BREAKING NEWS: List of Withheld JFK Assassination Documents

Here It Is — a Map to What We Can Still Learn

President John F. Kennedy prepares to deliver remarks  Photo credit:  John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum / White House
President John F. Kennedy prepares to deliver remarks  Photo credit:  John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum / White House

Exciting news: WhoWhatWhy has obtained the complete list of 3,603 secret documents on the Kennedy assassination still being held by the US government. (Or, to be precise, what it admits to still holding.)

Now we can at least get a peek at what they have been hiding.

The list was obtained in a Freedom of Information Act request by FOIA specialist Michael Ravnitzky, who alerted us.

The complete list is below. You’ll note that some documents are briefly characterized by subject, while others are less clearly identified.

The government has promised to release as many documents as possible in October, 2017, the 25th anniversary of the JFK Records Act, in which Congress mandated that all efforts be made to release everything in Washington’s possession unless an overriding case can be made for withholding in the national interest.

Some — perhaps most — of these documents could be released at that time. Then again, they may be further withheld. The CIA in particular is likely to argue that some are just too sensitive to be made public.

Still, knowing their subject matter makes it easier to press for disclosure, and to hold the government accountable by insisting it justify any continued withholdings.

Those who wish to look at the list should be forewarned that it’s a bit like looking at hieroglyphics. Most of the names and brief references will mean something only to a very few.

Among the documents that caught our eye:

•  Lee Harvey Oswald’s CIA “201 File.” 201 files contain personality assessments

•  Records on David Morales, David Atlee Phillips, E. Howard Hunt, William King Harvey and others considered by top researchers prime suspects for participation in the planning and implementation of Kennedy’s murder.

•  Documents on New Orleans oddball David Ferrie, District Attorney Jim Garrison, Jackie Kennedy, members of the Warren Commission staff, Jack Ruby, various anti-Castro Cubans and much much more.

•  Tax returns of Michael Paine, who with his wife Ruth provided housing and more for the Oswalds — Ruth also got Lee a job in the Texas School Book Depository — from which he purportedly shot Kennedy; Michael worked for the defense contractor Bell Helicopter.

Click here to view the full document (it’s a long one!)

Note: due to an editing error, an earlier version of this article incorrectly referenced several topics that were not found in the papers. It has been updated to remove those references.

Related front page panorama photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from David Morales (, David Atlee Phillips (Shane McBryde / YouTube), E. Howard Hunt (House Select Committee on Assassinations / Wikimedia), William King Harvey (

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  • edwardrynearson

    it feels like this subject matter is achieving “critical mass” > keep up the great work whowhatwhy!


  • Upon a 1st scan I noticed 100s of entries of LHO’s 201 file are labeled classified. No surprise of course. It is unlikely these will pass CIA resistance to release in 2017.

  • angryspittle

    Did his speech at American University seal his fate?

    • DavidMyers

      Topped it off. It was already decided but this was the icing on the cake or the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

    • archer

      Is that the one in ’62 when he mentioned the “shadow government” and “deep state”?

      • angryspittle

        It was August 63.

        • harry freeloaderII

          No, it was in June of 1963 and the powers-that-be had already decided that he should be removed from office, probably after the Missile Crisis of Oct. ’62. They realized he could not be controlled and was upsetting the apple cart of the Establishment’s “war agenda” and empire building because he promoted nationalism instead of colonialism. See his Senate speeches on Algeria and Indochina available at the JFK Library online.

          • angryspittle

            Mea culpa, I got the month wrong…….

          • Hawk620

            June 10, 1963

    • derryn johnson

      I have read it did, but I don’t think so, did he really say anything the people didn’t know anyway, you mean ” the secret society ” stuff don’t you

  • Celtiad55

    We’ll most likely get the usual blacked out papers with the claim of classified info.

    • gingercake5

      Right. They won’t want to show all the connections to people who are still alive.

    • derryn johnson

      Yes, I agree, maybe we need to look at what’s not being said, I have seen a video and I am sure David ferry was a shooter

      • oatwillie

        DF? How?

