2Shawn Carrie is a New York-based journalist who, while covering the Baltimore riots following the death of Freddie Gray, was shot in the head by a police pepperball and then arrested and held without being charged. When Carrie demanded that police respect his rights, police were quick to remind him that in a State of Emergency his constitutional rights “go out the window.”

While the civil unrest has amounted to an estimated $9 million in property damage, the damage done to civil liberties of Baltimore residents—and the consequences of this for all Americans—is immeasurable.

Today, WhoWhatWhy’s Guillermo Jimenez sits down with Carrie to get his side of the story.

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6 years ago

Under a state of emergency, a standing army like a police department becomes an enemy combatant if they disregard our rights.

6 years ago

Disturbing info but very good interview. Not sure if this is a good idea but possibly a “highlights” episode compressed into 2-5 minutes might be a good idea to give people a “teaser” to make them want to listen to the whole interview. It’s hard to get people to listen to a 47 min interview (possibly not even due to apathy, but rather just people are busy). Maybe a written list of of the most important points that people should be aware of would be good too (see this URL for an example of how this works: http://www.schiffradio.com/minimum-wage-maximum-stupidity-ep-78/).

Guillermo does a great job on these interviews but ultimately we have to get more people to pay attention. So doing the extra work of a “highlights” and a bullet point list would increase the odds of that. Just a suggestion. I might be able to do the bullet point list myself. Can’t at the moment.

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