You will be riveted by this video, not even three minutes long, showing JFK’s Secret Service protection being waved away from his car, and the perplexed reaction of at least one Special Agent.

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Vince Palamara’s new book adds new context and meaning to its interpretation. It is now more important than ever.


All the talk and writing about it does nothing. Now Snowden did something. He is the example we have to follow.


Couldn’t disagree more abbey. The JFK assassination is where EVERYONE can potentially see when the national security state completely took over from elected officials. the legitimacy of our entire narrative that tens of billions of dollars is spent on in airwave and schools is based on checks and balances and the JFK assassination goes to the heart of that legitimacy and also challenges the legitimacy of the press.

The JFK challenges the dominant model of power, and exposes it as a lie. Snowden revelations are important but too late and too small audience to matter because too esoteric. The assassination of a president in broad daylight is not capillary it is the aorta of myth.


I think it depends on how old you are and whether you were alive when JFK was assassinated and how old you were if you were alive. Then there’s the problem of how politically conscious you were when it happened. So many variables. It is easier to see it now that we are looking back 50 years. As Nietzsche tells us, we can only see things clearly when they are finished, over. So I think that’s why you see the JFK assassination clearly. At the time it happened none of that was clear at all except to very very few. Do I think EVERYONE sees the JFK assassination as clearly as you? NO. But many many do only now it is too little and too late for us. All that has happened since has become institutionalized, part of the Order of Production as Baudrillard would say.JFK’s assassination was in the Order of Symbolic Exchange and Death but it has been absorbed.

Snowden’s revelations may have the opposite effect as has been pointed out in that surveillance will be on the order of the Panopticon: invisible; relentless; personal; secret.

As long as you stay and think and write – as you just did – in the Dominating Discourse of classical Hegelian Dialectic they have your mind and can absorb you and all your knowing, your writing, your speaking out. Marcuse said this long ago about capitalism in his Pac-Man metaphor. We live in the era of “late capitalism” and that is the enemy. The govt is a sham, a “floating sign” masking its emptiness in shilling for corporate thugs. If you don’t read and understand continental philosophy you can’t get out of this mess long enough to think more clearly. There are no prescriptions for getting out, only the great need to invent a way out. I follow Nietzsche on this point. Excess.


“Production as Baudrillard would say.JFK’s assassination was in the Order of Symbolic Exchange and Death but it has been absorbed.” Im really glad I stopped reading that stuff years ago. It prevents people from reading history. That sort of babble was made popular right after when Reagan was moving the country far right and it has never stopped. Meanwhile checks and balances remains a prison that occupies tens of billions of dollars in air and media time for those who could not afford to go to college and talk middle class blather. Luckily people are figuring out just how far right wing this banter has taken us.


It’s not only obvious you stopped reading it years ago, it is also obvious you never understood it in the first place. It has nothing to do with right wing Discourse. Foucault does not prevent you from reading history, he just gives you the tools to order it differently from chronology. You are free to go back and forth if you want. Just different Discourses.


Are you young or stupid?


neither. old and brilliant.


Too much back and forth, Abbey. This is for brief comments directly related to articles. It is not a forum for endless back and forth debate.


Sorry. I just posted 2 long ones before I read your comment. I won’t do it again. Thanks again for your work.


I disagree that it’s too late and, in fact, I think it’s just the right time. We had to wait until enough people had asked enough questions and began to put the pieces together. It’s definitely time for the whole ugly truth to come out about this and every other “secret” that’s been kept from us to protect others and their manipulation of our society.


“Information is not knowing.” – Foucault


Go listen to Zizek. Now he is one who knows.


I have listened to Zizek. Lots of individuals know. The point is “the people” need to know, en masse.


I think they have the information but they don’t BELIEVE it. To believe it you must acknowledge that you have a govt that is totally false, deceptive, totalitarian, no longer the home of the free and the brave. We live in a rather “benevolent” totalitarian system now. So what to do? Do you know? Occupy knew and knows. Mass action will get you mowed down. And or martial law. Capitalism is at the root. Will people stop buying things? That’s what worked in the 30’s. The only way out was to engineer a war with Pearl Harbor. When something works so well why fix it. The system can absorb and take in its opposition. That’s the way the Dominating Discourse works. Watch Russell Brand on Morning Joe on youtube. He destroys the Discourse and the media people are flapping their arms and bodies. They don’t know what to do or say.http://occupytabloids.blogspot.com/2013/06/reading-russell-brand-through-foucault.html Individuals have to teach others how to break up the Discourse. Once it completely changes they will be lost.


