Do Republicans Lie More Than Democrats? Here’s What’s Circulating…

Anyone who reads this site regularly knows that it is no shill for Obama or the Democrats. It is rigorously non-partisan, and regularly runs articles that must infuriate the White House. But nonpartisan is one thing. Naive is another.

We can see certain patterns. And one is that Republicans seem to lie somewhat more than Democrats, at least if we measure honesty by what is circulated by their partisans.

The reason we say this is that we’re constantly on the receiving end of various jeremiads, aimed at politicians of all stripes. Being curious (and working hard to stay open-minded), we look these things up. Sometimes we just do the easy thing: go to Snopes, a quality site that’s been around for years now, and explores and often debunks various claims circulating on the Internet. Sometimes we dig in a bit ourselves.

In most cases, when we receive an e-mail with seemingly alarming information, it is about a Democrat. And when we look into it… is hardly ever true. Just some angry sounding thing with a bunch of made- up stuff, being frantically forwarded by people who like the sentiment and don’t apply any kind of logic to see if it might be legitimate.

“Before It’s Debunked”

Here’s the latest one I have received (nothing personal against the fellow who sent it to me—a nice enough guy).

It’s from almost a year ago, but my friend just discovered it.

From a website called “Before It’s News,” and headlined “Why Barack and Michelle Obama Both Surrendered Their Law Licenses”, it asserts that:

This has been circulating and it’s most interesting:

Let’s stop already. A website calling itself “Before It’s News” either means what they have is an early scoop, or they’re just passing around rumors. When a piece begins with “This has been circulating and it’s most interesting,” you know exactly what you’re getting.

Like a case of you-know-what, lots of things circulate, and you might not want to touch them. Anyway, that’s the sum total of the website’s work, that one sentence.

Then it says,

This is from a former Chicago lawyer now practicing law in Tyler, TX.

Maybe so, but how about a name? None given.


This is legit. I checked it out myself at Stands for Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Committee. [SNIP] Even I, at the advanced age of almost 65, maintain (at the cost of approximately $600/year) my law license that I worked so hard and long to earn.

Typically, when an email says, “This is legit,” what they mean is, “We’re about to pick your pocket.”

Anyway, in this case, a website that passes around rumors is recommending something purportedly passed along by an unnamed lawyer in Illinois who is passing something along that was purportedly investigated by another unnamed lawyer (this one a Texas transplant). Here’s an excerpt that pretty well captures the core allegations:

 1. President Barack Obama, former editor of the Harvard Law Review, is no longer a “lawyer”. He surrendered his license back in 2008 in order to escape charges that he lied on his bar application.


2 Michelle Obama “voluntarily surrendered” her law license in 1993.

3. So, we have the first black President and First Lady – who don’t actually have licenses to practice law. Facts.

Taking Poetic License

Ok, what assertions do we have so far? Obama lied on his bar application, and surrendered his law license to escape charges on the matter. His wife “voluntarily surrendered” her license, too—suggesting something sinister afoot. And just in case you don’t get the subtext, they add “the first black President,” which seems to have exactly nothing to do with the “facts” of the matter, except to someone who thinks that “black” adds something. Don’t need to spell this out for you, I hope.

The Illinois lawyer, whoever that is, and whether or not it is a lawyer (though probably not—as lawyers don’t tend to send around anonymous, poorly-written missives to strangers) claims to have checked out these claims. And whoever is really behind this knows that many of us will just pass this along without actually checking it out ourselves, or even bothering to go to that link.

In fact, Snopes, which is credible and really did check this out, concludes:

Such claims are based on misreadings of information about license status and erroneous interpretations and assumptions about such information….

Snopes goes on to offer, in considerable detail, how and why the anonymous email is wrong. Just one example: Michelle Obama does have a license to practice law in Illinois. It is on inactive status because she has no reason to use it. The email falsely claimed that she was legal counsel for the University of Chicago Hospitals, and therefore should have an active license. But she was not legal counsel, and none of her jobs with the hospitals required her to have a law license.

