RadioWhoWhatWhy: Economic Growth Slows for a Decade. Governments Do Exactly the Wrong Thing
By Jeff Schechtman
Just how weak is the global economy, how did we get here, and what should governments be doing to rekindle growth? Jeff Schechtman talks to the FT’s economics guy.


Is the Pentagon Crying Wolf Over Its Budget?
Is that a trick question? Or is it a rhetorical question? Either way, it’s emblematic of a consistent truth… that the “unprecedented” defense spending of the post-9/11 era is unlikely to slow down anytime in the near future. Given that the US is reporting a huge spike in terrorism and rebooting the Cold War, the simple fact is that it’s a good time to invest in the Military-Industrial Complex.

FBI Agent: The CIA Could Have Stopped 9/11
Former FBI agent Mark Rossini is “appalled” by official statements in the just-released, but heavily redacted, 2005 CIA inspector general’s report. In it, CIA investigators said they “encountered no evidence” that the government of Saudi Arabia “knowingly and willingly supported” the attackers. But Rossini—who worked in the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center—isn’t buying it. In fact, he never bought into the official story. Instead, he believes the US government covered up secret links between the CIA and key Saudis who may have abetted the plot.


Neoliberal Overreach Sparks Rebellion in Europe, US
MarketWatch columnist Darrell Delamaide examines the impact of Neo-Liberal economic policy and sees a marked shift away from a “profits at all cost” ideology on both sides of the pond. A new Gallup poll shows that Delamaide may be right about a new leftward tilt in the Democratic Party. Still, the Pope’s poverty-centric environmental encyclical has Republicans and economic conservatives decidedly unimpressed. But, as Delamaide points out, the free trade agenda has sparked wider opposition than ever before.


Many Ask, Why Not Call Church Shooting Terrorism?
What’s the difference between this shooting and other shootings by Muslims assailants? Why have officials and the media haggled over whether or not this massacre is “terrorism” or “just” mass murder? What does it take for an event to quickly rise to the level of “terrorism”—like the Boston Bombing? And why is that Jon Stewart is the only person in the media who seems to have an answer?

Why South Carolina’s Confederate Flag Isn’t at Half-Staff After Church Shooting
Dylann Roof confessed. Dylann Roof wanted to start a racial “civil war.” Dylann Roof drove a car with a Confederate flag on his license plate. He lived in South Carolina—where the state flag and the American Flag flew at half staff… but the “Stars and Bars” remained at full staff within eye-shot of the state’s capitol building. Why?

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