        • derryn johnson

          because i have looked at it closely and although its not a clear image theres enough to recognize him, also how and why did he did how and when he did, just after being interviewed by garrison, look at the video i havent got a link but theres not that many videos of the assassination i think its three , but on youtube theres a video that shows the gunmens locations and when you see the video it is so clear.

          • derryn johnson

            when he died sorry not did, second and third line

        • derryn johnson

          would love to you know your opinion

          • oatwillie

            I’m open. Just haven’t heard it before.

          • derryn johnson

            did you get my link? In the film JFK I remember they portrayed David Ferry as a freeked out little man and when Garrison interviewed him he was going on about protection and stuff, then he ended up dead and it just stuck in my head then last year (November) I was looking over things again and I came across that video of the shooters positions and when I saw him I new who it was straight away. Have you seen the video where they have tested it for sound and counted about ten shots going off from about six different positions, I am sure the one man who told the truth was Lee Harvey Oswold, Im not sure that that Mrs Kennedy was innocent in it either, Im not saying she had a hand in it but I believe she had knowledge of it going to happen but if she did have a part in it, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

      • mg

        Derryn, David Ferrie was in court in New Orleans with Carlos Marchello on 11-22. He then went on his suspicious trip to Houston. He also frantically tried to destroy photo evidence linking him with Oswald and he tried to find his library card that he had lent to Oswald. He was a conspirator but not a shooter.

        • derryn johnson

          As I say I have seen a video that leads me to believe other wise, I have left a link on here somewhere, you may be right, but I’m basing my thinking on what I am seeing rather than what the government tell us.

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  • tom

    …or “the last perp died last year, so now it’s all clear to release the documents”.

    • Ron Schuster

      The top perp(s) in the pyramid are still alive, and their immediate lieutenants are still alive, and the bureaucracy that reports to them and benefits from them still covers their asses, and will forever. So, not now, nor ever, will that gang willingly allow the release of documents that put their nads on the block. The millions of pages of documents that they did allow to be released do not prove guilt at the top of the pyramid, and they don’t really care if the operators down below take a fall or not.

      • gingercake5

        So true. The Bushes are involved, for example. Then there is the “true top,” the “reptiles.”

        • NativeNewYawker

          Actor Woody Harrelson’s father was one of ‘the tramps’.

          • Harrison has in another context said his father was a professional killer.

          • NativeNewYawker

            where did you see that?

      • derryn johnson

        The tops perps are still alive.. George H.W Bush yes he’s still alive , ex CIA who didn’t know where he was at the time of the shooting he said, well he couldn’t say dealey plaza could he, but he was there

        • NativeNewYawker

          Funny how Poppy Bush (#41) a known pedophile btw, didn’t know where he was on 112263, but his wife said in her book, ‘George, you were in Dallas that day”.

      • NativeNewYawker

        One is still alive…his name is Poppy Bush (GHWBush) who was in Dallas on 112263( like so many others) to witness the kill of the century.

  • Internet changes everything. I read once LBJ once told his secy they would not find anything.

    • gingercake5

      Well, they already found him smiling on the airplane, even while standing next to Jackie. Total jerk. Wait until the world finds out about this and so many other false flags/hoaxes/psy-ops.

    • NativeNewYawker

      LBJ, lol, coming from the man that had his own sister (Josefina Johnson) murdered on christmas day by LBJ’s minutemen Malcolm Wallace in texas and by law no autopsy was performed, (like JFK) and her body was cremated.

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  • steve k

    Has anyone ever wondered why the government never investigated the closest spectator to JFK as he was being shot…The dark complexioned mystery man? I believe I know this man’s identity and have informed the FBI in a manuscript and they have never responded. Please go to a copy of “The Killing of a President” by Robert Groden and check out this guy who surely seems to be up to something. He is the man with his right arm in the air as the limo passes and he is also the guy sitting on the curb with another man dubbed “Umbrella Man”. If interested in my research please click…..

    • Joseph Zach

      you refer t ‘the dark complected [sic] man’ . there’s a video on you tube showing him limping away across the inner green area, after him and ‘umbrella man’ both got up and went in separate directions. UM went towards where Zapruder allegedly filmed the murder.

