release the papers, one must ask why won’t they do it?

    • BB says:

      They must be closely guarded because killing JFK was only the first great event in a long string of atrocities that have brought us to today. Those documents might show long-range intents to commit murders and false flag events. The NWO scheme is coldly vicious. They don’t want to compromise it.

    • SRVES339 says:

      Good points on LBJs later years… some researchers have reported TPTB were so concerned about his mental state (that he’d talk) they had a psychiatrist with him 24/7, and kept him well sedated (the “hermit” stories) to the very end (and most realize his passing would have been helped along if he so much as appeared to be getting out of control)!

      And while on the rant… RFKs son and daughter made public statements condemning the Warren Commission recently (also indicated that inside the family the truth was known), and not a single word in the media on what should be front page news everywhere!

      Letters and emails to key media would be a good start on the road to righting this wrong!

  14. Gaynor Kaiser says:

    I recommend the book: “Killing JFK: 50 Years, 50 Lies”… not only exposes the conspiracy, but also challenges the media cover-up. Google JFK50Lies

  15. Jack Joseph says:

    There’s your problem : Poppy ain’t dead yet.

  16. John Judge says:

    I suppose imitation is a form of flattery, but theft of intellectual
    property without asking permission seems more serious to me. While I
    fully support free speech rights and any form of public demonstration
    calling for release of records, Karl Golovin shamelessly reproduced the
    official poster of the Coalition on Political Assassinations poster
    which was designed specifically for our 50th anniversary conference by
    the late JFK assassination researcher and advertising expert Gene Case,
    used with specific and exclusive permission of his widow. This poster
    includes the image of Kennedy on the 50 cents piece with a bullet hole
    and blood added on and the text “50 Years is Enough: Free the Files,
    Find the Truth”, also the theme of our conference in Dallas last
    November. Golovin’s hand held sign displays the logo and artwork with no
    mention of COPA that I can see in the video. I would ask him in the
    future to do his own artwork or at least ask permission before copying
    that of others. It may seem a small matter but in my view it dishonors
    the work of COPA and also the memory of Gene Case.

  17. John Judge says:

    I suppose imitation is a form of flattery, but theft of intellectual property without asking permission seems more serious to me. While I fully support free speech rights and any form of public demonstration calling for release of records, Karl Golovin shamelessly reproduced the official poster of the Coalition on Political Assassinations poster which was designed specifically for our 50th anniversary conference by the late JFK assassination researcher and advertising expert Gene Case, used with specific and exclusive permission of his widow. This poster includes the image of Kennedy on the 50 cents piece with a bullet hole and blood added on and the text “50 Years is Enough: Free the Files, Find the Truth”, also the theme of our conference in Dallas last November. Golovin’s hand held sign displays the logo and artwork with no mention of COPA that I can see in the video. I would ask him in the future to do his own artwork or at least ask permission before copying that of others. It may seem a small matter but in my view it dishonors the work of COPA and also the memory of Gene Case.

    • Frontier Psychiatrist says:

      Really, that’s quite petty.

    • Guest says:

      Thank you.

    • JimGlover says:

      The movement has a tradition of Fair use. spontaneous acts do not require the time it takes for written permission from someone who may not even know if he has the authority or to check out the letter.

    • John Judge says:

      What movement? The one toward incivility and illegal appropriation? Artists have rights and Gene Case was one in many ways. It is not pettiness to ask for simple courtesy. The whole world does not belong to “the movement”. COPA as an organization is also much more of a movement in reality than one individual or a handful who assign themselves as spokespeople for an issue. COPA and its predecessor the Committee for an Open Archives which Bill Kelly and I founded in the 1980s have worked for release of files and identified those still locked up for decades now. Why wouldn’t the person approach us first? There is free speech and there is opportunism.

    • JimGlover says:

      John, There could be many reasons why he wouldn’t approach you first… perhaps he didn’t have time to find you or just didn’t think you would object. So if he wrote you or tried to get a hold of you and got in touch before hand if there was time, would you say no?

      I consider our search for truth a movement and you are part of it and I never thought of it as a movement of ownership and copyrights for asking permission to use a sign which defines the movement. Millions of people use signs because they are in the spirit of the movement like “War Is not the answer”.

      What harm was done to you?

