Nominations Wanted: The Top Untold Stories of 2013

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Just about every news operation in America does some version of a year-end Top Stories list.

They’re generally predictable: the latest mass shooting, a momentous election, a deadly storm, a financial scandal, maybe a celebrity crackup or two.

For the first time this year, WhoWhatWhy is planning its own list—with a twist. We’re compiling the Top Untold Stories of 2013, highlighting the subjects and ideas condemned to the shadows of public discourse because the major media ignore them, whether willfully or out of ignorance.

Our list will feature not just stories the establishment media ignored, but also those it misreported. (Yes, the choices are abundant.)

We want to know what you think. We’ll meld the ideas of WhoWhatWhy staff members with those of our readers and publish the Top Untold Stories of 2013 during Christmas week.

You can add your ideas to the comments section below, or you can send them by email to Please limit your nominations to three or so, and feel free to add a few words explaining your choices, including, where available, links to documentation. We’ll close nominations on Dec. 15.

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24 responses to “Nominations Wanted: The Top Untold Stories of 2013”

  1. againstcorporaterule says:

    What about the pedophilia holocaust? It’s the most under-reported story of any year:

    Since 2006, technology (and the NSA?) has enabled law enforcement to pinpoint exactly where all the pedophiles are located and they could easily arrest and convict them all but, due to govt refusal to provide basic funding, they can barely get to 1% of the cases (average nationwide backlogs are 9 to 112 months). Because of this and collusion from all levels of government (police, judges, politicians, lawyers, doctors etc), the multi-billion dollar pedophilia industry currently has a yearly growth rate of 150%:

    However, there is a movement to demand all 50 state governors to declare a state of emergency on the pedophilia holocaust, thereby over-riding govt refusal to provide basic funding, and we could eradicate the entire pedophilia community once and for all: (more info: )

    By forcing this state of emergency against the entire pedophilia community, humanity will effectively remove the 1% from power. Why not? What are we waiting for? Let’s see who will be the first state to get their governor to do the right thing here.

    Plenty more links in this 2-part article:

  2. soularddave says:

    We need details on the TPP debacle that’s brewing.

  3. F. G. Sanford says:

    I’m glad nobody is asking about Area 51 and UFOs. But just what could possibly be so scary about the Bay of Pigs fiasco that they won’t release the last volume of the report? Could it be that it would reveal who is really in charge?

  4. Moral Nomad says:

    Very underreported story on how NSA, with its massive ability, gives illegal tips to DEA (and allegedly IRS) agents. DEA instructed to lie in court as to origin of information. To me, this is the smoking gun that proves there IS a domestic spying apparatus at work. Six senators have pushed Eric Holder on this.

  5. floop says:

    Barnaby Jack’s cause of death.

  6. Mark says:

    The black ops hit on Philip Marshal, author of “False Flag 9/11”

  7. Mark says:

    The large, well funded and ongoing media operation to insure that the truth about the Coup of ’63 did not break through during the 50 anniversary news cycle. And who is running and funding this operation today.

  8. jcbrook says:

    The Boston Bombings. The official story stinks to high heaven. Based on the lies that were told about the “perimeter,” and the law enforcement that was hanging out in the garage across the street from the boat, according to the friend of someone who lived in that house, I think they knew where the younger brother was and they were guading the site all day until their experiment with martial law was over. There is no real evidence that the Tsarnaev brothers killed the bright, young, honest MIT cop who was an IT and computer wiz. Parts of “Danny’s” story were ludicrous. There was an utterly bizarre interview on NPR with one of the Beth Israel doctors. I could go on and on and on…

  9. joelcollett says:

    One more..Why is it not a HUGELY MASSIVE deal that we had plans on the table to overthrow 7 sovereign nations less than a month after 9/11?!? But more importantly..oil..why those..oil…7 nations..oil…?!?

  10. joelcollett says:

    I’ve got a couple of doozies, guys!!…and I’m a HUGE fan!! Keep it up!!!!!!