Variations on this email have been circulating since 2008. What’s much more interesting to me than the allegations is who is behind them—because someone is, and that person or entity goes to the trouble of changing their own claims regarding their own identity. In an earlier version, featured on Snopes, the person making these claims is not a lawyer but rather a nurse, and both have very similar writing styles.

Never mind. Just step back and think: How likely is it that Obama was disciplined for lying on his bar application, and this has never made it into either the news or been raised by his opponents?

Birther Business

The claims about Obama being born abroad are as bad, if not worse.

A new twist to this has recently surfaced, and I’m a little shamefaced to even be drawing your attention to it, but here it is:, founded by the late attack specialist Andrew Breitbart, has obtained a 1991 brochure from a literary agent who was then pitching a proposed book from a little-known Barack Obama. The brochure  actually states that Obama was “Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

That’s certainly a kind of a “WHOA” moment, since there it is, on the page. Still, in a remarkably restrained and responsible display, the editor of the site notes that they do not necessarily believe that Obama was really born abroad:

Andrew Breitbart was never a “Birther,” and Breitbart News is a site that has never advocated the narrative of “Birtherism.” In fact, Andrew believed, as we do, that President Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on August 4, 1961.

It is evidence–not of the President’s foreign origin, but that Barack Obama’s public persona has perhaps been presented differently at different times.

And that’s fair game. We should be vigilant about politicians who say different things at different times.

Yet if that is the standard, a fellow like Romney, who has reversed himself so many times on so many important issues, deserves at least as much scrutiny. Especially for his assertion that he was a job creator when that was hardly either his objective or his result. That claim looks far more problematic than the claim of a young man who, according to, was trying to exaggerate his international-ness in order to sell a book.

Some More American Than Others

Methinks the anger toward Obama is less about where he was born, and more about what that “law license” rumor email mentions, gratuitously: “the first black president.”

If the issue is about being American—and about the importance of leveling with Americans—may I point you to this report from the Miami Herald? It recounts the experience of a fellow named Bill Internicola:

He received a letter last month from the Broward County Supervisor of Elections informing him the office had “information from the state of Florida that you are not a United States citizen; however, you are registered to vote.” So Internicola had to prove he is an American. He sent the county a copy of his Army discharge papers.

Internicola is 91 years old. He was born in Brooklyn. He is a veteran of the Second World War. He earned a Bronze Star for his part in the Battle of the Bulge. Yet he was required to prove to a county functionary that he is entitled to vote in an American election.


… this is part of a campaign by Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, to weed non-citizens off the rolls of the state’s voters. Initially, Florida claimed roughly 180,000 were possible noncitizens. That number was eventually whittled way down to about 2,600 people. In Miami-Dade County, where the largest number of them live, 385 have been verified as citizens. Ten – 10! – have admitted they are ineligible or asked to be removed from the rolls.

The Herald recently analyzed the list and found it dominated by Democrats, independents and Hispanics. Republicans and non-Hispanic whites were least likely to have their voting rights challenged.

Want to get angry about who is and is not an American—and how Americans are treated by other Americans who lie and cheat? Shouldn’t you be emailing this around?

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  • James

    I am a big fan, particularly of what you are trying to achieve — the Herculean feat of reconciling the lost art of true journalism and investigative reportage, with its attendant prestige, and genuine reporting on the seemingly disparate world of malicious organized crime that lies hidden beneath state propaganda and consensus reality.

    We met once at one of your talks in Los Angeles. After following your career I wondered if you were too good for the righteous cause you have taken on. You want to educate citizens so they can wake up from the slumber induced by undemocratic forces hidden in everyday reality, and yet you want to caution against hysterical, unprofessional rumor mongering, as is popular among the disenchanted intelligentsia that have no true journalism to run for sanctuary.

    But I believe you have missed a critical point here, one that your only potential flaw of “worrying what reasonable people think” induces… Obama released a forged birth certificate and a forensic investigation will provide much needed gnosis that transcends partisan politics. I worked on the Obama campaign in 2008 and I must give in to pure reason. To cite racial origins to a justified skepticism is to repeat the Obama talking points.