    • John Judge says:

      The harm was not to me personally. The harm in my view was to the wishes of Gene Case who designed the poster, his widow who gave special permission for its use, as well as the artist who was approached and agreed. Had he identified the source of the poster it would have helped. There is such a thing as intellectual property and such a thing as courtesy. It seems neither you nor he would go out of your way to respect them, but that’s your choice. Just expect you might be called out on it at times. End of discussion.

    • Guest says:

      John, I have harmed no one. Please redact any such inference. The issue can be found here in your preferring that I would have used the image with attribution, when to have attributed use to something provided as freely available for use may then have been construed to imply an endorsement of strategy and tactics that involved some risk and, had they not worked out well, with which you/ COPA would’t have wanted any credit or association. I hope you can see that.

    • Guest says:

      Thank you for your comments, Mr. Glover.

    • News Nag says:

      Guys, your pissing contest is unbecoming, and, worse, not even funny. Golovin, at this point just find another image to use because people do deserve copyright and other intellectual property protections, and the damned theater was not burning down around you to justify an ungranted expropriation of someone else’s property. On the other hand, of course, fair use is fair use (only YOU know if it was truly fair use, Golovin; be honest), and I commend what you did, how you did it, and the art you chose to do it with. Judge, is there a subliminable unannounced objection you have here? If anything, Golovin’s use of the art would increase its value and prominence by exposure, and if you’re worrying about Golovin making it part of an embarrassing public spectacle, then I think a fainting couch could be recommended for someone’s delicate sensibilities. Yet if you are solely trying to help protect the fruit of someone’s creative work, more power to you. Still though, Judge, fair use-fair use-fair use. There are undoubtedly much more important things for you fellas to be focused on. I suggest that you find middle ground and collaborate, since you two are producing enough heat to power several actions of some kind.

    • JimGlover says:

      News Nag, could you run for president? I just found a general who knows General Michael Dugan, the one Phil Ochs said he was workin with in 74.

      Dugan’s former workers at the foundation he was president of didn’t even know where he went. I am planning on asking the general if I can get his story about his whistle blowing on Poppy Bush and more. Maybe John Judge and some of you all have a suggestion.

      Wish me Luck,

      The Real Jim

    • BB says:

      You’ll need some luck.

    • JimGlover says:

      I’m in no Rush so time is on my side or I hope I am on time’s side.

      I just found this… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnLqASgChZE

    • BB says:

      Neil Cavuto? He’s right of the Koch bros.
      Notice how he steered this guy to unwillingly implicate Oswald.

    • JimGlover says:

      He tried to steer him but he ended up saying he is not convinced Oswald shot anyone. He has always maintained the package was too small and short to be even a broken down rifle ever since Mark Lane’s first book.

      As far as being on the right, those who knew the truth were many CIA like Howard Hunt, some FBI and Mob guys, Hollywood Johnny Roselli, Trafficante, Giancana, Marcello and even Nixon knew… he called it the “Bay of Pigs thing”.

    • Karl Golovin says:


      If an image is displayed and made available to download and save in poster-quality resolution as a .pdf with only a single “click” – and no stated, restrictive caveat on doing so (or embedded description implying limitation of it’s use (or attribution of the image’s source), doesn’t that amount to offering the image for unrestricted, “fair” use? I believe you are an advocate that downloading an image thus made available and using it in a manner fully consistent with it’s “reason d’être” is NOT “expropriation of someone else’s property.” That spin would apply if, for example, the image had been cut/pasted from a poster defining it as solely purposed to promote a specific event; or if (as now offered, still for free download, but with the COPA web address pre-embedded), source information was redacted and remaining aspects of the image used for different purposes. But as you’ve suggested, the powerful image created by Mr. Case is iconic of the movement to free the JFK assassination records. It seems most important that it continue to circulate towards accomplishing that objective, yet that its origin always be traceable very directly to the vision of its creator, Mr. Case, and his legacy, evident in the ongoing work of his organization, http://www.avengingangels.org .

      PS: Nag, what’s your real last name:)? Also, please note that, in a sense “the damn theatre – WAS – burning down” from 11/22/13 through and including 12/8/13 (Kennedy Center Honors night); a window of time and location that, if not then “seized” in furtherance of the records issue, would have been lost for eternity. Doing so was indeed “shameless,” a real privilege; there was no “expropriation of someone else’s property.”

    • Guest says:


      Please redact your allegations of illegality, impropriety and “opportunism.” Your remarks are defamatory.