    • derryn johnson

      I know the man you are talking about, would love to know you theory.

  • Sonny Wade

    Hi Tommy, I think it is necessary to look at the possibility that the conspirators had several potential patsies in place and went with whichever scenario unfolded best to fit a pre-determined narrative. Oswald was on the front steps of the TSBD when the shooting occurred and remained in the area of the second floor lunchroom when police arrived. He was the best choice to take the fall but had he chosen to miss work that day, cases for other patsies would have been ready to go. I am sure most of these individuals had some sort of affiliation with the CIA and the FBI and probably had no idea what they were being prepared for. The Oswalds had an interesting group of handlers taking an interest in them and providing help like George DeMohrenschildt.

    • Tommy Sparks

      Hi Sonny,

      It is possible that the Paines had some sort of affilation with US intelligence, but all indications are that Oswald was working at the Book Depository because a neighbor of Ruth Paine recommended it. Of course, the Paines knew DeMohrenschildt, who I believe introduced them to the Oswalds. One wonders why Michael Paine’s tax returns are still secret.

      • NativeNewYawker

        touche. They (Paines) were involved.

      • The Paines are a great mystery. We do know they had some connections to CIA.

        Mrs. Paine got Oswald his job at the Book Depository.

        Also, one of the better witnesses after the assasination saw a station wagon picking up running men in the area.

        That station wagon description very much resembled what Ruth Paine drove.

        There are other suspicious characters too, especially George de Mohrenschildt. He was an odd soldier of fortune type who spoke Russian, was definitely used at times by CIA to chart areas supposedly of oil interest.

        He went out of his way to befriend Oswald which is so odd because de Mohrenschildt was a highly cultivated man who had lived in many places and spoke several languages.

        He supposedly committed suicide, but the circumstances could just as well be explaned by his being “suicided.”

    • derryn johnson

      Well they were going to shoot JFK in Chicago weren’t they ? I could have place wrong but I have read they had other places at the ready just in case Dallas didn’t happen

      • NativeNewYawker

        Yes, Chicago was a city for the kill and so was Miami.

      • Absolutely, similar plots were uncovered in both places previously.

        Interestingly, both involved shooting him as the limo was slowed down by a curve.

        • old golfer

          And a turn that sharp was against secret service policy. Only time in our history that has happened.

  • Hawk620

    If you haven’t done so, read James Douglass, ‘JFK and the Unspeakable’, and Peter Janney, ‘Mary’s Mosaic’.

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  • beijingyankee

    Until the American people come to the bottom of the JFK coup, the government is illegitimate and rogue.

    • gingercake5

      You’re right. It was a coup. If this will be a real document dump next year, all the people who were involved in the plot (who are still alive) will be safely living in another country.

      • Jeff Grotke

        if it had been a coupe then you would have seen other leaders in that factin killed, like Robert Kennedy, or Martin Luther King, but not that never happened, right?

        • gingercake5

          They didn’t want to make it obvious. But Johnson was able to bring in many terrible progressive policies that ruined the country and that affect the US today. Kennedy was the last good Democrat. He was against a lot of cabal policies, even the CIA and the FED. They were involved in his take-down. Progressive sounds so nice, but is communist and “run” by the cabal. They planned for over 100 years the destruction of the country. They have their fingers in everything, now even Common Core and the removal of morality from society (through music and movies).


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  • Barbaracvm

    I am more interested in releasing all of the POW / MIA documents; especially the ones John McCain and John Kerry have ‘classified, top secret’ files.

    • gingercake5

      That would be good.

    • rich echo

      That would be stupendous! McCain needs to be charged with not only treason but with 134 counts of manslaughter. Yes!!, people such as this are so called running our country.

      • Barbaracvm

        134 counts of manslaughter, is this McCain’s equivalent of Clinton’s hit list?

        • rich echo

          The number would probably be close, but in the Clinton’s case scratch manslaughter and check the murder box.

          • Barbaracvm

            Often the difference between man slaughter and murder is how the case was plea bargained.

