Drought computer models
Drought computer models Photo credit: NASA Goddard / YouTube

NASA experts believe the most severe droughts in 1,000 years will begin to hit the Southwest and Great Plains in the not too distant future.

While the recent water shortage in California and other states made headlines for months, NASA scientists believe that drought will be viewed as comparatively minor in the not-so-distant future.

Based on NASA’s climate models, large parts of North America could begin to experience megadroughts — severe climate events that can last decades — before the turn of the century. NASA believes that, without immediate and aggressive action to curb greenhouse gases, this frightening scenario will not just be a mere possibility. It will be a near certainty.

In this short, informative video by NASA, climate scientist Benjamin I. Cook discusses the extreme drought risk in the 21st century and why we should be very concerned.

Related front page panorama photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from dry land (NASA Goddard / YouTube)


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