    • Karl Golovin says:


      FYI, I realize you may have been out of Facebook recently (I long avoided it, only began to re-learn since Wecht Conf. in Pittsburgh, October 2013).

      You have pending a “friend” request I sent to your personal Facebook account 1/10/14 (six days after launch of the video, which had been a non-stop effort to produce between 12/8/13 and 1/4/14)

      On 1/11/14 at 5:09 p.m., I posted this to COPA’s Facebook page: “Hi! Please consider this video invitation linked via http://www.HonorJFK.com to a July 4th, 2014 Constitutional Assembly, calling for immediate release of all still withheld CIA/JFK assassination-related records, link http://www.JFKvigil.net points to the Facebook Event. Please join in, share these links and thus help the idea/ event go viral:). Thank you!”

      On 1/21/14 (three days before this article, on which we’re commenting), I sent the following message directly to your Facebook personal account:

      “John, Hi! We spoke at the Wecht Conf. in October about making the Kennedy Center’s public terraces a focal point for a Constitutional Assembly/Vigil to call for release of the records. Please be so kind as to view the attached video, “Your Invitation to Honor JFK” and share your thoughts, good bad or otherwise…It would be wonderful to launch viral interest and participation: To Free the CIA/JFK Files http://tinyurl.com/q4kjf5r Commit http://tinyurl.com/k8mn8vs Share Your Invitation http://tinyurl.com/nuombka

      I only learned of this article and your comments 1/30/14 @9:29 p.m upon being messaged by Randy Gunter after accepting his invitation to join Facebook group “The Kennedy Assassinations”.

      I look forward to improving our communications and working together for immediate records release, the goal that should unite rather than divide this entire community. Please email me directly at either: karlgolovin@gmail.com, or jfkvigil@gmail.com. Or call, (305)531-8381. Thank you!

    • Karl Golovin says:

      Hi John,

      My apologies for any offense taken, as my interpretation from open availability for download of the poster from COPA’s website was it’s free availability to spread word of the JFK records issue and COPA’s conference.

      You’ll recall that I did specifically approach you, in fact all recognized speakers/ leaders at the Wecht conference in Pittsburgh during October 2013, seeking support for a gathering on 11/22/13 in furtherance of records release, on the public plaza/terraces of the Kennedy Center. Most everyone was simply and understandably dismissive. Only Jerry Policoff openly spoke in favor of the concept. I felt such a clear vision for an event at that time and location that it would have been negligent to not proceed independently. I have been blessed in the exploration of uncharted territory, benefiting the objective of causing release of ALL the JFK records NOW, not at some vague, even unlikely date in the future.

      I had no idea how things were going to work out on 11/22/13, in the days that followed, or on 12/8/13. The TV coverage by local Washington, D.C.’s NBC/WRC-TV on 11/22 was very encouraging. The events of 12/8 at the Kennedy Center Honors I believe will ultimately prove even more beneficial than had undisturbed display of the sign been allowed at the main entrance. I hope you will agree the poster image has been put to good use, at some degree of personal risk, towards the purpose of raising awareness of the CIA/JFK records issue. In retrospect, had things gone badly on 11/22/13 or 12/8/13, it seems likely that prior placement of a “COPA” link on the poster would have yielded criticism that I was asserting the association’s prior endorsement of my “outside the box” approach to raising awareness of and rallying support to finally solve the records issue.

      In the days leading up to 11/22/13 at the Kennedy Center, I did indeed post an article at OpEdNews in which I attributed the poster/image to COPA. I hadn’t found any reference on the poster or links to it at the COPA website to Mr. Case, apparently its designer, who indeed created an amazingly powerful combination of images and words in that poster. It never crossed my mind to mar the simple elegance of that sign by altering the image through addition of a logo, or attaching on it’s perimeter a link to COPA’s website for my activities that, had they ended badly, would have been “plausibly denied” any degree of prior blessing by COPA.

      I believe I have used the poster only in a manner respectful of it’s designer, also of John Kennedy and in the best interests of all seeking to obtain release of the CIA/JFK records. Moving forward, I believe I have actually provided a significant service to you and COPA by effectively advertising and promoting the poster and JFK records issue. The poster’s image is even now continuing to be viewed on YouTube in a video that cost a not insignificant amount in travel/lodging and the very professional videography/ editing/ production services of Bill Dumas, http://www.BillDumas.com.