I saw the Morning Joe “interview” with Russell Brand and ever since then he’s been on my list of favorites. I’ve stopped buying all but essentials. Many people are all about their “things” and would rather ignore the truth than do that. But it is all happening now. Little spurts and big spurts of truth are spilling out all over, and very soon it will become a full-on gusher that won’t stop until it’s all spilt.


I’m following you. There’s another interview with Beck and the guy who put the gun parts on free download that is a gem. He avoids the Dominating Discourse and Beck does great with the rug pulled out from under him. Surprising. Cody Wilson tells Beck to read Foucault: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HK6-kbdHE2A He’s the guy who did the software for downloading gun parts to 3-D printer But it’s Wilson subverting the Discourse that is so great. Like Brand but different style.


I’m following you too. I will watch the video. Thanks.


It takes a great deal of ignorance to throw water on the extensive efforts of serious researchers into the JFK assassination. People literally put their lives on the line in many cases and some died trying to bring some light to this. Being so dismissive on your part is an utter disgrace. The researchers over the years and witnesses who put it on the line have only served to awaken people who have also gone beyond the JFK assassination to all areas that warrant investigation. This very site of Mr. Baker’s is a great example. He started with a biography to discover the reasons behind why W. was elected president. That led him to discover Poppy Bush and his CIA involvement and moved onto the bay of pigs, JFK’s murder, watergate, iran/contra and on and on. Now we have this great web site that is strenuously trying to cover all the important issues of today and our past and doing it on a shoe-string. That’s what comes from pursuing and researching things you ignorantly state accomplishes “nothing”.
Then you continue your derision by comparing it to Snowden as if one man’s efforts proves the efforts of many before him means nothing. Do you suggest we all get jobs in the intelligence community and they’ll so willingly hire us all so that we can act as whistle blowers, lol? You don’t think that the information Russ Baker and other JFK researchers have revealed alone is not as important as anything Snowden has? You don’t think a Hoover memo pointing out that H.W. was a CIA agent is significant among the many other important citations?
How do you know that Snowden himself wasn’t inspired to do what he did because of what he learned about JFK or some other earlier injustice?
Why play one person’s efforts against others at least as sincere and courageous as you believe Snowden is.
Comments like yours are suspect in that your negativity only serves to stir up needless debate and division about which was more important as others have already done so here.
A sincere advocate for people waking up would encourage truth telling in all areas where they are warranted.


I already knew all these things you are saying about JFK and decades ago, and also my friends with whom it was common knowledge. But I move in different circles than the masses. I am very glad Russ is doing this and bringing it to light in his own way to even more people.

Yes all this information is important. But information is not knowing.(Foucault) Russ does not think genealogically. Russ is still in the classical Hegelian dialectic of opposition, the present Dominating Discourse (for about 300 years now and going) and if you read Foucault’s The Order of Things carefully, you will see that within that Discourse “There is no outside.” This is what I am getting at. Not what is being said or not said, but how it is said, who is saying it, why it is being said in this particular way at this particular time, who it is being said to, where it is being said, when it is being said. To do this is to think genealogically not chronologically, nor oppositionally. Russ is stuck in this mire of a swamp of interpretation. There is no outside.

Now if you watch the video of Russell Brand on Morning Joe, you will see how he takes charge and control of the Discourse. The media interviewers are helpless, literally helpless in front of the cameras.If you watch Cody Wilson’s video with Glenn Beck you will see how he implodes the Dominating Discourse and implodes all gun laws and regulation and ruins the sales of the NRA along with it. If you can download and print out the “regulated” part of the gun and make it yourself, then we are into a different ball of wax. That is NOT to say they won’t try to control that too but they will be at scratch zero. All this is very effective, but only those who understand continental philosophy and post modern thinking can do this. Russ and you and all the commenters here will be left in the dust not knowing even why. THE DISCOURSE IS CHANGING. This changes the way we think, the way we talk, the way we write, the way we do everything.

Rilke: You must change your life.
Foucault: You must change the way you think.

When I say this you think I mean that you must change your ideas, your concepts, your theories, your jUdgements, your perceptions to mine or someone else’s. THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEAN.What I do mean is that the clutter in your closet must get organized.


