10599209-spider-web-illustration-for-backgroundMost of the national and international media have left Boston—and essentially moved on from the Marathon bombing story. But at WhoWhatWhy, we’re just getting started.

Why? Because we see a lot of problems with what we’ve been told so far. We’ve been disappointed that the media have failed to demonstrate healthy skepticism while passing along, unchallenged, the (self-serving) assertions of “the authorities.”

It is the job of journalism not only to report what authorities say, but also to confirm their claims, and address anomalies, errors, inconsistencies, outright lies, and cover-ups, large and small.

When it comes to falsehoods of all types, we’ve seen plenty of doozies, and you don’t have to go all the way back to the Tonkin Gulf incident—which helped pave the way for the escalation of the Vietnam conflict. Most people now understand that circa 2002-2003, the George W. Bush Administration knowingly exaggerated and deceived in order to justify a desired invasion of Iraq.

Things have not markedly improved with the Obama Administration. The 2011 “raid that killed Bin Laden” at Abbottabad, Pakistan, went a long way toward bolstering Obama’s “toughness cred,” and was probably a factor in his being re-elected. Yet staggering inconsistencies in official accounts of the raid have never been properly reconciled. The current scandal du jour is over the Obama Administration’s putting out fake story lines on Benghazi to divert attention from how it handled facility security in that troubled location.

Yet even partisans on the attack in each of these cases typically fail to get at the real story – which, in the case of Benghazi, has to do with how the entire “humanitarian intervention” in Libya was, as we reported, a cover for a deadly geo-strategic gamble that has opened a can of worms from which have sprung untold Al Qaeda types.


So what about the Boston Marathon bombing, in which innocent people died seemingly at the hands of anti-American monsters?  While some insist that under these circumstances everyone, including the media, should prove their patriotism by shutting their eyes and ears, we hope you agree that especially at such times it’s important to ask the tough, even unpopular questions. The Boston story, as we previously noted, is full of question marks and high-stakes implications—all the more reason to dig beneath the screen of official handouts. And, in the coming weeks, that’s just what WhoWhatWhy plans to do.

For now, here are some examples of the things we wish to better understand:

Race Security

 We have been told—and see evidence—of a security presence unprecedented at such athletic events. This includes the claims by Alastair Stevenson, a college cross-country coach and frequent marathoner, that he heard announcements of security drills that day and saw beefed up security. It also includes the presence of personnel from the private contractor Craft International, first in the crowd watching the runners, then, after the bombs went off, actively involved in the crime scene investigation. Is there an explanation for this? What exactly were these security people deployed against?

The JFK Library Fire

We’re told that a fire broke out at almost exactly the same time as the Marathon bombing, a short distance away at the JFK library. Although initial reports indicated a possible explosion, we have since been told that it was just an “accident.” We’ve had very few details since then, though the museum did reopen after a number of days.


We originally heard from reporters that a police officer from MIT was killed during a confrontation with the Tsarnaev brothers. Later, around the time of a highly publicized funeral for the “hero cop,” the authorities quietly revised their story; in the new account, the officer was shot while sitting in his car, perhaps during an attempt to take his gun, though we’ve seen no evidence of this. No explanation of why the Tsarnaev brothers would even have been on the campus, or wanted or needed his gun, nor has hard proof been produced that the brothers were in fact the cop killers.


In the midst of the manhunt, we were told that the suspects robbed a 7-11 convenience store to obtain cash for a getaway. But later, that scenario vaporized. How did the initial wrong story come about?

How Tamerlan Died

On the night Tamerlan Tsarnaev was reportedly shot by police, then accidentally run over by his fleeing younger brother, CNN broadcast a video showing a crime scene teeming with police, in which a handcuffed man who looks quite a bit like Tamerlan—having been made to strip naked—is being hustled into a patrol car. The reporters speculated at the time that it might indeed be the bombing suspect.

Later on, the police issued a statement saying it was someone else, a case of mistaken identity. Fine. But who was it? Surely by now we can be told the name of that person—and presumably that person would have no problem recounting his harrowing evening. Perhaps the police are withholding his identity at his request—but given all the wild online speculation that the man in the video might have been Tamerlan himself, why not make more of an effort to clear up the matter? (While the original CNN video does not appear to be available online, numerous people copied and posted versions onto YouTube—and can be found there with a search on “naked man Watertown CNN.”)

Missing the Crucial Block

Somehow, the police managed to comb many blocks in Watertown, but not the block on which Dzhokhar was eventually found. As a result, police did not find him. A homeowner, David Henneberry, did—and that story is rather strange. As soon as the governor relaxed the order that everyone stay indoors (why would the police do that if a deadly terrorist was still on the loose?), Henneberry came out to his driveway, took a look at his boat and noticed, according to the Boston Globe, that

something was amiss. The straps weren’t quite right. The pads seemed somehow askew…. Henneberry, a former telephone company technician, climbed a ladder and peeked inside. There was blood. A lot of blood. And on the other side of the boat’s engine box there was a body.

The Dzhokhar Capture Story

Originally, we were told that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev held police at bay during a lengthy and formidable gun battle from the boat where he had taken shelter. We later learned that he was unarmed, and the hail of gunfire had all come from police. We did not learn what the basis for this deadly torrent was—especially because there’s no evidence that police even knew that the body Henneberry glimpsed on the floor of the boat was Tsarnaev’s, or that this bloodied body, which put up no resistance, was an imminent threat.

From NoBos to Rambos

 We were told that the brothers demonstrated great bravado and confidence with firearms, yet there’s no evidence that they possessed either the experience or skills for such a hypercharged performance. Ordinary people usually only turn into Rambo types in the movies. (Early stories that the brothers practiced at a firing range appear to have fizzled.)

FBI Monitoring

We were originally told that the FBI had no awareness of the brothers. Later, after reports surfaced that the Russians had warned the Americans about the brothers, the FBI admitted it had monitored them. Why the delay in admitting this? And if the FBI knew the brothers were potential problems, why did the bureau dismiss them as of no interest? The FBI has shown the capacity to be interested in, and a willingness to monitor, almost anyone, including peaceful anti-war protesters—so why the purported lack of interest in these two brothers, given the Russian concern?

How Radicalized Were They?

 It was widely reported that in 2010, Tamerlan declared that “I don’t have a single American friend, I don’t understand them.” But in a call to local radio station WEEI shortly after Tamerlan’s death, a good friend of his since 2005—an American—disputed this: “It’s not true—all of his friends were American.” Describing Tamerlan as “happy go lucky,” this American friend said he was “completely shocked” by the turn of events. He said there were no indications of anything amiss or afoot. In fact, he said, Tamerlan had called him just two months ago, and asked him to go skiing, and had been at his house in the past month.

Also, we are told that Tamerlan became more active and radical after the Russians and FBI took an interest in him. What’s this about? Blowback in response to what he felt was bullying by the feds?

Equally dubious is the evidence of his purported conversion. To wit, an article in which the New York Times interviewed some friends of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and concluded that during a trip last year, as the headline put it, “Suspect in Boston Bombing Talked Jihad in Russia.”

But if you read the report carefully, and think about it contextually, it’s pretty thin gruel. Imagine that you were looking into most any young person who went back to the “homeland”—where the homeland was the scene of war and unrest. Israel, Palestine, Northern Ireland, Kurdistan, etc. How shocking would it be that the young person might discuss his enthusiasm for the “cause” or even professions of interest to “suit up”? Would that be so unusual? Would it point to a probability of someone wanting to kill and maim a large number of innocent people in his adopted country—especially when the adopted country was not the enemy of the people in the homeland?

 Brothers in Arms?

For two brothers to become accomplices in this astonishing crime requires enormous bonds of trust, loyalty, and shared values. Yet friends of the brothers indicate no great closeness between the two. The younger one was apparently not influenced by his brother, and had virtually no interest in Islam or Chechen nationalism. Friends of the older brother barely knew his sibling. And when the older brother was in Russia being ”radicalized,” the younger brother was back here, doing normal kid stuff. How did Tamerlan bring Dzhokhar into this dastardly plot?