      I hope COPA will perhaps seize the opportunity to advertise, even sell and mail out the posters for a small amount to those who want them, to fundraise for COPA’s benefit, as circumstances seem to have created a potentially ongoing, even growing market for them. I hope you and Mr. Case would like the idea of 1,000,000 people buying or printing the posters in the months to come, then holding those signs at the Kennedy Center on 7/4/14 – truly is an opportunity that can be made best use of by planning forward right now! Imagine the power of that image – and the flip side, JFK’s encouragement that “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try” – replicated a million times over, highly visible in the media; of the beneficial effect this could have towards actually accomplishing timely release of the JFK records! I hope COPA will pursue this possibility of actively marketing/distributing copies of the poster, to the benefit of your organization and the JFK records release issue in general

      I should note that the quote attributed to JFK on the sign’s reverse side, “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try,” came directly from a refrigerator magnet I purchased at the Kennedy Center’s gift shop. As circumstances unfold, I expect the Kennedy Center’s gift shop not to stop carrying them, but actually to do a booming business in selling the magnets – and that most empowering quotation! It is indeed illustrative of how individuals can beneficially act on ideas and ambitions with which they have been gifted, not out of disrespect, but still without prior approval from anyone or everyone else, even recognized experts or, God forbid, “committees.” Imagine how many people’s ambitions have been imprisoned by such perceived, yet largely undefined or even non-existent, procedural illusions in many walks of life? True is the saying that it is sometimes easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission (much less figure out exactly what to ask, or from whom, if anyone, imagining that “permission” might even be obtained)! And permission denied, whether out of unreasoned fear or even lack of clearly understanding a risk/reward opportunity at stake? Such can simply be the death of even the most noble ambitions.

      John, God bless you for all you and COPA have done in heightening ongoing awareness of political assassinations, especially JFK’s. I hope the entire records/research community will now enthusiastically march on to “Berlin,” as it were – and delight in the victory of together accomplishing release of ALL the JFK assassination records, even on or before July 4th, 2014.

      Towards that end, I hope that you and all of the JFK records/research community will actively spread word of the video and its invitation, currently linked via domain name http://www.MadAsHell.net (as conveys an appropriate impatience at the records still being secret after 50 years:) and the course of action offering the most viable solution: peacefully and constitutionally assembling, in numbers that cannot be ignored, petitioning by our presence for this redress of grievances: immediate release of the JFK records. Such a prospect should not be construed as “protesting” or disobedience, but highly Civil OBEDIENCE, a right under the First Amendment, the acceptable means provided in the U.S. Constitution for holding our government accountable on this most important issue. Please commit to being there and actively encourage others to do so, by joining in the Facebook Event linked via http://www.HonorJFK.com.

      Thank you!

    • John Judge says:

      I can’t see any indication that your use of the poster at the event was meant to spread any word about COPA or the conference, though perhaps your OpEd piece does. In any case please refrain and desist from using the poster in the future. We would all like to see the files immediately released and we pressed that point for the 50th with NARA and the Declassification Board since they expedited other releases based on 50-year anniversaries of other events. The JFK Records Act calls for a full release in 2017 of records they postponed, but there have been public comments from CIA and Archive officials that contradict that. Congressional oversight hearings could clarify and correct some of this. Courts have not been helpful so far. I have no problem with public actions and campaigns for release of records since I have been part of many over the years and most recently in Dallas on November 22 on the Grassy Knoll. The majority of the public want our history back and support full release. Public response to the film JFK and its notice that files were still locked up led to the Records Act being passed. I am also working on a similar bill, a Martin Luther King Records Act to free the files on his life and death which are locked away until 2028 currently. In the future I suggest you not take such a cavalier attitude on the issue of your right to appropriate and copy anything you see on the web or elsewhere without the simple courtesy of asking first. You did meet me in Pittsburgh and you knew about COPA, so if you found the website you could have found me.

    • Karl Golovin says:


      I stood up during the Q&A following your session at the Wecht Conference, also approached you individually, to discuss the merit of gathering in large numbers, in a Constitutional manner, on 11/22/13, on the public terraces of the Kennedy Center, in furtherance of the records release issue. You dismissed the concept.

