VIDEO. This talk by Dr. William F. Pepper, a friend to Martin Luther King who became James Earl Ray’s final attorney, is long, but well worth sitting through. Pepper powerfully and chillingly presents history and facts few of us know about—and forces us to rethink the explanation of King’s death which the establishment insists on perpetuating.

A talk by Dr. William F. Pepper, former Vietnam War journalist, international human rights lawyer and author who personally knew Martin Luther King and represented James Earl Ray based on his conclusion that Ray had been framed. It’s all thoughtful, fascinating, chilling, and worth taking in.

If you are pressed for time and want to go right to Pepper’s unique perspective on Martin Luther King’s death and whether James Earl Ray was involved, start watching around 14:58. There, Pepper talks about King’s decision to mobilize his civil rights movement followers against the Vietnam War, and how this, as part of a plan to build an alliance between African Americans and others against broader injustice, may have sealed King’s fate. Pepper then turns to his personal interactions with Ray, which together with his own inquiries, persuaded him, over the course of a decade, that Ray did not shoot King, and that indeed Ray was not a witting participant in what was clearly a sophisticated, organized effort and cover-up. Full of surprising facts—including about the media’s role in suppressing evidence.

Pepper is author of An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King


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