    • Russ Baker

       That racial reference is not mine. It is included, gratuitously, in the email that I write about–the one that falsely smears the Obamas regarding their law licenses. Take another look, please.

      • Royalsaxon

        Russ, I love your investigative work, especially the book on the bush family.
        However, an important point from the previous comment you ignored.

        Someone has forged the only publicly released birth certificate for our president. I invite you to watch the very professional press conference where the evidence proving this was given.

        Especially because of your research background, please don’t ask me to just believe the state of hawaii when the evidence says differently.

        • BoLeeBee

          Eh, that’s swell, any links to that illuminating press conference? How about names and credentials of those  diligent researchers? James says Obama released a forgery and this is fact  because who says so..?

          Otherwise – have you noted any previous President treated with such contempt?  I’m not exactly thrilled with the guy, but not because he’s bee el aye see kay.

          • OneOfMany

            Sheriff March 1 2012 forged birth certificate.
            Plus, there was some videos that show how you can “dismantle” the document yourself. Harder to find those videos.

          • Orangutan.

             I think 9/11 and the Anthrax are by far more compelling and important controversies, but here is the best I’ve seen on the fake birth certificate shit. 


            I voted for Obama in 2008 with high hopes.  Disappointed in the NDAA, Whistleblower, and War shit.

            Haven’t researched the birth certificate thing much.  Don’t like the tendencies, mannerisms, or spirit of people like Joe Arpiaou.  Or whatever his name is.  Peace.

          • Royalsaxon

            Sorry for the delay to your reply.

            Here is the link to the press conference I was referring to;

            I would really appreciate your response to the facts as they are presented. ‘names and credentials of those diligent researchers’ are irrelevant. Deal with the facts or remain indenial is your challenge.

            Good luck.   

        • Rui

          It was not forged, it was just copied with an OCR scanner which tries to make characters editable from a document…that is why there were layers present! 

      • James

        I figured as much. Nevertheless, this fear many have of being perceived as either a fool or fiercely partisan, is preventing intellectuals from investigating a conspiracy that dwarfs Watergate, and our greates constitutional crisis to date.

        I just had a similar argument with my brother, who wuoted as if that settled the issue a priori.

        Just as the cloak of Orwellian re-defined language stops intellectual analysis — see term “antisemitism”” — so too are many genuine progressives avoiding the taboo subject of Obama’s nebulous credentials because they are told it is a “birther/Tea Party/crackpot” issue.

  • Boleebee

    Oddly, I have around 18years or so experience working with Illustrator.
    Consider the demand on the state agencies – you need a method that can produce e-docs (a lot of them) of originals that are pre-electronic publishing era. So you are going to have to do some kind of scanning, and have to some way certify the scan image with some kind of official (and hopefully), tamper-proof format with an official mark/date stamp of some kind. I haven’t been able to find that multi-layered original document (PDF) on any official sites.  However, I could create such a file in about a day using various Adobe Creative Suites apps.It appears the scanned doc is framed in a security paper pattern (I was pleasantly surprised by the alignment between the scanned doc and the canned framed border) Anyway, the date stamp and other info WOULD be on a separate layer/and/or in the frame region (outside the birth certificate data)  because they would, by definition, have to added later than the original issuing date of the document.Asserting the irregular ink bleed (look) as a universal presentation is very shortsighted as (level of) bleed/capillary spread will be dependent on paper quality, ink loading/authoring-device, and archival environment.  Despite popular perception – I wouldn’t expect official document (archival quality) media to be the shoddy composition facilitating the dramatic bleed/spread Arpaio’s truth squad is focusing on .So… 

    • Steve Ross

      What are you talking about? When states started computerizing their birth records in the 80’s and early 90’s hardly anything was scanned — the paper records were transcribed to computerized records because saving computer images would have required computer storage capacity that just didn’t exist. Some states then archived the original paper records, or microfilms of them. Many didn’t. BUT NO ONE ARCHIVED ACTUAL CERTIFICATES. The parents get a certificate at birth of child. That’s the only true original. 