The whole story of Tamerlan’s burial is odd. First, police announced that the body was being entombed in an undisclosed location thanks to a “courageous and compassionate individual” who had come forward to cover the costs. What was courageous about that? Courageous to buck public sentiment? Why was it even necessary for a private individual to do this?

Another thing: We later learned that it was the Tsarnaev’s “Uncle Ruslan” who had claimed the body.

This was surprising because of the uncle’s poor relationship with his nephews, and his crucial early role in incriminating them. Within days of the bombing, the uncle had declared Tamerlan “a loser,” implying that he found it totally believable that his flesh and blood would commit this astonishing atrocity. We later learned that he hadn’t had contact with them for years. We also later learned (although not from mainstream news sources) that Uncle Ruslan worked in the oil and gas business and had intriguing connections—and that his ex-father-in-law was a high CIA official with ties to Chechen operations.

Will the burial of Tsarnaev near Richmond, Virginia, 550 miles from the scene of the crime, hinder any potential efforts to exhume his body and learn more about how he died?

Dead (and Almost Dead) Men Tell No Tales

 We have a case where one of the suspects was killed, and the other was nearly killed and literally silenced up to this point. Obviously, the key to this case would be to get Dzhokhar into a place where he could speak freely and without fear or coercion. What is happening on that front? There’s been a near blackout of information.

Anonymous Sourcing

 This story has seen constant leaks by “sources close to the investigation.” Assuming those leaks are authorized, what is the purpose? Assuming everyone is entitled to a fair trial, these leaks make it harder for Dzhokhar to get one—and consistently advance a hostile narrative.

 Kids with Cars

 There’s an awful lot of money and fancy cars around this story. Tamerlan had a Mercedes; Dzhokhar’s foreign friends had expensive cars. And the unnamed “carjacking victim”?  A 26-year-old engineer who had recently gotten his Masters, he had a brand new $50,000 Mercedes SUV and was “out for a spin” at the time of the alleged carjacking. Remember the classic journalistic advice: “Follow the money?” Maybe it should be Follow the Mercedes.

Cui Bono?

What motivations could anyone have to manipulate this tragedy in which three innocents were killed and hundreds were injured and maimed? What role does international jockeying for access to the tremendous mineral wealth in the republics on Russia’s southern flank play in the actions of terrorists at an iconic American sporting event? As we are reminded time and again, with Iraq (see this and this) with Libya, with Afghanistan, with just about any deep and complex story with global ramifications, you probe a little and pretty soon you’ve struck oil—or some other precious resource. Find a big story that doesn’t have money at its root, and it will be an unusual story, to say the least.

Also, in a time when our civil liberties are eroded and the security state expanded every time terrorists strike, we’d do well to always take a closer look.

GRAPHIC:  http://us.123rf.com/400wm/400/400/mtkang/mtkang1109/mtkang110900159/10599209-spider-web-illustration-for-background.jpg

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William Shanley

Excellent report. Keep asking probing questions, Russ!


My sentiments exactly! There are a whole lot more questions than answers and I could probably think of a few more to add to the list. I’ll be checking back often to see what’s been discovered.


Great job as always Russ. I will post this around.


Sadly, I don’t see most of these questions ever being answered or solved.


Fantastic article Russ.

A couple of things if I may bring up here.

Boston Globe tweeted “Officals: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.” here is a video showing the exact location that was announced to be the finish line location. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aO2xuMYjna4

Initially we were told that Saudi national Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi was a “person of interest” in the case. But now he is scheduled to leave the country with the full blessing of the U.S. government. Why was there such a rush to get him out of the United States?

Why did Barack Obama hold an unscheduled meeting with the ambassador from Saudi Arabia shortly after Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi was identified as a potential suspect?

Why did Michelle Obama visit Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi in the hospital?

On a different topic. I bought and read Family of Secrets and loved it.

Just one question, What is your opinion of author Webster Tarpley’s work? He has done a book similar to yours about JFK and Poppy Bush. Aswell as his book Sythetic Terror.

Thanks and keep up the great work.

Bill Krul

I wonder why Russ did not mention numerous reports of “Crisis actors” fake wounds, glass blown out of store front (at bomb site) and not in if “bomb” were on street and so on. Probing these issues would surely reveal information of importance. Interestingly Danny the engineer with the Mercedes that was supposedly hijacked by the “”bombers” has dropped completely out of the news.


We’re a little on the judicious side, sorry to say. We don’t just publish any rumor you hear–especially not that “crisis actor” stuff. Who needs actors when you can see how many real people were injured? HONESTLY!

Paul Barbara

Try watching this 5 minute clip:
Still so sure??


The injuries were not what we have been told AND there are no dead people associated with the Marathon Blast. ASK the MIT Officer about his cardiac arrest related to rapid blood loss yet this Jeff guy had bilateral traumatic lower extremity amputations and went for a wheel chair ride with no shock protocol instituted or IV fluids wide open in order to maintain a blood pressure to support life. Fraud Jeff, who by the way according to the FBI ID’d the suspects, would have died in a matter of minutes from organ failure related to rapid blood loss – he also made an impossible rapid recovery and was shown at a sporting event two weeks after the injury!! There is a link to an orthopedic surgeon in the veteran’s article; he states the injury was not real.Further, the FBI tried to refuse a picture; most likely they were concerned that Denise Richard who supposedly suffered a brain injury and is the mother of the little boy who supposedly died was caught in the shot!!

The FBI released photos where they photo shopped the suspects into a crime scene. The only credible accounts of what went on are the naked man video and the audio link below; these accounts of what had happened were fresh and not tainted by the FBI or news media influence. I have much, much more to share but this should get you started. The authorities took the suspects at the store-you hear early in the naked man video that there were two suspects in custody – the Watertown shootout was a game where only the authorities had amo. The car jacking is a complete fabrication by a FBI stooge who they could manipulate! Thank you for doing this; Jahar needs you–things are much worse than anybody could possibly realize and his buddies that have been taken into custody are not in any better shape; SIMULATED CRIMINAL CASES- nothing is real and there will be no legitimate justice!!! WE HAVE TO FIGHT FOR THESE KIDS!!!!

http://veteranstoday.com/2013/05/11/false-flag-theater-boston-bombing-involves-clearly-staged-carnage/ … … …

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bf5OuNgV3Ww … … …

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MKbaYadggv0# … … … account suspended


http://audio.weei.com/a/73784687/linda-calls-in-to-describe-the-scene-on-dexter-st-in-watertown.htm#q=linda … … …







Alex Tookey

Need to look into the Brothers Uncle who was married to CIA Graham Fullers Daughter and has worked for CIA front companies



Need to read this article!


Russ, a few more inconsistencies worth noting: we were initially told that MBTA Transit Police Officer Donohue was shot by the Tsarnaevs during the shootout. It later turned out that Donohue was hit by friendly fire.

Even stranger: How in the world did Dzhokhar Tsarnaev evade dozens of police officers after the shootout on Laurel Street as he fled in the SUV? It’s especially strange given that Dzhokhar dumped the SUV 4/10th of a mile away (near the corner of Spruce and Lincoln).

And what about after Dzhokhar dumped the car? Dzhokhar was found 4 blocks (!) from the abandoned the car (in the boat at 67 Franklin Street).

This means that, according to the official report, in the middle of the largest manhunt in Massachusetts history, the cops lost Dzhokhar in the space of less than half a mile.

Also, why weren’t dogs used to track him? Several photos show law enforcement officials using dogs at other sites (the bomb site, etc.).

Dianne Foster

Yes, they could have gotten Dzhokar with their able K-9 packs, but it was the public in six towns and Boston which learned the sit-stay command. That’s the first step in training. Who knows what the next one will be – walking on the leash perhaps.


“Even stranger: How in the world did Dzhokhar Tsarnaev evade dozens of
police officers after the shootout on Laurel Street as he fled in the
SUV? It’s especially strange given that Dzhokhar dumped the SUV 4/10th
of a mile away (near the corner of Spruce and Lincoln).”

Was wondering if anyone else would pick up on this. Here’s my impression.

“Oh shit, he’s driving away. I guess we lost him.”