  • David

    The notion that there is some document, hidden away, that will break the Kennedy case wide open and reveal the dark underbelly of a “conspiracy” is simply foolish. If such a document DID exist – and those who carried out this assassination and cover-up are as powerful as all the conspiracy theorists seem to agree – then, wouldn’t you think they would have the power to make such an incriminating document disappear? Couldn’t they afford a paper shredder? The conspiracy mongers want us to believe that fingerprints, rifles and bullets have been planted, documents forged, photographs and films altered, testimony coerced and an autopsy that deliberately misrepresented their medical findings – yet, they also want us to believe that there is a piece of paper that slipped through the cracks and reveals everything. Simply stupid! The truth is this: Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President Kennedy. Anybody with an ounce of common sense and has done the slightest bit of responsible research into this case can see that.

    • Ramon F Herrera

      David: Go to your high school and demand a full refund.

    • derryn johnson

      Yes its comments like that which come from people in the know, same as the JFK conspiracy group on Facebook mick Doherty , they are part of the cover up

    • Sorry, David,you just do not know what you are talking about.

    • Sonny Wade

      Hi David, Most of us stupid people don’t think anything blatantly obvious will be released. It might be something innocuous like a report outlining a call from George Bush suggesting someone he knows might be responsible for the assassination. And then Bush can’t recall where he was and his wife writes a ridiculous letter to her family which serves to distance GHWB from Dallas as much as possible. Harmless documents. Hopefully, we find more harmless documents. Nothing obvious will be left.

    • Domenico

      David, it’s not what ‘conspiracy mongers’ say, but where the evidence leads us. The so-called evidence has been called into question. It cannot stand on its own. Eg. Contrary to the Warren Commission, the HSCA found that Ruby had SIGNIFICANT underworld connections. Therefore, to believe that he didn’t silence Oswald to prevent a trial or discovery of the truth, is so naive or unrealistic. I don’t think there will be a note that says “We the undersigned, hereby conspire to assassinate the treasonous John F. Kennedy”, however, there might be other sensitive information that implies or suggests that certain agents could’ve been involved in a plot to kill the President and/or frame Oswald.

      • Robert Macfarlane

        I take offense to the term “conspiracy monger.” The proper term should be “historian.” As in, “one who researches and discusses historical facts.” And as we historians have so presented, the facts uncovered and revealed to this day are not “naive or unrealistic.” We follow the evidence wherever it takes us. My personal conversations with the “grassy knoll shooter” bares this out. So has the Warren Commissions’ so called hard facts, which crumble under independent examination, i.e. magic bullet, and lone nut assassin.
        Curiosity is the byproduct of Oswald’s 201 file. Why did it take 13 months to generate his “defector” file? Because he wasn’t really a defector. In reality, Oswald was a spy on assignment.
        We historians can be a pesky lot. Asking questions that have unpleasant answers. And disputing the establishment’s (not very) independent investigation body the Warren Commission. It goes on and on.

    • Domenico

      Also want to add that, since all of those shady characters are dead, there may be nobody else around who’s interested in destroying files, so there could be smoking guns left (except perhaps GHWB, who may have removed any reference to himself as having a connection to the CIA in those earlier days – not that this means he was a co-conspirator, just a contractor or asset).

    • kentex1146

      Common sense? And we’re to believe that you have an ounce?

    • old golfer

      Most of the experts I have read say, without doubt, JFK was triangulated in a very professional hit.

      • Frank von Winkhorst

        The Chicago plot from November 2 of that year involved a 4-man hit team. Since all other details of the plot were essentially identical, one has to assume that the November 22 event also involved four men with high powered rifles (not the medium powered Mannlicher-Carcano).

    • Frank von Winkhorst

      The problem with your argument, specifically your snarky remark about affording a paper shredder, is that the folks involved, like Allen Dulles and Ed Lansdale, were no longer employed in an official capacity with the CIA. The lower level folks were presumably never directly on the CIA payroll, folks like Ruby, Tippet, and any Cubans or mob personnel. So none of these folks would have had to opportunity to use a shredder.
      As for your other suggestions, specifically those regarding any “fingerprints, rifles and bullets … planted, documents forged,
      photographs and films altered, testimony coerced and an autopsy that
      deliberately misrepresented their medical findings,” all of these contentions are supported by massive evidence gathered over 50+ years by independent researchers, most of whom made very little money from their efforts, despite your–again snarky–remark about “conspiracy mongers.” This is another false innuendo propagated by folks like you who have not bothered to look at the actual evidence available.