      The poster as you now have displayed and freely available for download from COPA’s website, modified by attribution to your domain name (note: please check capitalization, believe there is an error) – Are people who download that supposed to thereafter still ask COPA’s permission for any/every use of the poster, or can they make “fair use” of it? For example, displaying it as they think may best prompt release of the JFK records (not something inappropriate, like printing and reselling copies of the poster)? Or are there unadvertised pre-conditions on people’s downloading of the poster as currently displayed? Do you want people to feel free to make reasonable, independently directed and beneficial use of this tremendous artwork? Or if you wish to constrain it’s use, perhaps you could create a “conditions” box people would have to check before downloading. Or perhaps you could just make it non-downloadable, if you are concerned it is going to be mis-used in some way.

      Also, as you may have read in my letter to President Obama (cc: to Kennedy Center’s president Kaiser and D.C. Mayor Gray), I spoke highly of COPA, as among a handful of the most respected JFK Assassination/ research entities: http://tinyurl.com/l8t9wfq

      I hope that you individually, and COPA, are supportive of the strategy to employ the Constitutional solution of assembling and petitioning on or perhaps before July 4th, 2014, for this redress of grievances: Immediate release of all remaining, sealed records.

    • Guest says:


      Please be so kind as to edit your defamatory comments. I have acted honorably to the end of prompting release of the records, making fair use of an image that even now you are making available (with the new addition of a somewhat distracting and unsightly domain link) for those inclined to freely download without restrictive caveat from your website and employ to the limits of their own initiatives. To suggest mal-intent respecting my use of the image as available now or in the past, or that my conduct “dishonors the work of COPA and also the memory of Gene Case” is offensive. Thank you for removing those comments.

  18. sunny miller says:

    Even most critics of the Warren Report dismiss claims that Oswald appears in the doorway of the Altgens photo, but what most people don’t know is that no less than six witnesses + Oswald himself place him on the first floor/out front just before the motorcade arrived. [he then went up to the second floor luncheon and bought a coke, where he was found by a policeman 1 1/2 minutes after the shooting. much more plausible than LHO’s supposed mad dash from the 6th floor snipers lair] The shirt of ‘Doorman’ closely matches the shirt Oswald was arrested in that day, but in no way matches the shirt Billy Lovelady, the officially claimed Doorman, was wearing that day.

  19. Winston Smith says:

    But Obama said his would be the most transparent administration in history. We can trust him! Oh look, I just saw a pig flying past my window…

  20. Robert_Morrow says:

    If you want to get quickly “up to speed” on the JFK assassination, here is what to read:

    1) LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination
    by Phillip Nelson

    2) The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ by Roger

    3) JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why
    it Matters by James Douglass

    4) Brothers: the Hidden History of the Kennedy
    Years by David Talbot

    5) The Dark Side of Camelot by
    Seymour Hersh

    6) Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty by
    Russ Baker

    7) Power
    Beyond Reason: The Mental Collapse of Lyndon Johnson by Jablow Hershman

    8) Operation Cyanide: Why the Bombing of the
    USS Liberty Nearly Caused World War III by Peter Hounam (LBJ engineered the
    attack on the USS Liberty)

    9) Inside
    the Assassinations Records Review Board Volume 5,
    by Doug Horne

    10) Watch
    “The Men Who Killed Kennedy – the Guilty Men – episode 9” at YouTube

    best video
    ever on the JFK assassination; covers well Lyndon Johnson’s role

    11) Google
    the essay “LBJ-CIA Assassination of JFK” by Robert Morrow

    11) Google
    “National Security State and the Assassination of JFK by Andrew Gavin

    12) Google
    “Chip Tatum Pegasus.” Intimidation of Ross Perot 1992

    13) Google
    “Vincent Salandria False Mystery Speech.” Read every book & essay Vincent
    Salandria ever wrote.

    14) Google
    “Unanswered Questions as Obama Annoints HW Bush” by Russ Baker

    16) Google
    “Did the Bushes Help to Kill JFK” by Wim Dankbaar

    • sgtdoom says:

      Oh, puuuhlease already, give it a rest with the LBJ and Seymour Hersh nonsense.