Great summary of what 20,000+ people in various support groups have been asking and discussing. How can we make our voices heard?

Allen Jasson

Thanks, good questions, and more to come. The “authorities” really don’t want to give or allow anyone to get those answers and the MainStream Media presents no challenge to their expectations.


If the FBI have security videos showing the brothers placing the backpack bombs, why don’t they allow the media to show them?

Other than claims of having these videos, what evidence has been provided against the brothers except photos showing that they were there along with many other suspicious looking people with backpacks? As far as I can tell, everything we have been told comes from sources within law enforcement. Have any important witnesses been interviewed by the media?

This event should be placed in the same category as the Oklahoma City bombing, the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Tower, 9/11 and the killing of that old man in Abbottabad who wasn’t OBL. None of what we have been told makes any sense at all.


Their backpacks don’t even match the photo the FBI itself released. I don’t get it.


If anyone asks about that, they can stonewall. since they control the mainstream media, stonewalling works every time.

Paul T

I agree but most people can’t get their head around government being this evil. Reality today is almost like the movie They Live. I don’t think Russ along with millions of Americans will ever accept 9/11 as a government operation or believe the government would stage these drills to push a certain agenda even though it has occurred countless times throughout history.


I never believed that Osama Bin Laden was killed by our special forced in Pakistan. Bin Laden had long been dead before that. The whole operation was so secretive, messy, and they kept contradicting themselves. Then came the quick burial at sea. Yet, so many clueless people danced in the streets, popping champagne, believing that they were now much safer.

Suze O

If OBL was really the man killed in the Seal raid, how did he hide so long so close to the Pakistani equivalent of West Point? I didn’t suspect the Pakistani Secret Police hiding evidence from American spies so much as suspect Bush and Cheney were keeping it a secret. Musharaf was a good pal of theirs.

With the excuse that we were helping Pakistan find terrorists, Congress was sending them a lot of money. Pakistan, however, has always been more frightened of India than of terrorists, so they were using the money to buy US weapons to counter the Indian threat. The more money we gave them, the more they bought from us. Bush & Cheney were also great pals of the weapons contractors, so it was a great deal for them. In addition, Bush called off the group searching for bin Laden in 2003, the same year OBL moved into that compound. And the FIRST person Obama said he called after killing bin Laden was Bush!

Paul Barbara

Here in the UK we’ve been following this issue on our Forum; here is page 1 of 6 so far: http://911forum.org.uk/board/viewtopic.php?t=21882&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0
Check us out!
Some main probs with ‘Official Narrative’; the brothers’ aunt says ‘naked man arrested’ was definitely the elder brother; so how did he die in a shoot out, and get ‘run over’?
Police said younger brother shot at them from boat; but then said he was unarmed. Plenty more on our Forum!
London UK


That was debunked. It was some other guy and there are clearer pictures of him, at the arrest, and other online pics of him before the incident

Paul Barbara

Lots of correct info is ‘debunked’, as the perps obviously want their version believed.
If there are clearer pics, where are they? If there are online pics before the incident, where are they?
The pic, and the aunt’s statement that it is the elder brother, are up on our Forum above.
I’d be very interested to see these ‘pics’ you speak of.

Paul Barbara

Many of you will be aware of the ‘Gladio’ False Flag attacks in Europe, mainly in the ’80’s (the BBC 3-part series is up on the web, but I understand it is not available Stateside. However, you can still read articles about it.

It’s links with the suspected ‘False Flag’ of Boston, like Gulf of Tonkin, Lusitania, Northwoods, 9/11 etc. will be obvious.

Though bombings in Luxembourg happened between ’84 and ’86, new links with CIA’s ‘Gladio’ are just coming out.

Here are the links, but they are in German:
Despite the importance, there is absolutely NOTHING about it in the UK MSM.

Dianne Foster

The UK is completely contemptuous of truth if it gets in the way of power, and they have no real regard for their people. Never did.


Thank you again, Russ. Lots of interesting questions, and we’re just getting warmed up. It could be a revealing trial if it ever happens and the defense doesn’t role over at the sight of – you guessed it – old friend Attorney Carmen Ortiz.

Two points: 1 – we were told the deadly torrent at the boat was out of fear by the police, but then a special trained unit was brought in to help apprehend the suspect alive by use of flash grenades. It seems rational for the police to suspect the bomber was hiding in there. Also, don’t forget that the little brother was supposedly found with a wound to his throat so he couldn’t speak. But you can see in his court appearance transcript he had the ability to speak. 2 – Overlooked is the sad fact that Cambridge started the “courageous to allow for the body to be interred” baloney by refusing to allow the body to be buried there. I didn’t know they had the jurisdiction. Unbelievable!

I have been thinking it would be useful study to find the erroneous reports and trace what decisions were made by whom, and why, that lead to the bad information. Any chance such a study could be done? How about the FBI announcement that was called off because of a bomb threat. They don’t have caller ID?


The FBI should use this fiasco in a training guide for young trainees as an example of a hopelessly botched,
stupidly handled operation. Every hour we got a different version of things without any clarification. Reminds me of the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.


With all due respect Bruce, every FBI agent involved in this charade should do any teaching that you suggest in prison to their fellow inmates!! The initial report by the ME as far as the cause of death on Tamerlan was “leaked” and a media flurry called it a HOMICIDE. The articles soon changed and I believe the Death Certificate is fraudulent. There is no basis in fact that could have been on any autopsy report where the COD could include a notation that Tamerlan was ran over and dragged. The body had no tread marks nor did it have any “road rash” type wounds. NO WHERE ON THE DOCUMENT DOES IT STATE HOMICIDE. The audio witness’ description validates that the Death Certificate could have definitely stated homicide and IMO should say Homicide but that all got shoved under a corrupt rug!




V Terranova

The on the spot report was two explosions. What happened to the second one? The video shows people standing between the one man who falls. Why weren’t they and others closer hit? Has anyone interviewed the victims? Checked the death certificates to see if someone really died?

Harold Smith

Of course, there are other aspects of this “story” that the author didn’t mention; e.g., the obvious fakery showing a “victim” in a wheelchair with his legs allegedly blown off (but after losing maybe 25% of his blood and body mass he’s not even unconscious). And where are the victim’s dismembered body parts? On the moon? Unlike the case in a “real” bombing, when real people are maimed and killed, e.g., in Sri Lanka after an attack by the Tamil Tigers, the missing 50 lbs or so of body parts are not visible in any of the pictures.

And how did the “victim” manage to position himself next to a bomb ostensibly containing 20+ lbs of an explosive, but only lose his legs and not die? Instead he’s got no shrapnel wounds? His torso is unscathed?

And why would the bombers use “black powder”? Compared to other explosives, It’s expensive, possibly difficult to get, relatively low powered and ineffective, and technically risky (how do you know the bomb is going to behave the way you want it to without some testing)?

Lastly the hair color of the “victim” in the wheel chair does not match that of the person identified as “Jeff Bauman”. The hair of the alleged “victim” clearly has a reddish cast to it, whereas the hair color of “Jeff Bauman” is a very dark brown – almost black.

Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus…absent solid proof, the whole “government” version of events has to be deemed a lie.


Crisis actors used by the military to train recruits before going to Afghanistan/Iraq. Photos I’ve seen look like a staged fiction.

Karen Berman

It is possible that both were there. Crisis actors for the bomb drill and the actual victims from the actual bombs. We just had a drill at our local airport – crisis actors in injury mode and all

Dianne Foster

I might go along with the second as real if the scene there was not so pristine. It too is part of the deception, because the inflated number of amputations (20+ at this time) are impossible. It was a second smoke bomb, period.

Suze O

As for having “only” his legs blown off: we don’t know the trajectory of the bomb contents. Instead of up and out, it may have been more parallel to the ground. And the victims who died could have taken some of the more direct blast. Also, the injuries on the man being wheeled out DON’T look fake, and if you look at the full photo actually showing the legs (the more widely distributed photo has been cropped to spare people the gore – a nurse friend posted the full length one to my facebook page), you can see that the man in the cowboy hat is squeezing shut what is probably a femoral artery. The one on the other leg appears to be tied down somehow. Onlookers moved in fast, and there were a LOT of nearby medical responders from facilities in close proximity. He may not have lost so much blood so quickly.