LOL. No offense, but as much as you believe you are the standard bearer of who has knowledge and who has information, it is just your own subjective view. No matter what you state, you’re basically imprisoning yourself in a Quixotic world of mirrors where you want to pretend you are seeing into others when they are all distorted reflections of yourself. That world is at best a world of illusion that you try so hard to project on to others with this so-called philosophical discourse which in the end has no significant effect on anyone except yourself. It effectively limits your own objective perception of what a person’s intentions, knowledge base and skills sets are and what they are really communicating. In essence you’ve only communicated your own opinion mixed in with hyperbole and generalities clothed in these 10 cent words. In the end it’s you’ve not stated one proven, specific and clearly thought out example that Mr. Baker is what you say he is. He works as a journalist, researching events, people and places as objectively as possible and has put together threads in a way that is quite remarkable.
Mr. Brand’s gifts as they are, are as a speaker and one who sees his path as working form a place of belief in his point of view. That is not the path of a journalist. Comparing it, is nonsense.
In the end your efforts at comparing yourself to the, lol, masses as someone along with your friends who “move in different circles” is b.s. No one who really lives in that realm ever needs to state or indicate it as much and as often as you’ve tried to do here on this thread. We get it, you think you know more and are in a different stratosphere than the rest. Again, only those who need to reveal that kind of empty drivel are the ones who are only trying to convince themselves through the most childish and transparent form of argument that is not even worthy of a school boy arguing with his friends in a playground.
Unfortunately, I’m sure we’ll here more from you. Do realize though that at best, regardless of what giant rationalizations you’ll share; that it’s just comic relief.


Hey I’m not smart enough to have thought up all this stuff by myself, nor am I enough people to have done it. Take your arguments to Foucault (Discourses), Baudrillard, Virilio,Zizek for starters. That should keep you going for a few years. Absorb and make them yours if you wish. AND post modern thinking does NOT deal in PROOF or PROVEN. No such thing except in the Discourse you are in. Russ is doing good work. I have no criticism of him.


LOL!! So says the stand-up philosopher. Ask Mel Brooks about that classification. It suits you.
The men you cite are profound indeed. I have no complaint with them. Only with those who merely mouth their words desperate to impress in the shallowest most obvious manner. You shame the depth of their thoughts with your hollow superiority act of being more than the masses, when here you are commenting on the internet, gracing the masses with your borrowed words.
Poor fellow it must be so lonely in that circle of mirrors with you and your “friends” spinning round and round above the masses.


It is lonely. But better than having to dumb down to commenters like you.


This is now over for me. It’s demeaning to Russ’s and the staff at WWW’s work to waste any more space here on replying any further to a certified narcissist.


I invented the word narcissist. So glad you noticed.


If you want to get certified I can recommend you to my university for admission.You can’t be a true narcissist unless you are properly certified.


Wow, I couldn’t have explained that any better then you just did. You basically described half the Internet population(or at least alternative sites). You’re my hero. No need to keep going back and forth with that moron. He’s just trying to dig himself out of a hole at this point


And you don’t even know what “truth telling ” is unless you think genealogically. It began with Socrates and the Greeks called it parrhesia. The person who did it was a parrhesiastes. Parrhesia has changed since Socrates – and Plato did it too BTW – but some aspects of it remain invariable. A very small book by Foucault of his lectures at Berkeley on parrhesia, called “Fearless Speech” will in a few hours clear all this truth telling up for you. Russ is not using parrhesia. Snowden was. The difference is that parrhesia is a challenge that has a great risk to the parrhesiastes, most often death. Russ is taking no dangerous risk. Yet. But he recognizes those who do and have and that is his strong point of integrity for me. Without that huge risk, parrhesia is not the correct word to use for a truth teller. I have written more about it at medium, so it will be quicker for you to read it there: https://medium.com/@abbeysbooks

Leo Derosia

The agent mightve got in the way. Bullet proof glass wouldve helped keep jfk alive but that did not seem to be goal on nov, 22. If jfk had served 2 terms then 57k americans and a million vietnamese would not have been killed in vietnam war,obviously not having a war and printing our own money wouldve been terrible

Dandy Don

The agent waived off is Don Lawton.


New context and new meaning emerges to one of the most mysterious of murders ever to happen this century! The conspiracy has to unfurl sometime. Truth can not be hidden forever.


There is some important information about this in Clint Hill’s book, Mrs Kennedy and Me. He was therem the closest SS agent at the moment of the shooting, and he exlains why the shuffling happened.