      • Frank von Winkhorst

        If anyone has any doubts about the degree to which the medical evidence has been jiggered, I would suggest going to Bing Video and typing in “Doug Horne.” You will find a 6-hour+ presentation by Horne based on his 5-volume book, Inside the Assassination Records Review Board. The evidence is quite damning.

    • Platopus

      …click you heels and repeat ‘there’s no place like home…there’s no place like home…’ David, please take your own advice but not with the evidence that the authorities provided, it was a hit job from the top and kept in secret, they had to cover up their doings because the American people would not stand for it had we known our own CIA / FBI were involved! Back then men were men.

  • Ramon F Herrera

    Hello folks:

    I spent a non-trivial part of last summer duplicating the National Archives database, using a technique known as “web scrapping”. I also made a clone of their web site.

    This is the official web site:

    http://www.nara .gov/cgi-bin/starfinder.exe/0?path=jfkcnew.txt&id=demo&pass=&OK=OK

    and this, the clone that I made:

    http://s18283067.onlinehome-server .com/~ramon/jfk-collection

    (Notice that it says “Not the National Archives”).

    • Ramon F Herrera

      There are 3 differences between the inferior government website and the one owned by We The People. I added the following 3 features:

      (1) The field “RIF Record Number” allows you to perform searches by Record Number.

      (2) The field “Current Status” allows you to find out how many records are being withheld in full or partially

      (3) The output of any query shows the total number of pages.

      • Ramon F Herrera

        If you go to the website:

        http://s18283067.onlinehome-server .com/~ramon/jfk-collection

        and type “POSTPONED IN FULL” in the “Current Status” field, you will find out that the actual number of documents is 9,718.

        Note: Remove the space before .com from the URL above.

        • Ramon F Herrera

          It is possible to extract the 3,603 record numbers from the crappy file obtained by FOIA. They can be matched against the 9,718 that are POSTPONED IN FULL and find the 6,115 which are not acknowledged.

          If anybody knows computer programming and is interested in this task, send me an e-mail to ramon@dealey-plaza .org

          (Remove the space from my address)

          • Ramon F Herrera

            If you want to have your personal copy of the full JFK Collection database, help yourself! It is here:

            https://goo .gl/bGHuOB

            Note: Remove the space before .gl from the above URL.

  • What possible reason could the gov have for withholding these old documents for so long except to hide some form of government malfeasance? Just sayin…

    • Ricardo Ramirez Sr.

      To protect the guilty even the few still alive and their heirs! Think Bush Family!

      • Frank von Winkhorst

        Remember, the original perpetrators may be dead, but there has been a continuing coverup and all of those folks involved in that coverup are themselves guilty of complicity after the fact. There’s also the problem that the disclosure of illegal methods used by the varying agencies involved would open up the question of whether they are still using such methods. In short, Ed Lansdale may be dead, but those who continue his work are very much alive.

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  • If, as we are asked to believe, the assassination of President Kennedy was the work of one disgruntled man, where is the issue of national security?

    -Bertrand Russell, after reading the Warren Report.

    This profound question has never been answered.

    • Domenico

      Exactly. If the assassination was by a nutty loner, why all the secrecy and why does it involve many key intelligence agents?

    • rob bozzuto

      Early on alot of top level people were saying that the Cubans were to blame but I believe that was just so everyone would take their eyes off the real culprits.

  • Broos

    In the federal government, a 201 file is A (CIA) EMPLOYEE’S personnel file!

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  • Ramon F Herrera

    The actual number of withheld documents is 3x larger than acknowledged. You can verify it by yourself, in this site:

    http://s18283067.onlinehome-server .com/~ramon/jfk-collection/

    Note for the intern in charge of erasing posts. The fact that a post contains a URL does not mean that you must remove it without even understanding its importance to the story (and history).