Harold Smith

Nonsense. Where are the victim’s dismembered body parts, “Suze”? I’ve been on an ambulance call where someone was maimed in an explosion, and I can tell you they’re still on the scene.

If you look at the pictures from Boston you see no body parts. Contrast that to a real explosion (i.e., not a Hollywood pyrotechnic like we had here), e.g., in Sri Lanka, after an attack by the Tamil Tigers…and guess what…you see body parts here and there.

And why are all the victims huddled together after the blast? A real bomb produces pressure that tends to scatter people and things away from the blast. Whereas the “victims” shown in the alleged post-blast pictures are only a few feet apart. Why?

And why did the media even show this “gore” in the first place? Usually it is customary in the U.S. TO NOT SHOW graphic pictures of the victims of accidents and crimes, etc. The first thing that happens after a gory accident, for example, is that sheets get put over victims. If this were a “real” bombing, cops would be on the scene immediately and would be confiscating and smashing cameras. They wouldn’t let people take pictures. The fact that we’re not only seeing this “gore” in the first place, but it’s being shoved in our faces…is highly suspicious in itself. I wouldn’t be surprised to see tee-shirts on sale at the local mall depicting ol’ legless.

Lastly, ol’ legless has different hair color than the person later depicted in the “hospital”, identified as “Jeff Bauman”. Ol’ legless has reddish-brown hair, whereas Bauman’s hair is very dark brown – almost black.

Taken collectively, the “official” story is a laughably absurd lie.

Dianne Foster

Their big mistake was to inflate injury victims. It gave the skeptics the first clue that this was a fake. Then they made believe that the ragged end of a marathon, long after the winners left, was heavily attended – which even their pictures show it was not. Not a chance were there hundreds at the scenes of the two explosions. Not a chance would a bomb with shrapnel leave a light fixture, trees, banners, and fencing unscathed while boring only into human bodies. Of course they had to do some messing up several hours later, after the non-destruction cat was out of the bag. So they came back and took out a telltale tree (let’s call it the Liberty Tree) and broke up a couple of benches. Their handiwork progress can be seen through several pictures which the mainstream media has never paid the slightest attention to. They have their marching orders. I don’t think Mr Baker is without energy. For some reason he merely raises doubts and questions, fruitful I am sure in their way. But before Galileo there were many elaborate theories to explain the motion of the planets too. All successful in their way, but lacking a critical factor: the heliocentric solar system. This plot in all its multiplicity depends upon your not discarding the bombing as advertised, the actual destructive shrapnel-filled devices. Then you are acceptable to the authorities. It is an article of faith – “I believe”. I don’t believe in this human-created lie. The authorities are not my gods. They are, in this case, criminals. They have deceived the public and they think it is benign. But the ramifications to people beyond the event – the law enforcement types riding roughshod – they’d have no mandate without the bombing. They would not have been able to kill mere suspects. Unfortunately, they now think they can wipe out terror wherever they imagine it lies. They now have a license to kill, and the event sold the public on their right to it. The Big Lie continues to pollute the public discourse and force people to converse in lies. It is tyranny.


Additional oddities:

Originally there were “4 bombs” reported. The 2 known that exploded. One unexploded which was later “detonated in a controlled explosion” and one “which was at first thought to be a fire but later confirmed to be a bomb.” (all per the heavy set man who gave briefings in the first days.)

The only picture of the Dzhokar leaving the scene without a backpack shows heavy signs of manipulation. This picture was taken by a world traveler who was the creator of GreenTrak (Wall street investment tracking software. The original photo on his phone shows evidence of a backpack. And this is also the “only photo” which he took.

No video has been made public which shows the men planting the bomb which is said to exist.

The video which was released showing the suspects with the packs shows them walk by a man in a doorway who appears to acknowledge Tamerlan, then rubs his hands together and immediately puts a listening device in his ear.

There is a picture of one of the craft man (heavy set one) with his black bag in the exact location of the bomb by Exetor St.

The bag originally reported to have contained a detonated bomb appears to more closely match the bags of the craft men than with those of the suspects. (due to the color, material and tag)

Dzhokar wore no sunglasses and even had his hat reversed. Both of these actions imply he either stupidly thought there was no chance of him being identified, that he had a concrete escape plan, that he didn’t care if he was apprehended or that he was unaware of the plot.

Of course, all of this could be nothing and could be ironed out by the proper authorities with minimal effort since they hold all the known facts.

There is a lot of evidence that shows both knew and even purchased the black powder from Phantom Fireworks via several mortar kits. But as anyone here knows, when certain things are at stake, certain groups will go a long way to achieve their ends and double or triple agents, and even complex teams of operatives can never be discarded in theory.

Dianne Foster

This came through in the multiple Oswald sightings around the killing of JFK – ringers sent out to spread the legend. You want my opinion, I didn’t think the suspects filmed at the Marathon looked enough like the brothers.


What about the 3 friends who were arrested?


The craft people turned out to CST but it still is a mystery…

Karen Berman

Those CST emblems on their back looked photo shopped to me.


Here is the filed complaint, which helps us see what the official story is. http://cbsboston.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/criminal-complaint-130421-1847.pdf

Michael Deloatch

I am utterly skeptical of these events, driven in part by a strange encounter I had a few days before the events transpired thousands of miles away.

But I wasn’t too surprised that the “remains” ended up in Virginia. Ever since the days of trashing my state by Honest Abe, the Yankees have been sending their unsightly refuse down here…



I think the Clues Forum has this right, nobody died, the victims are vic-sims and it is an act of media Fakery.

Karen Berman

I can’t imagine that can be true. Do you know how many people would have to be in on that. Hundreds.. there were real bombs and real victims — ? is who built those bombs and set them off


There were some injuries but not the extent we are told and your “real bombs” were Hollywood type bombs-the same you would see in movies. The injuries were related to panic and possibly burns related to screwing up a not so controlled “controlled explosion”. What is so frightening is not only are there hundreds in on it but there are thousands and it is carried throughout the country right down to the comments associated with news articles. The Boston Globe controls the up and down votes in the comment section to their bogus articles. It is a huge racketeering scheme including the charities, the news media, our politicians and even our courts. All three federal branches are involved and a large part of the private sector. The goal is to change our civil liberties, our constitutional rights, and to rob us of cold hard cash. All of the aforementioned are part of a bigger plan to instill control over the general population not among the “elite”. NEVER did I even consider the “conspiracy theory” type mind set that is out there today but this instant matter does not meet the criteria of a conspiracy theory; what has been done in the instant matter is CRIMINIAL and it is supported by solid material evidence. Where do we take that evidence? http://www.globalresearch.ca/america-s-corrupt-legal-system/885

Philip LaFrance

The bombing incident and the follow-up investigation have more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese. What about in recent days the FBI is saying that the Russians held back info? What about the MSM still staying the 7-11 was robbed by the younger brother? What kind of authority does this Craft outfit have in investigating criminal acts? Why wasn’t the older brother cremated, one cannot believe our government is sensitive to the Muslim Koran, can we? Why according to vides seen on Infowars were the cops involved in a wild west shoot-out with invisible gunmen. The most glaring aspect of this heinous crime is that it has become “old News”.
Confusion is an art. Our government is performing brilliantly in this area. It takes the likes of Russ Baker and others to root out the demons from their lair.
Can someone tell me why the Aurora shooter is supposedly to be given truth serum? Where is his lawyer? Where is the outrage? Where is the law that as Americans hold so dear? What’s going on?


Another question about Boston bombing: First, watch this Youtube:
What is this guy holding? – Boston Marathon Bombing
He is holding a RADIATION ALERT Inspector model geiger counter. Who does he work for? Why is he measuring for radiation? A ‘team’ dressed like this agent all had black backpacks.


Craft International mercenary personnel. Why were they on the scene?

gungho jon

When the people in charge lie once, all future justifications or investigations are going to be lies as well. Why trust people who are dishonest about everything and make the population slaves.
The state are the real terrorists!