      Yes you do cite three books on there which are outstand (James Douglass, David Talbot and Russ Baker), but save us from the other flotsam and jetsam.
      The overall on target book currently out there, which should be read along with the other three authors aforementioned, is Richard James Desocio’s Rockefellerocracy (and while I disagree with the overall motivation behind the Rockefellers ordering JFK’s murder, I agree with everything else cited by Mr. Desocio). (My opinion: The last action of FDR before his death in office was to OK the lawsuit against the 17 Wall Street banks/investment firms (United States v. Morgan et al.), alleging a criminal conspiracy going back to 1914 involving the concentrated ownership of major corporations by the banks, along with lesser charges; the last action taken by President Kennedy, before his death in office, was to throw his support behind Rep. Wright Patman’s congressional investigation into how the super-rich hid their wealth and ownership within foundations and trusts — note how both FDR and JFK both were going after the banksters/super-rich where it hurt them the most.)

    • Robert_Morrow says:

      There is more that indicts Lyndon Johnson in the JFK assassination than any other single person.

      LYNDON JOHNSON HAD A MURDEROUS ATTITUDE TOWARDS ROBERT KENNEDY – “I’ll cut his throat if it’s the last thing I do.”

      Robert Caro describes the LBJ-RFK relationship post 1960 Democratic convention, where RFK had moved heaven and earth attempting to keep LBJ off the 1960 Democratic ticket. Caro:

      John Connally, who during long days of conversation with this author was willing to answer almost any question put to him, no matter how delicate the topic, wouldn’t answer when asked what Johnson said about Robert Kennedy. When the author pressed him, he
      finally said flatly: “I am not going to tell you what he said about him.” During the months after the convention, when Johnson was closeted alone back in Texas with an old ally he would sometimes be asked about Robert
      Kennedy. He would reply with a gesture. Raising his big right hand, he would draw the side of it across the neck in a slowing,
      slitting movement. Sometimes that gesture would be his only reply; sometimes, as during a meeting with Ed Clark in Austin, he would say, as his hand moved across his neck, “I’ll cut his throat if it’s the last thing I do.” [Robert Caro, “The Passage of Power,” p. 140]

    • sgtdoom says:

      You make good points, but I would respectfully submit you don’t really understand the powers of the economic elites, and the limited powers of VP Johnson. Johnson certainly had an inkling of what occurred (and he may have known most of everything, for all we know), but he wasn’t a power base who could have pulled this off.

      Only a CIA within the CIA, which reported first to David Rockefeller prior to reporting to any government officials, including the president, and his connections to the other super-rich, would have the ability to orchestrate or order those entities involved in doing this.

      Using Stanley Milgram’s often misquoted and misunderstood “points of separation” — basically everyone involved was immediately known to Rockefeller (zero point of separation), with the only two exceptions, and they were only one point of separation away were Lee Oswald and Jack Ruby.

      American intel agencies’ counterterrorist operations consider three points of separation to be a strong indicator of probably guilt.

    • Robert Macfarlane says:

      ———Sorry, but you have the wrong Johnson. It wasn’t Lyndon, it was LadyBird who was the motivating force behind LBJ. It was her money and ambition as well as her dislike for “them damn yankees.” Ladybird would stop at nothing to put Lyndon in the Oval Office and her in the Rose Garden.

    • BB says:

      Don’r forget JFK’s Executive Order 11110 which
      nullifies the Federal Reserve, bringing the creation of credit and cash back to the Treasury and Congress, a major motive for his murder.

    • SRVES339 says:

      Very good list for the most part, but to those looking for the the simple truth of what did, and did not, happen that day Mark Lane’s epic Rush to Judgement is a must see!

      The book is a masterpiece line item demolition of the Warren Commission Report, but the 1966 video is a must see… actually it’s a rather crude series of clips of eyewitness interviews done for the book (all within two years of the assassination). These are everyday Americans, with no possible motive other than wanting to tell what they saw, and (in a guarded manner because of the climate of fear of going against the grain in the time frame) express their opinion that something was very wrong with what their government was telling them, and the world!

      If you haven’t seen this… you must!


      Finally, all the debate about who, why, and how is not productive IMO, as it simply gives ammunition to the paid de-bunkers, and provides points of disagreement for those seeking truth. Oswald was a patsy and did not assassinate President Kennedy… and an honest, independent, open, and transparent (independent government funded) investigation is the only sensible path to the truth.

    • Robert Macfarlane says:

      ———-How convenient. You have single handedly drawn attention away from the true killers of the president to the non-killers.