    1) Why have so many Guantanamo detainees been CLEARED for release but have still languished there for years?!? YEARS!!! How torturous would that be?!?..Take a sec to REALLY think about it…

    2)How in the world did we get away with not calling what happened in Egypt a coup?!? WTF?!? We all know the why ( ugh…), but seriously?!?

    3a)How much have banks grown since TBTF?!?
    3b)What’s up with Obama’s Goldman cabinet?!?

    4)TPP…TPP…TPP…TPP…Right in front of our eyes, as long as we have NSA spying capabilities!!! OOOOOOOOOO!!! Sick burn!!

    5)Exactly how much birth-defect-cancer-deformality-causing weapons waste did we leave in Iraq and why in THE HELL are we using stuff like that to begin with?!? There weren’t WMDs there when we arrived, but look what we left!!!! Disgusting…

    Thanks guys….

  11. MRando250 says:

    Great idea. The funny thing is that most of the items that come to mind are things I have read about here. A few of the most important IMO are:
    1) Ibraghim Todashev assassination by FBI in connection with Boston Bombings
    2) irregularities in Tsarnaev trial and defense’s access to evidence
    3) officer Collier murder/ car hijacking
    4) Boston bomber’s connection to CIA and possible attendance at Jonestown Foundation events in Chechnya. Famous Uncle Ruslan (from television interviews) was former son-in-law to top CIA agent in the area.
    5) how these kids got here, why they were under FBI surveillance, how they were financed, how they were not deported long, long ago
    6) The volumes of evidence that it was much more likely that rebels used sarin rather than Assad
    7) how this supposed Syrian threat, the next Hitler, completely fell out of the news cycle. You almost never hear about it/ him….must not have been that important in the first place….

  12. Tony says:

    Hi Russ,
    Thanks for all your great work over the years, I first heard
    you on Flashpoints many years ago and I continue to follow your work.

    Here are my 3 under reported stories this year:

    The 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s proclamation on the day of
    Thanksgiving and the arrival of the Russian fleet during the Civil War
    to defend against the British and French. Most historians are unaware of
    this fact.

    revelation that Jeremy Schahill is a left-gate keeper and war monger.
    Given his pathetic response to Mother Mary Angnes plans to attend the
    recent STW conference in London. He really showed his true colors with
    this act if his film Dirty Wars didn’t do it. He was even afraid to go
    on with Max Keiser to discuss
    his film.

    Project Censored media censorship and bias. Their recent attack on Alex
    Jones leaves us with questions about their intentions and ability to
    remain objective.

    Thanks. I can give you a few more if you need them.


  13. Orangutan. says:

    I always say the top three stories that go uncovered on a consistent basis are:

    1) Election Fraud
    2) False Flag Terrorism
    3) Private control of our currency

    These seem like the root problems that need the most attention.

  14. Semanticleo says:

    IAEA and their overt support for TEPCO with UN complicity. Their Mission Statement requires them to support nuclear energy, and it is a conflict of interest for their UN charter. Will any State figure call out the world’s leading denialists?

  15. sam says:

    the several (see Nature et seq) scientific proofs that deliberately spiking food and food-like materials with sugar is now proved to cause obesity, diabetes, and cancer. yeah, I know, duh! But it’s proved and several the subtle bio-chemistry mechanisms are now understood – that’s not folklore, it’s fact, science.

  16. Rob Levine says:

    Psychiatry’s admission that there is no chemical imbalance in the brains of depressed people – and that psychiatric drugs actually cause a brain chemical imbalance.

  17. GeoH says:

    The ruling class is attempting to ruin the California community colleges. They destroyed Compton college as a sort of “proof of concept, ” and now they are well on their way to destroying San Francisco City College, the biggest community college in the country. This is all happening with the acquiescence of the Democratic party at its apparatchiks in the form of Diane Feinstein, Pelosi, Mayor Lee and the clueless Gov. Brown. So far, the only people to report on it are the tools of the ruling class.