If the brothers were true terrorists why did they not have a plan to escape the New England area before being identified by the FBI?


I’ve thought of that… if you’re a scapegoat, you’re promised certain things… protection, money, a clear path out of the country, etc. As ‘patsies’, those things would disappear as soon as the bombs went off. Then your ‘contacts’ no longer answer their phones. Scheduled meets don’t happen as planned. You’re identified, trapped and alienated. That’s when the fun starts. Panic sets in and with no safe houses, compatriots or money you may start to do stupid things.
I’m not sure I believe all the post-bomb incidents attributed to them but if they are eventually shown to be involved this would certainly be a reasonable way to look at why there seemed to be no plan after-the-fact…


Our coprporate government owns everything. Don’t believe it?
Watch Clint Richardson’s “The Great Pension Fund Hoax”
Prove is their own paperwork, please check it out.
What’s their end game?
They control the money creation.
Wake up please…………….”For evil to triumph, all good men need do is NOTHING”
VeritasView channel youtube VeritasView@aol,com


I think it’s pretty obvious what’s going on here. This is another FBI setup to thwart a terror attack that went horribly wrong. There have been numerous FBI thwarted terror attacks that we learn they actually created by getting a young man who may have been angry at the government (geez I wonder why) to engage in terrorist activities by goading them to do so. I would bet this is exactly the case and killing Tamerlan was to silence him. Dzohkhar probably knew very little and can not point the finger back at the FBI.

Suze O

I share this suspicion. The FBI has set up stings using susceptible people and then nabbed them before they committed the attack. This time, perhaps, the bombers may have assembled the bombs, then somehow escaped the authorities’ notice or perhaps set the bombs in other locations than the ones suggested by “handlers”.

I also don’t like the contradiction between the “shootout” that Dzohkhar allegedly had with the police (in which he would have been quite visible to the boat owner – popping above cover to take aim, instead of hiding in the darkness) and the later news that he was taken unarmed. In that case, how did he get the wound to the throat that may prevent him from talking?


Remember the story that came out a couple of weeks ago that the original plan was to have the bombs go off during the 4th of July celebrations? What if their patsy decided on their own to do it earlier?

Karen Berman

False Flag.


Awesome compilation of questions, topics, and anomalies..


Why isn’t the younger brother speaking out? Has he been assigned counsel?

Karen Berman

Yes, Judy Clarke and team


What about the fact there have been reports that the Uncle’s ex wife was the daughter of an ex CIA bigshot!


What about people reading our article before posting comments–so as not to embarrass yourself? That fact is in the piece.


His name is Graham Fuller. Ruslan Tsarnaev married his daughter and lived in his house for a year. Ruslan famously denounced the boys as “losers”, although there had been no apparent interchange between him and the lads in recent years.


Another commenter who does not read the article before posting his comment. Honestly, what you “added” here is both in the article itself and all over the Internet. We’re going to have to insist on some kind of competency/honesty/non-laziness criteria for posted comments.


My suggestion: drop the attitude.
Don’t let your ego get in the way. Both Steve and Bruce did not do anything meriting criticism.


You’re as bad as they are. This has nothing to do with ego. We do not want people commenting here who very plainly did not even bother to first read the article upon which they are commenting. Is this so hard to understand? Both Steve and Bruce’s comments claimed to point out information missing from the article–which was in fact included in the article. Ok? Enough of this. We are getting complaints from readers about idiotic comments diminishing the site. It has to stop or we begin editing them out. Or we terminate comments altogether.


Steve is the guy who didn’t read. I think Bruce was just stating facts, or even clarifying, which doesn’t merit criticism. So we just have a misunderstanding going here.


Pot calling the kettle black, Russ. You criticize Bruce for doing what you did.

“Honestly, what you “added” here is both in the article itself and all over the Internet.” I can make the same claim about your entire article. Your article did not add anything to this story that wasn’t already dug up by others and posted on the internet. There is nothing original in your article.


Youre even more obnoxious than he is. Please, if you dont like what’s here, go somewhere else and find a place for your unhappiness. Nobody is forcing you to read the analysis–which obviously doesnt even constitute analysis in your book.


What an asshole. As a journalist when someone calls you with a tip you sound like the kind of reporter who says “We already know that,” instead of just thanking them for the tip, the kind I make point of getting rid of. You should be thankful people visit your site and treat them with respect.


Russ — you’re awesome. Please do so stay.


You missed the most important and relevant fact. The authorities never proved that these guys did it. They say they have video of the brothers putting their knapsacks on the ground and walking away. Why don’t they show the public this? Unless they do there is not a shred of evidence that they did it.


Is it possible they’re not showing the video out of respect for the victims (and yes there really were victims – people who saying there were no victims ought to taste their own medicine and find out for themselves)? I don’t want to see a kid get blown to pieces. However, this supposed video is of course a critical piece of evidence. The governor of Mass said he has seen it. The question is, did the perpetrators knowingly place live explosives there? Again, why? Why? Why?


No the governor did not see it. Governor Patrick said he hadn’t viewed the videotape but had been briefed by law enforcement officials about it.


I stand corrected about Patrick. Thank you.


Focussing on How they did it and Why they did it, and so on, seems blind to the EASIER How and Why answers: They didn’t.

As they were ‘friends’ of the FBI, it’s the simplest trick of all for an FBI ‘contact’ to call them to meet at the marathon and when they walked by, and the patsy photos were taken, then somebody-gee-I-wonder-who triggers the bomb.

For themselves the brothers are clueless that it’s going to be blamed on them, they’re just two guys along the street looking for the ‘contact’ person they were called to meet there.


You have to consider all possibilities, not which is easier.

lone dissenter

you cannot possibly believe a single person was actually hurt during that fake bombing scenario after viewing the photos carefully. http://nodisinfo.com/Home/


The victims’ descriptions of their injuries, and the observations of the first responders, are more compelling than photos.


The Governor of MA said he did not see it!


any photo/video evidence is untrustworthy in this day of technological capabilities….they could make Humphrey Bogart star in the next Star Trek epic.

Karen Berman

I find it interesting that they saw him dropped the backpack and bomb, but then they found the backpack in the landfill?? Could there have been writing on the boat and could it actually have said “set up” FBI tried to take Boston PD cell phones/photos for a reason.


On CBS news reporter John Miller, a former FBI spokesman revealed that the wounded, scared, dehydrated, weak Dzhokhar ‘found a pen” in near total darkness in the boat, somehow managed to scrawl in the dark, on the side of the boat’s interior,
a message defined by Miller as a “confession”. Could you pitch that story in Hollywood?


Did the majority of Americans question the 9/11 hijacker’s passport that was allegedly found on a NY street close to where the towers went down?

The media will report it as truth. The sheep will accept it as truth.


People are easily fooled. Too easily. Americans are not known for keen critical perception. Proof of that? Watch popular TV and movies.


These corrupt people are beyond belief. Like we are suppose to believe this story a month after the event. The simple fact of the matter is Jahar was tortured, and although I believe none of the news where the corrupt media is reporting for a corrupt government, no confession is admissible if coerced because of or during torture. Further, the corrupt judge with her bogus order regarding Judy Clarke, an attorney who is skilled in defending criminal defendants who have been charged with a capital offense, included a lame excuse as to why the Jahar’s signed affidavit regarding his finances required for the appointment of an attorney was not on the docket. There is a strong appearance that he has been set up with a simulated criminal case. He does not even have a US District Judge assigned to this capital case! I fear that soon we will be hearing that Jahar wanted to be a martyr and killed himself; I pray every minute of every day that I am wrong. I believe someone went on the boat before they bombarded him with bullets and flash bangs. I believe his carotid artery was cut and that is why he was bleeding so heavily and was so weak when SWAT arrived. I do not believe this neck injury was sustained during the Watertown event; he would not have survived bleeding for nearly 20 hours without resuscitative support. I believe they thought SWAT would find a dead man and they failed again!




Chris Pinon

Why did they wait until 4 hours and 9 minutes into the race to detonate the pressure cookers?


