Now that ebola hysteria has stopped interrupting regular programming and the American patients are cured, the risk is gone, right? Not so fast …


Who called out Hollywood’s ‘cowardice’ in the face of the Sony hacking scandal? George Clooney attacked Tinseltown’s willingness to relent to threats over the release of a movie lampooning North Korea.

Who is responsible for the cyberattack? According to the FBI it is North Korea.

Who is the CIA’s ‘Queen of Torture‘? The identity of the high-ranking official is still a mystery.


What kind of year was it for IPOs? The biggest since the Dotcom Bubble burst.

What has the United States gotten out of the billions in aid it has given Pakistan? Not much.


Why are librarians fighting for open access to the internet? Because they see the web as a public service.

And why are U.S. jails a scandal?

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