  21. thegoodread says:

    Lone gunman makes astoundingly accurate shots with antique Italian rifle that belongs in a museum, then gets killed in police station by mob affiliate after being interrogated for two days—without any transcript or tape of interviews.

    70-80% of Americans believe that JFK was killed by a conspiracy. The HSCA, [House Sub-Committee on Assassinations], in 1979 concluded as much—and then closed down without follow up. A simple observation of the Zapruder film shows that the Single Bullet Theory (aka Magic Bullet Theory), the tortured assumption that one bullet caused the injuries to both JFK and Governor Connally, is easily disproved. A bullet traveling at ~1600 fps did not linger in the air in a remarkably agile fashion for almost 2 seconds waiting for the governor to assume the correct position to be injured. It did not crush and mangle bones in the Govenor’s chest and wrist and then emerge in pristine condition. The Single Bullet Theory is the linchpin of the Warren Commission’s conclusions but with evidence showing that more than one bullet caused the injuries to these two men, its findings disintegrate. Even Governor Connally and his wife Nellie, sitting beside him in the limousine that sunny Dallas morning, always disagreed with the SBT. It was therefore hard to read current media comments that Oswald alone killed JFK. And it is too important an issue to let slide as the pernicious lie leaves people numbed to the truth—that our president was killed by our own. An American coup d’etat. It does not matter what sort of screw-up Oswald was if the laws of physics and common sense show that there was more to the killing of JFK than the actions of a lone gunman.

    Another book, The Memoirs of John F. Kennedy, a well researched work of fiction, comes at the subject from a more factually accurate approach. Winner of numerous literary awards, this book shows what might have happened had JFK survived the assassination attempt and gone on to win a second term—what might have occurred had his real killers and their motives been exposed. In addition, such books as Breach of Trust by Gerald McKnight, Brothers by David Talbot, Rush to Judgement by Mark Lane, JFK and the Unspeakable by James W. Douglass, and a host of others by authors and investigators that have closely analyzed the facts.

    We Americans want to believe in our government. We want to believe we act morally and follow our best angels. But there are times when we must look behind the curtain and see our dark side. Attributing the death of JFK to Lee Oswald as a lone and independent sociopath is a convenient means of avoiding the hard truths behind the assassination.

    • Fivewholedays says:

      You really believe such bilge?

    • sgtdoom says:

      Do we really believe the FOIA request back in 1976 or thereabouts from the NY Times which exposed the fact that the CIA was responsible for creating the US Secret Service badges and credentials up until 1964-65, and that according to the Warren Commission Report, individuals claiming to the US Secret Service personnel were witnessed at the Texas Schhol Book Depository that day, and in the grassy knoll area that day, and in the area of the overpass that day, with the US Secret Service officially denying they had agents in any of those areas, and while it appeared in the Report, these glaringly obvious facts were never followed up on by said Commission (as were many other obvious leads and variances, etc.)?

      And that the lifelong tax returns of Allen Dulles and John J. McCloy (with his highly questionable past and connections to I.G. Farben and the Third Reich), glaringly demonstrate that both were owned by the Rockefeller family, leading to the obvious conclusion the Warren Commission was owned by the Rockefellers?

      Why yes, we do.

    • Robert_Morrow says:

      Lyndon Johnson: close personal friend with Nelson Rockefeller. Clint Murchison: close personal friend with John J. McCloy who he went dove hunting with on his Mexican ranch in summer 1963.

    • sgtdoom says:

      Yes, you are correct, but Eisenhower had appointed Nelson Rockefeller to several positions within his administration (one from which Rockefeller severely compromised foreign aid operations such as the Ex-Im Bank and AID, to direct aid to build foreign factories and facilities US jobs could be offshored to), and I do not believe Eisenhower had anything to do with the JFK murder.

      More importantly, both McCloy and Dulles (Warren Commission) were owned by the Rockefeller family as their lifelong tax returns indicate as the majority of their earnings came from them, with the legal work of Dulles mainly emanating from Rockefeller companies and trusts, and McCloy would later, after the Warren Commission, become chairman of David Rockefeller’s Chase Bank.

    • BB says:

      If Oswald were a lone nut why didn’t he do the logical thing: join the sparse crowd on Elm St., unhampered by a barrier, with an open limo unprotected by Dallas motorcycle police and SS agents. He could have bolted from the curb about 10 feet to fire a close-up pistol shot at Kennedy exactly the way Ruby shot him.