Who said they timed it carefully? It makes no difference as long as people are there.


There will be more runners at 4 hours, then at 3 hours. More at 3 hours then at 2 hours. Lots of people can run a 4 hour marathon. Fewer can run it in three hours, and very few at 2.5 hours. This is not so mysterious.

Jakey Lee Rothschild

“Boston” Loved the movie and the screenplay. Barney Fife cop
actors could of been better. Sux people got hurt on set.


I transcribed 5 hours of police scanner recordings from 3 PD’s that night.
1. The 7-11 robbery reported a BOLO for 5’11”, 200 dark or hispanic male, cowboy hat and dark clothes.
2. It was reported on air that there was “video surveillance” at the scene of the MIT shooting. 2 officers went upstairs to look at it.
3. The MIT officers gun was reported missing – and later found away from the scene. 2 eye witnesses reported: 1 on Vasser and 1 at the Marriot down the street. A BOLO was issued for MIT matching the above description of the 7-11 shooter.
4. Reported carjacking occured at 1001 Cambridge Street – not in Alston Area. Carjacking narrative changed 3 times and still not right


According to the scanner reports – the gun was found due west at 15 Vasser – this is just around the corner from where the shooting occured. This is also where the 1st reported “eye” witness was reported. I am thinking since the BOLO issued for the MIT shooting matches the 7-11 robbery suspect – the eye witness must have seen confirmed by the surveillance tapes overlooking the entrance to Building 32 (where he was shot) as well as the Marriot employee down main street. All confirm the same description – so, it wasnt the brothers. I seriously doubt the MIT officer shooting is faked – his anguished crys of “officer down” are on the scanner, followed minutes later by frantic officers calling for EMT’s and backup etc.,

I agree the carjacking does not add up – but we dont know enough to say it did not happen at all.(Remember the best lies mix some truth in too)

The carjacking victim does say that during the 90 minute ride they went into Watertown at least twice: once to ditch the Honda and transfer “luggage” and later to gather CD’s and “stuff”. He mentioned seeing a street sign “Fairfield.” That is a cross street of Dextar – a block from where they later spotted by police at 81 Dextar before the shootout started. I think the brothers “cruising” this area of Watertown is why LE engaged in a 24/7 colonscopy of the neighborhood. The brothers were there for a reason looking or waiting for someone.

The ATM pik was date stamped at 11:14 pm and fits inside the carjacking timeline.

The reason I question the surveillance photo at the Shell Station with JT in the foreground and someone else in the background – is because it was from that store clerk and the carjacking victim descriptions – that the BOLO was issued for 2 middle eastern men 5’7″ slender, one dark and one with facial hair – That does not describe Tamerlan (he was a heavy weight – 6’4″ and 220 or more. The surveillance pik shows a much smaller man and yes he looks like Tamerlan but he also looks like JT. So – I question?

I heard the photo shop of the hat comment – I dont know – it just looks like an ill fitting hat to me – I just dont know.

One last thing – From the scanner reports it was clear the police were describing a gun fight, a get away, an extended foot chase of two or more suspects, other gun shots fired from a stolen state police vehicle, several blocks away from where Tamerlan went down – and at least 3 suspects in custody with another on the loose.
This and the Kitzenberg photo showing (IMHO) a body at the feet of Tamerlan – all point to other suspects (handlers) involved.


State Police SUV’s – Mercedes 350’s.
TT could have been run over by the black one as described by at least two eye witnesses. I reiterate, there are at least three different police officers who describe “stolen state police suv” firing shots on Adams Street, (Emotional, yelling, scared -1st report) then moments later at Hazel and Dexter (2nd report – this is where an officer is reported down) – and then finally a third report – where an officer confirms the previous two reports – in a much calmer state of mind.


5. Surveillance picture (original) of JT inside Shell station shows a man standing behind JT, outside behind the glass wearing white hat.
6. Surveillance picture of JT leaving ATM wearing white hat. Who is the man in the white hat with JT that night.
7. BOLO for carjacking – is issued for 2 middle eastern men 5’7″, slender, one dark, clean shaven, the other with facial hair.
8. Brothers were first spotted at 81 Dextar. Later reports put them in this area of Watertown at least 3 other times that night. Why?
9. Gun battle erupts on Laurel at Dextar. Officers then report “suspects” turning around trying to get away. Officers report suspects “out of car” running through backyards, firing weapons.


10. 3 separate reports from officers tell of stolen police SUV (which is a black Mercedes too) firing shots – on Adams Street, on Hazel Street and Dextar. Officer down at Hazel.

11. 3 reported suspects in custody. 1 on the ground in need of EMT’s at Laurel, one at Hazel and Dextar and one at Upland and Dextar. The one at Upland & Dextar is released.

12. How did Green Honda get to Laurel? How did brothers throw bombs out of window if they were each driving?

13. Andy Ketzenberg pictures: one showing two men standing behind Mercedes – one shooting – also show a large silhouette of a man on the ground? further analaysis needs to be done. AK says that it is a couple do back packs – but later pictures in daylight show the backpacks laying there and they are much smaller than what you can see in the early morning (dark) picture.

best scanner recordings: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qmTjbvTz-g&list=PLSf5S1DvDTwg2p8_RLVK6Ipma9TaJZZCH


Please get in touch with us via the site’s contact form. Thanks.


Is the guy to the left of JT in the surveillance photo the same guy who was shot in Orlando? Naked Man on the CNN video? He matches the description issued in the BOLO as described by Danny and the Shell Clerk. He is 5’9″ according to his MMA bio. TT is 6’4″. Thats just to big a descrepancy.


Here are photos.


Here is the Ketsenberg photo I was talking about.


Here is another interesting twist. This picture appeared in either the Herald or the Globe cant remember which – guy was arrested in the Commons – couple hundred feet from the bombing. Did anyone say white hat?


an hour or so later.


I also heard Tamerlan was cruising the local mosque acting all radical , while in his private life he was anything but; partying quite a lot and showing signs like he had come into money….could he have been playing surveillance agency asset/spy supposedly ferreting out the radically disaffected all the while building story, and later used as part of the bomb drill as a patsy with the younger brother just a tag along? Many questions indeed….the white square evident on the top of a backpack worn by a (war) craft agent and a backpack with identical white square evident in a photo of the exploded bomb and burst backpack, with another photo of the same individual without backpack. All this realising photographic evidence is easily faked;such as the photo by a Dr. Green just after an explosion apparently with the younger bro caught in the frame without his GREY coloured backpack which experts assess has been photo shopped… and on and on. Good luck to Mr. Baker ever getting anywhere near the truth on this one and if he does how to prove it? Normally I never bother with Alex Jones, but he has dropped this story like a hot potato.


My question is how could Tamerlan afford an expensive round trip airfare to Russia. It is reported that he and his wife and child were on public assistance, no job, no money.

Karen Berman

Well,look at some of the other stories going around. It has been reported that he attended a CIA training camp and that he may be been a agent or double agent. Not much of a story in and of itself I guess, but when you consider the recent report from Russian busting a CIA spy who was recruiting in Dagastan, well, maybe there is something to it. Dzhokhar sure got citizenship rather quickly too.


I don’t think so; he’d been living in the States for a decade.


Another thing that doesn’t make sense–if the brothers were upset over the way our military has been deployed against Muslims, why would they target a crowd of civilians? By targeting the marathon crowd, they could take a chance of killing Muslims in the crowd.
It would make sense that they would target military or political groups instead.

On the other hand, if the rogue elements of our government wanted to cause fear in the masses, they would target civilians.


Quite interesting that all this occurred as the House Appropriations DHS Committee was doing mark-ups planning for the 2014 fiscal year and how now every report demands more money because of this Boston Marathon Bombing. They don’t get to make us pay for terror orchestrated by them and then ask for more money because of the threat of terror. THESE PEOPLE- ALL THREE BRANCHES–are corrupt as hell!! http://appropriations.house.gov/files/?CatagoryID=34797

I am afraid we are a one party nation and that the bickering between these so called public servants is merely a ruse to appear relevant. We appear to have the Psychopathic Party running the show at every level of government and it appears a good part of the private sector has joined them. http://www.opednews.com/articles/Patterns-of-Psychopaths-So-by-Rob-Kall-130515-574.html

Defense Against the Psychopath – Stefan Verstappen on GRTV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9-X85tlHvM&list=UU7TvL4GlQyMBLlUsTrN_C4Q

Karen Berman

I’m so glad to know I am not the only one questioning this story. It’s also very curious that Devans Medical Center does not seem to have Dzhokhar listed as an inmate.


