Holiday Gifts of Magic and Mayhem by Milicent Cranor
If you are repelled by the aggressive commercialism of the season, and bored with the ritual giving of the usual mass-produced items from predatory corporations—then keep reading! We have some ideas for unusual gifts that could not only give enormous pleasure but could, in some instances, change lives.


Who is going to cash in on the media-driven scandal surrounding the Sony hack? Sony will … when it releases ‘The Interview’ on Christmas Day. Ka-ching!

And who is seeking official recognition after decades of illness? Downwinders—the people who lived downwind from U.S. atomic weapon testing sites.


What have the post-9/11 wars cost? A staggering $14 million per hour.

What caused the 3rd Quarter spike in U.S. economic growth? “Stronger-than-expected spending by U.S. consumers, particularly on services like health care,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

What was the board game Monopoly originally designed to do? Teach the 99% about income inequality.


Why do many find it hard to trust the news media? Because outlets like this FOX affiliate in Baltimore produce fake news.

And why do Santa’s elves endure his workshop’s slave-labor conditions?

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