MediaFail: The Sony Hack, North Korea and Tales Swallowed Whole by Russ Baker
It’s “Morning Again in America,” and the new year is dawning with some hopeful signs of skepticism from people with a platform. Russ Baker looks at the rising tide of voices that aren’t swallowing the official story about the Sony hack.


How the Iraq War Financed a Beltway Real Estate Boom
The Intercept identifies the people who “made a killing” on the Iraq war industry—an industry that traces back to the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998. Written by Stephen Rademaker, a staffer on the House International Relations Committee, it called for regime change and set in motion a regional economic boom exploited by policymakers moving through the public-private revolving door to cash in on the war machinery they set in motion.

The Most Dangerous People on the Internet Right Now
Kim Zetter of Wired compiles a must-see list of the Net’s most dangerous characters ranging from threats to the status quo like Edward Snowden and a radical Libertarian 3-D gunmaker to the “biggest outlaw” in the “Wild West” of the world-wide web—the dreaded NSA!


Spy Wars: U.S.-Cuba Swap Reveals Secrets Within Secrets
It’s been two weeks since President Obama’s groundbreaking policy shift toward Cuba, but little has been said about one of the prisoners exchanged in the deal—a man the President called “one of the most important intelligence agents that the United States has ever had in Cuba.” The Miami Herald digs into the controversy surrounding the spy who might have been a “dangle”—a fake spy feeding the U.S. bogus info.

The Very Real Dangers of Tasers
Advocates and police forces promote tasers as a non-lethal alternative to firearms, but a year-long investigation exposed the significant harm to both body mind posed by tasers, particularly since they are more likely to be used than guns … and are often used on “suspects” ranging from the homeless to the mentally ill, and even on kids as young as six.


The Century Of The Self: Controlling The ‘Dangerous Crowd’ in an Age Of Mass Democracy
Zero Hedge looks back a Adam Curtis’ groundbreaking documentary on the use of Freud’s theories to control and manipulate modern society.

Must Counterterrorism Cancel Democracy?
Georgetown Law Professor David Cole examines the loss of democracy to the “national security–industrial complex” which has reaped $3.3 trillion spent “on counterterrorism in the first decade after September 11.” This complex includes “forty-six separate national security agencies” employing “854,000 people” who hold “security clearances from the U.S. government.” Can’t you hear the cash register ringing?

Americans Want America to Run on Solar and Wind
It’s true … people across the political spectrum prefer solar and wind power, mostly because they think these renewable sources pose less of a health risk and are cheaper than oil or nuclear power. Now if we could somehow get representatives to represent the people who elected them….

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