Very Concerning!!!

Harold Saive

Archives of the Boston Bombing with photo evidence of moulage kits with bottles of fake blood. http://chemtrailsplanet.net/category/boston-bombing/


Thanks for the work you do, Russ Baker. Thanks for having the guts to ask the tough questions. And thanks for your groundbreaking book about the Bush Family. American needs you in these dark times. Godspeed.


I second everything you wrote TomHerzog.


as all question this event…we still wait for the official police report from sandy hook…..time marches on…

RD Sultan

These guys did it but who they were working for (CIA, FBI, FSB, lonewolves), I don’t know.


I think you missed a few smoking guns. The official FBI affidavit for charges claims the brothers both arrived to the “alleged” shootout in the Mercedes. The official Watertown Police versions has them arriving in the brother’s Honda and the Mercedes. Eyewitness have the older brother struck by a Police SUV, then shot multiple times before the Mercedes and contingency of Police even arrived.


The older brother’s boxing trainer that see him every day stated there is no mistaking the man in the marathon pictures is NOT the older brother. He said there is no mistaking the real older brother’s nose. Yet, the ET reporter smoothed right over it as though it were no big deal. Why wasn’t the body sent back to the parents who have next legal claim to it? Why are the younger brother’s friends locked up by the FBI for “missing classes”? The brothers may have part of this Op, but our government did it without question. Our media is silent.

Dianne Foster

I agree. The alleged brothers at the Marathon looked different from the pictures I saw, and if someone who knew the older brother felt it wasn’t him, then I would hesitate to swallow the story. Ringers were used to implicate Oswald in the JFK murder, if one recalls. They went around spreading a legend about him.


Numerous comments to this article say it is convincing. What are we to be convinced of? Baker is pointing to gaps or inconsistencies which may be malicious or may have very simple answers, as I suspect many do. This article raises questions but answers none, which is fine since that is the purpose. So, this should be a starting point, not an endpoint. No one should be yet convinced..


What is becoming more evident in alleged terrorist events is that concrete evidence does not have to be provided to back up accusations. Just once, I’d like to see some convincing evidence that would back up what law enforcement are telling us . . . evidence that would clarify all the conflicting stories the media has put out.

We were never shown concrete evidence that proved the 19 hijackers pulled off 9/11.

We were never shown concrete evidence that the old man murdered in Abbottabad was OBL.

We were never shown evidence that explained how the bombs inside the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City got there or why the media covered it up.

The lack of evidence pattern goes much farther back than OK City.


Where are the conflicting stories on the boston marathon case? To give an initial impression of something and then revise it as more information becomes available is not conflicting, nor does it mean that the revised information is covering up the initial impression.


We were never shown concrete evidence that proved the 19 hijackers pulled off 9/11.

Great point, payne100. We are certain, that on the day before 9/11/01, on 9/10, the Pentagon’s comptroller announced that their auditing team (the DIA’s Financial Management staff) had uncovered the unaccounted for sum of $2.3 trillion in DoD funds, and that on the morning of 9/11/01, an airliner crashed into the west wall of the Pentagon, killing almost the entire auditing team, and severely injuring the rest (the DIA’s Financial Management staff).

Just as we are certain that on 5/09/13, the IRS announced that they were undertaking the largest tax investigation in history, and international joint effort with Australia and the UK, looking into untaxed trillions parked in offshore tax havens, and that the next day we are treated to a newsy crapfest when the CorporateMedia claims several IRS agents looking into Koch brothers front groups is utterly scandalous.

We also know that President Obama appointed a Citigroup hedge fund manager, Jack Lew, as his treasury secretary — wonder what the new IRS chief’s background is? ? ?


Major General Albert Stubbledine, former head of all U.S. intelligence and member of the military intelligence hall of fame, says he has analyzed the photos and that no plane hit the Pentagon. He also says the towers were brought down by explosives.

He was totally ignored by U.S. corporate media. This interview was in Germany:



There’s an old saying many of us recall who actually served in branches of the US military (unlike Geo. W. Bush and John Boehner): Real leaders never make it above the rank of colonel — witness the likes of Donald MacGregor and recently Lt.Col. Yingling in Iraq. I would never cite Stubblebine (or Colin Powell) as a source — just a word to the wise, dude!


I’m not usually impressed with military bigwigs. The reason I am posting Gen Stubbledine’s comments is because what he says makes so much more sense than the lies we have been told. And what possible motive could he have for saying this if it weren’t true? I’m not a dude. I’ve been around for 73 years now.


I became convinced before the day was finished that the FBI was lying and were probably involved with at least the oldest brother for a long time.and the Boston police were lying for unknown reasons. The initial result was that martial law was declared with orders for everyone to stay in their homes and that cops went in and searched homes and private property without any kind of warrant or reasonable suspicion. As Payne100 wrote where is the evidence? A kid with a backpack and sunglasses walking in a crowd is evidence of a kid with a backpack and sunglasses and that’s all it is.


Let’s not get carried away. No marshall law was ever declared. Boston bombing skeptics complain about Tsarnaev being treated as guilty before a trial, but the comments written here, and insinuated by Baker, is that the government is guilty by default in the absence of any proof.


A.S. is absolutely right here. (And I’m a huge Baker fan.) All that can be said is that we should not be accepting the official story until more is established. On the other hand, nothing else can be assumed or concluded. We have just unanswered questions.


After 11 years the unanswered questions of 9/11 are still unanswered. The unanswered questions were never asked by the corporate media. The media won’t ask any questions about the Boston contradictions either. Unless the majority of us keep pushing for the truth, nothing will happen except more of our rights will be stripped from us.


I didn’t say stop pushing for the truth… We should always be doing that. What I mean is that we can’t be pushing for the truth while at the same time accepting an alternate explanation/truth. It’s difficult to do this, and so far Baker has been walking that fine line very well. The distinction is between persistently asking intelligent questions, or coming off as an aggressive loon…


Why does the boston marathon story tend to drift to 911?


9/11 was a false flag operation which enabled the fake war on terror. The Boston bombing appears to be another false flag event designed to support the fake war on terror .


A little early to claim a false flag for the boston bombing, don’t you think? I don’t understand how one can object to the lack of information regarding this incident while at the same time draw a conclusion that requires a detailed amount of information.


I said “appears to be” a false flag operation.

I am objecting to lack of “evidence” against the brothers. Proving they were there is not proof of guilt. The FBI claims they have concrete evidence in the security videos but they won’t show the videos to the public and probably never will. They haven’t released the security videos at the Murrah building that would show if McVeigh was alone in the Ryder truck–18 years ago. They haven’t released the security videos that would show whether an airliner hit the Pentagon–11 years ago.

We’re not going to see those videos.


i am not aware of a case where the evidence was made public before the trial. hopefully this will not be a military tribunal thing like some knuckle heads have been crying for. i think we’ll see it. even the zacharius mossaui (sp?) trial is on line. maybe not everything is there but the amount of information is massive.


I doubt seriously there will be a trial.
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has waited 11-1/2 years for his trial without one in sight.
When the secret government doesn’t have evidence for conviction, the defendant is simply locked away forever without a trial.


No trial? Do you mean that a deal will be struck or that habeas corpus will be ignored? KSM is in Guantanamo and will go before a military tribunal, where all rules of sanity break down. But a federal trial for the accused boston marathon bomber will proceed. I don’t think this trial can be delayed anymore than the O.J. witness trial could have been. It’s too much in the public eye.


If there is a federal trial it may turn out to be similar to the McVeigh trial where the real evidence is not shown. The FBI had security videos that would have shown McVeigh getting out of the Ryder truck alone. The videos were never shown.