  • Jeff Grotke

    looking through it, I notice they still will not release documents about Nosenko. Nosenko claimed that he could provide important negative information about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, affirming that he had personally handled a review of the case of Lee Harvey Oswald, who had lived in the Soviet Union prior to the Kennedy assassination. Nosenko said that, while the KGB had conducted surveillance of Oswald, it had never tried to recruit him. (But he was just a defector, right?)

    • Domenico

      Yes. It could reveal that they thought he was a CIA agent (or fake defector), and for good reasons.

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  • Ramon F Herrera

    I have a question: If the purpose of this site is to “Speak Truth to Power”, how come you keep on removing my posts?

    I duplicated the JFK Collection Database and cloned their web site. While I claim that this is completely legal (and I am sure that ACLU will agree to defend my actions), I could get in trouble.

    What Mr. Michael Ravnitzky did is commendable, but if he doesn’t follow up and ask about the fact that 2/3 of records are missing from the FOIA response, HE IS NOT SPEAKING TRUTH TO ANYBODY.

    • Ramon F Herrera

      Let me put it this way. How is the world different before and after this FOIA was submitted and (arguably) approved? The information that Michael was looking for has been available for years in a public web site.

    • Comments editor

      The site policy does not permit publication of links to other sites from within the comments section, and we perhaps need to make this clear – to all our readers.

      • Ramon F Herrera

        Ah! You have the monopoly of the Truth yet and expect our donations.

        Have you considered relocating to Saudi Arabia?

      • Ramon F Herrera

        I hope you realize that what you are doing is equivalent to book burning.

        The main irony is that you have the gall to include the word “Truth”. You have no idea about its meaning.

  • derryn johnson

    That is meant to be one of the reasons also the Vietnam war. I think Jackie played a part in it or had knowledge

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  • PlanB

    Release the IRS filings of Oswald. Sure would be interesting.

    • Frank von Winkhorst

      This would involve violation of Oswald’s (and presumably Marina’s) privacy. IRS documents and returns are normally not available to anyone unless they represent evidence in a court case. There is good reason for this.

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  • U3O8

    I noticed speak to “truth to power” only as long as you deem it worthy of what truth you want to publish. Controlling the narrative as usual.
    I too have had legitimate truth revealing posts here removed. Your continued censorship & hypocritical dichotomy is noted yet again.
    Panem et Circenses

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  • Domenico

    You need to look at Barry Krusch’s IMPOSSIBLE: The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald. I can’t remember which of his 3 volumes covers this, but there was an important telephone call overheard by an operator between Michael and Ruth Paine which the Warren Commission covered up by changing the date to make it look ‘after-the-fact’. When the original telephone record reveals that it was an earlier call that implied advance knowledge of the Oswald’s arrest. This would suggest some sort of complicity by the Paines who had intelligence connections.

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  • Ricardo Ramirez Sr.

    A “201” file is a military personnel record, training, assignments, promotions, decorations etc not personality or psych, that would be in health records.

  • Frank von Winkhorst

    It continues to amaze me that the government can still claim that Oswald was a lone nut while keeping documents secret that, if their contention were true, would not exist. In short, why would they have 1000s of pages of documents about someone who just happened to be at the right place at the right time and be in possession of the right rifle? Other than a few documents related to his time in the Soviet Union and his activities with the Fair Play for Cuba Committee (while associating with anti-Castro Cubans and anti-Soviet Russians), there should be a real scarcity of any documents related to him.

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  • If my post is not approved by WHWHATWHY I will expose you as globalist frauds.

  • LBJ’s best friend, D Harold Byrd owned the Texas Book Depository. LBJ’s
    ex mistress said he knew about it the night before and told her it would
    be different tomorrow. LBJ is on tape as is Jack Ruby pointing to LBJ
    knowing there were “others”. These globalists who rule the USA now did

  • So, we are not allowed to mention that little nation from the middle east that was involved in JFK’s assassination and 9/11. I get it now.

  • dave rogers

    Since JFK Wanted to disband the CIA how much do you think going to be released
    Points of interest

  • Platopus

    I am glad we have persons with the energy and interest to review these files, let’s hope they miss nothing! The truth would go so far in resurrecting our nation.