Fun Last-Minute Gift Ideas from Dallas’s Sixth Floor Museum


The other day, we received an email from Dallas’s Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, reminding us about holiday gifts available from their shop. These include a DVD called “Films from the Sixth Floor” and a “triple pearl necklace” from the “Jackie Collection.”  According to the mission statement on its website:

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza chronicles the assassination and legacy of President John F. Kennedy; interprets the Dealey Plaza National Historic Landmark District and the John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza; and presents contemporary culture within the context of presidential history.

Now, we enjoy a sanitized version of history as much as anyone else, so we tried to imagine what other kinds of gifts the museum could offer, consistent with its mission. Here are some possibilities—sure to please one and all:

• “Oswald did it” T-shirts: available from Super Tiny to XXL, in over 100 different shades. Closeout.

• Copies of the most popular books supporting the Warren Commission findings—whether you prefer Vincent Bugliosi, Gerald Posner, or Professor Bill O’Reilly, we’ve got ‘em all!  With every purchase, we’ll toss in the booklet, “Why the 99 percent of books that say the opposite are just not worth your time—or ours.”

• “Serious Ho Ho Ho”: Framed poster of former CIA chief Allen Dulles as Santa Claus, with cuddly little corporate executives on his lap, telling him what they secretly wished for a month before Christmas, 1963.

•  “Cover-ups” Gift Box Edition: Give your loved ones our handy, semi-transparent “cover-ups”. Perfect for preventing fingerprints from ruining surfaces.

• “Lone nuts”—your favorite almonds, cashews, pecans and other nuts, packaged individually for the discriminating eater with a small appetite.

• “We’re High on Dallas High Society” – an 800-page look at the exciting lives and selfless charitable acts of Dallas’s most powerful families. With each order, we’ll toss in a list of our museum benefactors and supporters, and you can have fun matching names.

• “See No Evil, Hear No Evil” paperweights

•  “Coincidence Theory,” the board game. You’ll have hours of fun with your kids, rearranging facts so they seem downright silly.

•  Bumper stickers: “Who Killed JFK? Well, Who Killed JR?”

• Jar of Pickled Red Herrings. Domestically produced!

• Our 50th Anniversary pamphlet: “How to Throw a Big Event Without Embarrassing Yourself.” Closeout.

• Warm, fuzzy socks festooned with the image of our 41st president, George H.W. Bush, and the caption: “I Can’t Remember Where I was on 11/22/63 Either”

• DELUXE: Special visit to the “sniper’s nest.” Although we’ve had to cordon off access to the actual spot from which Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy—for National Security reasons—we’re making it available, for a limited time only. For just $500, you’ll get to spend a solid five minutes in Oswald’s shoes. Copies of Das Kapital and other communist literature will be on hand if you get bored. Note: this offer not open to forensic marksmanship examiners of any kind.

• Speed Game, complete with obstacles.  Get Lee Harvey Oswald from the sixth floor to the second floor lunch room where he was observed calmly drinking a soda just a couple of minutes after Kennedy was hit. Show off your skills.

• Magic Bullet Fun. See if you can make a bullet go through two different people, turn, and go back into one of them, then emerge almost in pristine shape. The entire family will enjoy this challenge.

Don’t wait—supplies limited!

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  • Tweet Afton

    Mwahahaha! Quality. Festive Greetings y’all

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  • Alex Hidell

    Darn….they must have been all sold out of the twin look-a-like Oswald dolls! They are a bunch a fun. You can even program one of the dolls to do whatever you want it to do!

    • notalent

      Alex Hidell hiding in plain sight….

  • notalent

    Also available…
    The Mannlicher-Carcano toy gun for Kids! Collect all your favorite assassins’ rifles! Now enhanced with Orange markings and Phaser sound for Safety! Still guaranteed to get off 3 rounds in less than 8.4 seconds!
    ***(magic bullets sold separately)
    *****(item only available through mail-order, see our catalog)

    • gogetem1

      It says “Mannlicher-Carcano” on one side of the gun and “Mauser” on the other! Two assassination weapons in one!

    • MareCadTITANIC

      It was NOT 8.4 seconds. It was 5.62 seconds. Check the Zapruder film.

  • RadioPatriot

    Absolutely brilliant. Passing this around to all my fellow JFK assassination Oswald doubters.

    I was in Dallas in 2012 and made it a point to visit Dealey Plaza, but under no circumstances was I interested in contributing to the price of admission to tour the TSBD Museum only to be fed a load of propaganda.

    It wasn’t difficult to see where the shooters had a clear shot from behind the picket fence.

  • Robert ANderson

    Who knows what “Sixth Floor Museum” means? Why
    “Sniper’s Nest Museum” or “Patsy’s Place Museum”?

  • Smedberg Anders

    And this is
    called a museum? America is better than that. They are doing a great job erasing
    the blackest time I US history, Congratulations Warren Commission supporter

  • russbaker

    Folks, just want you to understand this is….satire. But it does reflect some of the mindset and other limitations affecting that institution.

    • Frances_in_California

      I “lived” in Dallas for almost a year . . . That was all it took. This is the ablest of satire because each item is so close to how some – rich and powerful, the decent Texans are like you and me, we all go unheard – actually believe and let inform their actions (Gov Goodhair?). I also lived in Kentucky 7 years and they have a Creationist Museum!?!

  • MareCadTITANIC

    THIS IS SICK & EVIL—HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel10

    Great satire! I wish I had thought of this article!

  • beachhutman

    Aside from the usual: celebrates an idiot stumbling on stuff that is toxic but blunders on with some muse not a museum keeping him sane and spouting. In the spirit of this website I commandeered the website which those skilled in the art will go mental over..unless I was over mental-ed to do it to suggest it could be the end to water or some such ignoring human rights in the world of Weltanschauungskrieg Leaks. PS Will Filer + NSA _+ Psyops goes to the next level. Happy to help, just do not know who.

  • beachhutman

    predictive text not water but war….I should turn it off and then the NSA real time Will Filer mind control to get a writer to write what the NSA wants research would be obvious..if it exists at all? On the other hand I should be angry at Monarch programming and Mengele especially since I met the guy,
    (alleged) but it has answered 90% of life’s questions for me. (not ironic but ironic as well) ..Monarch programming ….”it could be the end to war”….was my maxim I seem to have adopted. Water was II assume a predictive text irritation and not part of an insidious plan to trump individual ideation with groupthink weighted towards Monarch and this bright boys and ghouls at the NSA. (two can play at that game) vindictive librarians. Seriously any consideration of monarch will collapse into allusion or humour instead of dealing with a problem Will Filer says is out of control.

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