Here are a few videos to get you scratching your head, if not other parts of your body.

And We Thought Conservatives Were Tough

You probably saw this, but it’s too delicious not to over-hype.  Christine O’Donnell tells CNN’s Piers Morgan how interviews are supposed to work, then flees from the pussy cat interlocutor, because—gasp—he wants to ask her questions about issues she raises in her own book, promotion of which is the sole reason she is on the show.

Capitalism—the Oft-Cited Ideal and the Nasty Little Reality

The documentary, ‘Capitalism Is The Crisis: Radical Politics in the Age of Austerity’ examines and explains the current financial crisis, looking at how wealthy finance capitalists have forced hapless workers to pay for their overlords’ greed, systematic fraud, and theft of trillions of public dollars, through punitive austerity measures. The solution proposed to this current crisis is a revolutionary and fundamental transformation of society. (Gasp!)

And We Thought the Regular Holy Rollers Were Juvenile!

You simply must watch this precocious four-year-old preacher. He’s already probably got millions in the bank.


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