      I was born in Boston in the 1940s. The “look” of my official birth certificate has changed over the years. But even when everything was still on paper, if I needed a new certificate I went to city hall, a clerk looked up the paper record, and created a new certificate. Now the clerk would look up my name on a computer and have the computer print it out. Who creates the image file of the blank certificate? I doubt that any state office hires a professional illustration person, and if they do it would seem to be a waste of money. There are standard forms all over the place and states aren’t even subject to copyright law. How are THOSE images represented on-line? in JPEG, which is a lossy format that introduces artifacts in any image.

  • Steve Ross

    There is a lack of symmetry in the way politicians of the two major parties (and their on-air bloviators) lie. Republicans, when backed into a corner, tend to simply make things up (the idea that the super-rich will invest in job creating activities if they have lower taxes, for instance…. it is just the opposite — higher taxes stimulate business startups so the money can be tax-sheltered). Mitt Romney, who wrote a NYT op-ed strongly against federal bailouts for the auto industry, now insists he was always for the bailouts.

    Democrats, when cornered, tend simply to ignore facts they don’t like. They don’t like nuclear power as part of the near-term solution for global warming, for instance, so they don’t talk about it. Republicans, of course, say global warming doesn’t exist and if it does, is not at all caused by human activity.

    It is easier to discover lies. Harder to discover missing facts.

    • Guest
  • Brianu

    Hi Russ,

    In this one (Obama’s birthplace) you do seem like a believer when you resort to avoiding the question (why did the literary have an Obama-written bio for 17 years saying he was born in Kenya? She says it was a mistake!) and pointing instead at how the other guy is worse.   BTW:   Snopes plays active part in bolstering believers in the 9/11 cover up, among other myths, so it would be nice to see you not refer to them as a credible, quality site in this context, but you do.

    • Russ Baker

       You seem like a Believer in (a) being so sure as to refer to “THE 9/11 cover up” rather than “what looks to me like a cover-up”  (b) insisting that WHERE Obama was born is somehow more important, intrinsically, than the other issues raised in the piece–what are YOU doing about fellow Americans who are disenfranchised in Florida and elsewhere, prevented from voting by false claims that they are not Americans? On the scale of REAL importance, whether someone was born in an American hospital or not, just doesnt seem–from a substantive (rather than technical or legal) point of view–as important as the many crises our democracy really faces. Personally, I think the requirement a president be born in this country is hogwash for a country that champions the value of immigrant striving. And we’ve got plenty of other things to focus our attention on. As for whether he “lied” about his place of birth, I do not know. But please–if lies are to be ranked, I dont think that really rates against some of the whoppers coming down the pike daily. An open mind would admit that there are unworthy sentiments behind this singular obsession. And I do think whoever wrote that anonymous email signalled it by very unnecessarily linking some purported law license fraud with Obama being African American.

    • whatwaysup

      In discussing ‘credibility’, Brian, and with regard 911 myth pejorative. Please. Study the NON-myth and very ACTUAL kinetics of 2.25 second FREE FALL of WTC7′, the complex 81 vertically columned 47 storied steel framed high rise, during its 6.5 second ‘in the manner of controlled demolition’ global ‘collapse’ phase. Ask yourself WHERE did those 81 vertical columns GO so SUDDENLY to allow OBSERVABLE total 108′ UNRESTRAINED free fall. Where did the ENERGY come from to create that observable building behaviour?
      The myth you insinuate, lies in the opposite direction, WITHIN the NIST model construct HYPOTHESIS presented at circus.
      Free Fall is EVIDENCE of Controlled demolition. That is no MYTH.