They said part of Dhzokhar’s boat note said he didn’t mourn his brother because he
was a martyr. There was no way he could’ve known for certain that his
brother was even dead while hiding in the boat.

Karen Berman

And I doubt a manifesto could be written, but hey, you never know


after he was shot, he drove a car, evaded police (for a while), hid in a boat, and shot back at police. what is the big deal about writing a note? it’s no fun being a martyr if no one knows it.


How could he have shot at police from the boat when he had no gun?


I think you are right. Originally the report was that he fired back, but apparently no gun in the updated accounts. Nevertheless, he was a busy guy for quite a while.


He had his smart phone. He could easily have known.


Where do you get the info that he had a phone with him. I can’t find that anywhere.


wasn’t he texting his buddies which led them to throw away evidence?


Again, where did you get that info?


He was texting them right before he fled.


Did you think Carey Grant was a criminal after watching North By Northwest and seeing his picture all over the news media in that movie?


Uncle Ruslan’s ex-father-in-law was a a CIA agent and this makes the uncle suspicious? That is quite a stretch, don’t you think? So, if my ex-father-in-law were a farmer, then I can be implicated in price fixing of milk? C’mon.


and the price fixing of milk?


“A.S…” Forgive me but your writing is juvenile and completely indicative of a corporate shill. What some of us do for a paycheck… ‘Thanks’ for assisting humanity.


People who have nothing to say throw out empty insults. If you cannot follow simple logic, move on to something you can understand.


And if you, AS, can follow simple logic, you’ll immediately go out and buy a copy of Lance DeHaven-Smith’s Conspiracy Theory in America!


Simple logic leads one to buy a book? Don’t you really hope is that reading that book will lead one to a simple, logically-derived conclusion?


Where? In my cow pasture?


Sorry, A.S. The comparison is weak. We’re talking about a close relationship (and at one point shared address) with the most important CIA official in that region of the world. It is highly suspicious.


What do we REALLY know about the relationship and what is the source of information? Is this factual or is it gossip?


It’s factual.


So, what are the facts and more importantly, what are the sources?


(sarcasm on) You’re right AS, I mean just because Cleveland Amory’s brother was a deputy director of the CIA, and Joseph Alsop’s cousin was Kermit Roosevelt of the CIA, nobody should EVER suspect such relations had any bearing on their absurd and slanted newspaper columns…..(/sarcasm off)


(sarcasm off). I feel quite certain that the boston marathon incident is unrelated to the Roosevelts (sarcasm still off).


You are willing to dismiss the association without check it out further. Why?


If the JFK flibrary was really was just an accident, then why should we be hearing more about it. Isn’t Baker something malicious when in fact, it may have been a simple accident that does not require additional information.


What’s it like being a sock puppet?


sock puppet? No I am really a CIA agent. wait, no not a CIA agent, one of those ‘sheeple’ who believes anything I read, like a Russ Baker article. Your insults need a little more creativity.


So do your questions, A.S.


One can’t assume or conclude that it was anything more than just coincidence. But it’s not fair to just leave the question hanging either when a call to the library would probably answer the question: what was actually held in that section of the library?




In the first report, the Boston police claimed it was obvious arson, with the fuel spreading the fire found throughout the site.

In the second news report, the Boston police verified this and further stated they believed it to be arson, but in the third report, some 12 to 16 hours later, they completed flipped, now proclaiming it to be an accident.

Reminds one of how the Dallas police interrogated Lee Oswald over a two-day period, never taking any notes, never recording a single conversation (and yes, they did have tape recorders back then); and then Mr. Oswald was shot to death at point blank range, while in police custody at police headquarters!

Too many fishy, hyper-suspicious goings-ons…..


If Russ Baker is reporting the JFK library issue, maybe he should just pick up the phone and ask what happened. The truth might be something dull and boring. That is not nearly as much fun as intrigue and mischief, but it might be the truth. If he is an investigative journalist, then he should investigate.


you’re playing i.j. to russ baker, so why don’t you make the phone call? you should investigate.


Unquestionable proof that Jahar was framed. The FBI took still shots from the video and photo shopped his head into a bogus crime scene. pic.twitter.com/2meMcD6jNE


Denise Richard is not a victim so it is safe to assume that the little boy and little girl are fine as well; Richard obviously was not concerned about her children as she ran from the second blast.



Your gal on the right doesnt have a white stripe at the hem line on those shorts. Richards clearly does. Plus hair on the running gal looks tied back – and Richards is not. Real gross picture at the scene show Richards foot with that shoe and sock sticking out of the crowd bent over her.


The white is there. Hair tied up means nothing. It is the same person in the picture where the FBI photo shopped in Jahar’s head. If after I enter this you still cannot see the white, I can assure you it is there in the fully blown up picture. Your shoe argument is bizarre. The same shoes/socks are associated with the woman in both pictures.


whatever……but keep on swinging.


Once again Russ Baker deftly and cogently sums up the variances, discrepancies, and instant changes in the CorporateMedia, and lucidly presents us with a true slice of reality!

Speaking of Russ and his book, Family of Secrets, which I noted was mentioned in an outstanding book I recently read, Lance DeHaven-Smith’s Conspiracy Theory in America, whereby Prof. DeHaven-Smith, using precise and fundamental logic, completely destroys all those tediously repeated mantras of the conspiracy deniers!

Also included in the professor’s book is CIA Dispatch #1035-960, a must read for every American citizen!


Re Dzhokhar’s interest in Chechen nationalism, see this article which also explains more CIA connections: http://tracesofreality.com/2013/05/10/the-tsarnaevs-and-the-cia-part-2-who-is-brian-glyn-williams/


F. William Engdahl writes on the CIA connections – a bit stilted and lots of background – 2nd half of article 2 actually gets to the point.
The shooting of the man in Orlando reeks of tying up loose ends – and I think a serious look should be given to the events of the night the shoot out occurred. I think they had reasons for cruising Watertown, there appears to be at least a third person involved, and from where they found “the” Black Mercedes and reported shots fired – the boat JT was found in is only a block and few hundred feet over. You would think that would be the center of the perimeter. Instead they searched everywhere else but that backyard – but that boat.




Can we get a less Jew-hating source than Veterans Today?


Why is VT’s criticism of Israel’s policies considered “Jew-hating”?

F. William Engdahl does not even mention Israel in the articles.

John D Hansen Jr

In your post, you ask “Qui Bono?” Actually this should be “Cui bono?” (Literally, “To whom the good?” or “Good for whom?” The meaning is “Who benefits?”)


Whoops–and thanks. Writer AND editors AWOL on that one.

Man on the street

Hello Russ, I love for you to dig into our part of helping the jihadis from more than 20 different countries destroy SECULAR Syria in favor of foaming at the mouth Islamist regime. To answe such a challenge will take you back to our silencing reports of Saudi envolvement in 9/11?
The idea is a worldwide attack on the Western culture, and economic interest by the Islamists? Why? Is it to convert us all to Islam, and cover our women? Is it to punish us for supporting Israel and its atrocities?

Karin Friedemann

There was an attack on the Boston marathon. It is a pretty huge leap to say it’s an attack by jihadis on Western culture. That Americans are so quick to believe this points to their guilty, guilty consciences.


I was wondering about what Ozymandias wrote below:

“How in the world did Dzhokhar Tsarnaev evade dozens of police officers after the shootout on Laurel Street as he fled in the SUV? It’s especially strange given that Dzhokhar dumped the SUV 4/10th of a mile away (near the corner of Spruce and Lincoln).”

Here’s my impression of the Keystone Cops following the younger brother:

“Oh shit, he’s driving away. I guess we lost him.”

'46 one time hippy

why did they not use blood hounds to chase Dzhokhar?


Just a quick correction: the correct phrase is “cui bono”, not “qui bono”.

Karin Friedemann

Regarding the JFK library fire; the library is located in Dorchester, nowhere near the marathon or Watertown or Cambridge. Within an hour of the report of a mysterious fire, Dorchester Reporter contacted the library and reported that the fire was a small electrical fire and had nothing to do with the bombings.

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