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Better Late than Never

Roger Shuler
Jail cell with mug shot of Roger Shuler (inset) Photo credit: Bmwrider1 / Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0) and Shelby County Jail.
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Applause for The New York Times, which has finally caught up to WhoWhatWhy’s reporting on the disturbing case of Roger Shuler. The Alabama journalist and blogger sits in jail as of this writing, where he has been locked up for the last 80 days, in a case vital to anyone who cares about a free press.  You can read our original story here and hear from the man himself.

Shuler, a controversial figure for sure, blogged about allegations of a sordid affair between a powerful Republican scion and a lobbyist. A judge ordered the posts be removed from the Internet and Shuler has refused, citing free speech. He’s behind bars now for “contempt.”

The New York Times rightly points out that Shuler is the only person in the Western Hemisphere to join a list of imprisoned journalists, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. The list includes reporters held around the world, in places like China, Egypt and Iran.

Our question to The Times: He’s been in jail for 80 days. What took you so long?

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4 responses to “Better Late than Never”

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  3. Avatar Robert_Morrow says:

    Shuler’s family is desperate to get a blue chip First Amendment lawyer.

  4. Avatar sgtdoom says:

    What mainstream media? The purpose of the CorporateMedia in Amerika is to not broadcast the stories; given the story of how CNN fired a young reporter because she actually wanted to report what was really going on in Bahrain, CNN will keep reminding us of Dennis Rodman’s trips to North Korea, as if most of us really give a rat’s ass!

    What’s the background story on Chris Christie?

    That he was a lobbyist for the securities industry (specifically for a Madoff company, but that’s almost besides the point) and was successfully in working to exclude securities fraud from the New Jersey Corrupt Practises Act, which other state lobbyists, in other states, did similarly, while the US Congress, within the House of Representatives, unanimously passed the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act, essentially granting legal immunity to derivatives dealers, brokers, attorneys and accountants for securities fraud.

    Ain’t life grand? And does any sane American actually believe they will ever garner a shred of truth from watching or listening to Foxtard, CNN, CBS, ABC, MNBC, NPR, PBS, etc., etc., etc.?