      • Brianu

         Yes.  Thanks. Agreed.  You misunderstood me / I wasn’t clear:  I’m referring to the official myth that believers use snopes to “debunk” as in the idea that 19 muslim hijackers were responsible for the 3 skyscrapers falling, etc.    Why is Russ so eager to avoid looking into the issue?  If it were G.H.W.Bush whose literary agent said he was X for more than a decade:  I’ve a feeling he’d not be feeling so “shamefaced” in looking into it.   It reminds me of Noam Chomsky and many others I’ve met who, when cornered and must admit that the evidence seems to be there, resort to saying its not a big deal anyway!

        • whatwaysup

          Your nuance lost in translation for sure. Apologies for my part. As to your question Mister Chomsky Amy Goodman etc. Can only observe basic curiosity virtually extinguished.

    • Paduley

      When have you ever hit something in the middle only for it to collapse “straight down” ?

    • Rui
  • Brian


    By saying its not a big deal : You are basically admitting that you aren’t interested in finding the who/what/why.

    Why do you assume I’m not concerned about people being disenfranchised? Sounds like more msnbc-style false equivalencies… Dare to look into the probe ance of a meteoric president and you’re obviously a hater. I’m disappointed I you , but like so many believers you are concerned that you might look like a racist or kook. Good luck !

    Ps. When you say I’m supposed to say”what looks to me like a coverup” it’s like demanding I say “what looks to me like the color blue”

  • Bsrana

    thankyou! I am appalled at the way our president has been treated by the right and some on the left. He has been called everything they can dig up except our PRESIDENT!

    • flowergirl89

      Thank You for being one who stands up to the lies, and hatefullness. They are being led by the nose by the corporate propaganda machine. It is our duty to stand up  and back our President in the face of an internal attack on our Government.

  • flowergirl89

    Corporate takeover is throwing shit at the wall and on Fox and their friends a lot sticks. Im tired of reading ignorant comments that stem from these lies for the purpose of turning americans against the poor and needy making them sound like lazy bums that love to live off the govt. The Immigration ignorance the CCA is perpetrating in order to get more profit in federal dollars. I saw something the other day. What if aliens landed and were poisoning our food, taking over cities (Michigan) locking a world record number of americans up, dismantling mountains, putting cancerous materials in our water, wiping out our wild species at an unbelieveable rate, or poisoned half of our rivers, and ran propaganda ads telling us it is OK, they are helping us?  Would we viciously attack our fellow citizens because they need help, and stand up for the aliens taking over our country? Give them more power to hurt us? Divert resourses from the citizens to help pay for their propaganda? I hope people will wake up to who is behind these ads and take into consideration who is saying what. Some of these people are in a completely different world than me. I know where it is coming from Greedy Corporate Monsters, they have the money and we keep giving them more and they want to keep it that way, with americans voting against their own interest. Kicking their fellow americans in the teeth for being  hungry enough to apply for food stamps, that they think is so easy to get. And then they have the nerve to say they love this country. I hope they don’t love it to death.

  • Dan Allen

    “Do Republicans Lie More Than Democrats?”

    Does a fire hydrant spray more water than the fountain in City Square?

    Not possible to calculate the relative lying, because both parties are dominated by disinformation engines.

    It is like asking which is more chocolate, pure chocolate in can A or  pure chocolate in can B? 

    The parties are indistinguishable when it comes to lying.

    Just start with Obama’s and GW Bush’s turnarounds on their campaign promises turned to broken promises.

  • Alliqat

    I was raised as a republican. I have heard REPEATEDLY till I grew sick of tem, the lie and, well, LIES. My mom was the worse. I don’t generally believe everything the progressives say but I’m far more willing to give them the beneft of the doubt than I would evr give the (r)s…sorry been bitten too damn many times and been treated unfairly (mom would actually change the rules to make me be wrong) to  change now. Besides, when I actually go and do the research, I generally find the progressives as truthful and the repugs as liars.  That is NOT saying that the progresives as politicians are honest. But I’ll take their small lies than the bold faced ones from the right anyday!!!!!!

    • Paul Robinson

       Real Research> Gimme a break. One of the least thoughtful and most irrational posts on the subject EVER!

