In Iran Nuke Deal, France Wants to Have Its Yellowcake and Eat It Too by David Lowry
The headlines surrounding the Iranian nuclear talks are all about building the bomb. Yet the lucrative commercial interests of the countries pushing Iran for a deal are never discussed.


Who is happy about the new jobs numbers? The media is fawning, retailers are happy and Wall Street is positively giddy. And the wizards of Wall Street would like all those wage-poor workers to gamble their pensions on the market.

Who is immune from prosecution in Iraq? U.S. troops, of course. It should come in handy now that Congress has ponied up the funds to expand the war against the Islamic State.

Who is Warren Buffet picking for president in 2016?


What is the relationship between new Defense Secretary nominee Ashton Carter and the defense industry?

What is the current state of Internet freedom around the world?

What is imploding? The Russian economy.

What the heck was Putin talking about when he compared Crimea to Jerusalem?

And what’s behind the appointment of three foreigners to key posts in the Ukrainian government?


Why did Rolling Stone issue an apology to its readers over its campus rape story?

Why did Coke abandon its “enhanced milk” ad campaign?

Why do Europeans fear the coming of U.S. “frankenfoods”?

Why are Japanese farmers on high alert for bird flu?

Why did an Oscar-winning director link terrorism with elephant poaching?

And why is NASA touting the future of space exploration?

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