I heard him tell this story on BBC radio and it was amazing to hear.


Clint Hill on BBC:


Executive Order 11110 needs to be revisited.


It’s too bad the only place these questions arise is in the alternate media. Then again we all know that the MSM is an intregal part of the true governing order, in which JFK had made many a high powered enemy. Assassination of other American presidents and other nation’s elected officials or challengers of the power elite’s agenda is a common action throughout history.The significance of this event was an ultimate display of who will rule the republic. The questions that have grown in number and are continually brought forth arising from JFK’s death are ample enough and need not be answered to draw the neccessary conclusions of what went down that day…..

John Cook

Imagine the thoughts of that particular agent a few minutes later when he finds out that Kennedy is dead…
I wonder if he quit, was murdered or just swallowed it and continued to “do his duty” and “obey orders”.
I wish someone would do the research and discover his Name and the Name of the person who ordered him to stand down.
It continues to amaze me that “they” can get away with things as obvious as this. You would thing that crimes as major as this (or 9/11) would be superbly carried out, mission impossible style, but, on the contrary, they are sloppy and full of obvious clues.

EM Floyd

ATSAIC Emory P. Roberts — front seat — operating radio.

SA Samuel Kinney — driving (did an excellent job)

Mr. Kenneth O’Donnell, Appointment Secretary to the President, left jump seat.

Mr. David Powers, Presidential Aide, right jump seat.

SA Glen Bennett, left rear seat.

SA George Hickey, right rear seat (manning AR-15 (rifle)

SA Clinton Hill, left running board, front.

SA William Mclntyre, left running board, behind Hill.

SA John D. Ready, right running board, front.

SA Paul Landis, right running board behind Ready.

Note: On shift report for Nov. 22, 1963, I listed SA Rybka as riding in
center of rear seat, which was in error, as he was not in car. As
mentioned above, he remained at Love Field.

There is your info.And there are the statements on file of what the agents had to say about that day.

John Cook

wow! Thank you – now that is reported here many more people have the info, I will not be forgotten.
Could you identify who exactly issued the order? Not that he is responsible but he knows who gave Him the order…

EM Floyd

Emory P. Roberts who then immediately went over to LBJ’s camp. He was the leader for the SSA. At least in that group.

John Cook

His name should have been in the title of this article – I’m amazed you have this information – I really think we should get as individual and as in-your-face personal as possible. Imagine it, can you see him or his descendants suing? That would blow the whole thing open, yet if they didn’t react to outright accusations of conspiracy to kill the president that would also speak loudly…

I love the Internet – it may be the one thing “they” didn’t allow for in their plans. It may just bring them undone.

EM Floyd

This may give you some more info, as well as googling his name.


John Cook

Excellent! Carry on the good work.

Amanda L Beam

This video, in much better quality, was discovered/ popularized by Vince Palamara way back in 1991,15 years before this grainy, inferior version was posted on You Tube. Vince also presented it at COPA 1995, COPA 1996, LANCER 1997, and on the History Channel in 2003…again, all years before some unknown person posted it on You Tube. You can all thank Vince for this footage


Where did this video come from? Who shot it? I can find no attribution.


KENNEDY didn’t want him there


JFK did not want ss agents that close

Robert O'Rourke

okay so the guy who ordered the stand down,went to LBJ right after the killing,,,LBJ is also the one who jumped to the floor of his car in the motercade before they had even reached the turn at the school book depo.Also he grabbed jackie and had someone administer to him the oath of office,even though,there was no need for this as,JFK was dead,so LBJ WAS president.IMO LBJ was at the TOP of the gain list,along with NWO secret society,and military industrial complex.LHO was not the shooter.only the patsy.


LBJ told his secretary/girlfriend twice that “after today” wouldn’t have to deal with Kennedy anymore. It was basically a military coup.


My question is why didn’t the president’s car accelerate after the first shot and then especially after the 2nd shot? It just kept coasting along at 11mph or whatever snail’s pace it was going.

Allen Jenne

If the truth was ever allowed to come out there would be a blood bath and it would not be the blood of the guilty. Look at 9-11 World Trade Center Building 7. The Monsters have taken over and we are all sheep and slaves. Those who say we are not are in the employ of the BEAST.

Tommy Gilley


This is video of the Kennedy motorcade in San Antonio on Nov 21st, 1963, and at 5:55 you can see the agent crouched at the back of Kennedy’s car.

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