  • Sully64

    I guess when I hear the MajorityLeader of the Senate say that a friend told him that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes in ten years is does bring up a few questions in my mind:
    Why has the President gone by several names in the past?
    How was the President able to afford tuitions at Occedental, Columbia and Harvard?
    Who paid them?
    How did he afford the mansion in Chicago?
    What were his grades?
    What, as editor of Harvard Review, did he write?
    Why is he registered for social security in Connecticut, a state he never lived in?

    When he can answer these questions then we can puosh for tax returne fromMitt Romney.

    By the way, Do you have taxreturns for the past twelve years? Idon’t

    • Sully64

      Sorry about the typos. This is a new ipad. By the way Harry, who is your source?

    • Paladin2

      “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” A quote from prez Barry that all the whores is D.C. for some reason can’t remember

  • Sully64

    One more thing. You guys do forensic journalism according to your mast. Tell me why I hear soomething on FOX and then, six months later, it becomes a scandal and wefinally hear it on the national NBC and ABC and CBS news. Why is that? Fastand Fureous comes to mind. And, they were about three days late on Chick fil A (afterpeoplewondered aboutthetrafficjams). Solyndra, Presidential elimination of Clinto welfarereform…justtonameafew.

  • Walter Eagle

    So much easier to say, and spell, “President Obama.” But we often see his full name used, and often without the title of President.

  • Mel

    Snopes is a liberal website. Why would anyone in there 40’s give up their law license? A complaint was filed in 2007 for falsifying his license and he then surrendered it like a lot of crook lawyers do so this will be no jurisdiction to dis bar them.

  • Travis Vaden

    People lie about the president. Obama is the president. So, people lie about Obama.
    He is the biggest target out there, the leader of the free world, the most powerful human on the planet. That paints a target on your back (and all your other body parts).
    More lies about Obama than other people does not show that Republicans lie more than Democrats. It means people lie more about Obama than they do about all the less famous, less powerful people in the world.
    How far would a lie go if it were told about, say, Cass Sunstein. Lots of Republicans (and Democrats) hate him, but he’s not famous enough to be the subject of silly rumors. If my mom got an email saying Cass Sunstien is a traitor to his country, took bribes, and eats human hearts, she would not pass it on because she has no idea who he is.
    When Bush was president, people lied about him constantly. That was no evidence that Democrats were worse liars than Republicans.

    • David

      Well said!

    • cjruns

      Take a look at the past lies about George W. Bush. They aren’t nearly as numerous as those about Obama. And in Obama’s case, there are also many more about his family.

  • Phaerisee

    I am still trying to figure out how believing in aliens from the planet Kolob is christian.

  • Gb2

    This is beyond the most bogus piece of crap. Very much the opposite !!

  • Phaerisee

    I do like Romney’s business experience, but his Gordon Gecko-esque tenure at Bain Capital concerns me. I also have a problem with him calling himself pro-life. In fact, Romneycare provided for taxpayer funded abortifacients (Pharmaceuticals that cause spontaneous abortion) How many evangelicals and catholics know this? He also is continually calling himself a christian to gain votes, when most of us learned in Sunday school that this is not the case.

  • m2wing

    Funny how the article starts off defending itself by saying it’s not a shill for the democrats, then the whole article is about republicans mistruths. Me thinks doth protest too much!

  • kriss

    your delusional and live in a fantasy world much like the msnbc clowns do wake up and get real

  • Steve Dansker

    To begin with, Snopes is funded by Liberals. That’s a fact. And so are Factcheckers.
    Now, I truly believe that both Parties lie. That shouldn’t be news to anyone. Both will do ANYTHING to win. That also is not news.
    The question is: which set of crooks do you want to have in office? Do you want a Party that tries to be responsible and pay our debts, or do you want a Party that panders to everyone and gives goodies out just to win votes? Personally, I am conflicted. My query: do I want to suffer the pain that it will take to balance a budget and start paying our debts or do I say, who cares about the debt, I want what I want when I want it? Too many Americans will never want the to suffer the pain, so Congress will keep kicking the can down the road regardless of who is president. We Americans are really greedy & should realize that. We will NEVER pay our debts.

    • Angela Gibbons

      Snopes is not funded by liberals. David and Barbara Mikkelson, the creators of Snopes are both non-partisan. David was even once registered as a Republican and Barbara is a Canadian citizen., Politico, UrbanLegends, and many others have proven this rumor to be false.

      • seventyer

        Angela, you must live in a cave. I said FUNDED, not who ran them. And like I said before: I don’t trust either Party. Both spend & spend, then blame it on the other guys, just like you did. Personally, I only have a very short time to live & I don’t give a hoot if they even CARE about paying off any debts. I’m an old retiree just trying to make thru the end of each day.

        • cjruns

          seventyer, you’re just proving the point of this article. is funded by advertising, and the email that’s been going around about the “true” source of their funding has been debunked over and over again.

    • capthiltz

      You neglected to bring up the point of which party has run up the most debt. The Reagan and the Bush Jr. administration would be the answer to that question. Yes, both parties suck but I will have to say that the Democrats at least recognize we need social safety nets because the mostly conservative run businesses in this country don’t pay a large number of their workers enough to live off of. It estimated that each American worker that makes a decent wage contributes close to $100 per year to the food stamp program to cover what places like Wal Mart and McDonalds don’t pay. In other words you and I are covering part of corporate America’s payroll. The GOP wants to cut or privatize everything that benefits the poor and elderly. Some of these programs have their own funds and do not contribute to the debt or deficit. Let’s all remember that when we were going crazy on defense spending in the 1980’s it was Reagan who said that deficit spending didn’t matter.

      • RonnL

        Baffling hardnosed partisans with facts in fruitless.
        Not only did Reagan say spending did not matter neocons and ultraconservatives also said “Facts do not matter. If they did Faux so called news would be out of business.

  • West Chester Al

    gop = dumb

    • DJ

      West Chester Al ; you are the stupid one

      Democrats are by far more corrupt then Republicans

  • kidpags

    Nobody lies more than a Liberal.

  • Ronald Wade Cooper

    This article does not prove anything nor settle anything. I like charts, graphs and facts with numbers and when I look into politics and scandals I don’t see republican scandals, I see the Obamacare lies, *(many of them), Loise Lerner scandals and her lies and dishonesty and Eric Holder and His lies and foul play, Reid and his lies, Nancy Pelusi, Rice, and practically every member of Obama’s team is caught LYING and it’s all over the news. They are all Democrats. Clinton was fired from the Watergate investigation back in the 70’s for LYING…..she is an old hand at it. We need a new group of people in the white house and congress that don’t enjoy lying on every little thing.

  • Jerry H

    Russ Baker does a nonpartisan hand stand while blazing a righteous trial down the middle as certain Fox “News” hosts or Scarborough (always reminding us that he is no friend of Bush 43) like to say. Baker concludes that Republicans lie only slightly more than Democrats. Hah! Yup, it was close, but Baker calls it for Democrats. He takes on the Obama law license lie and then the Birther lie. What a guy?

    And the recent former Republican President who was hardly mentioned at the GOP convention? It is in keeping with current Republican T-Bircher dogma to consider Bush 43 “as not conservative enough” & therefore should have considered himself lucky to have been invited to a convention that featured such all-stars as Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, & Sister Palin.
    Baker’s book on Bush?

    The reason for Republican compulsive lying & rebranding as Tea? The last 3 GOP administrations: 1989. After 8 yrs of Reagan, 2000 banking institutions (S&L crisis) are bailed out with Texas getting half of what was spent nationally.

    2008, after 12 yrs of mostly GOP majorities in Congress & 8 yrs of Bush, another banking bailout with the economy almost going over the edge. Time for a PR makeover. As usual, as in 1929, Democrats get to manifest their destiny and do clean-up just as Irving Kristol once declared their role to be. Clean up the economy, clean up 3 (IRAQ, AfPak, Wars on T) unfunded wars, while also having the “nerve” to pass that **sochallistic** ACA.

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