BOSTON UPDATE: Tsarnaev Tries To Move Bombing Trial Again by Andy Thibault
Dzokhar Tsarnaev’s lawyers are again trying to get his looming trial moved out of Boston. Despite a stream of potentially prejudicial publicity and polls showing the majority of Bostonians think he’s guilty, there’s little chance the judge will agree.


Who helped to make Iraqi Kurdistan? Exxon marks the spot, of course. In fact, the CEO of ExxonMobil doesn’t mind the falling price of oil.

Who else doesn’t mind all that cheap crude? Anyone itching to see regime change in so-called “enemies” of the United States. Military and business leaders think the oil glut might push Iran into a favorable nuclear deal and there is little doubt that Putin’s Russia is feeling the pain.

Who isn’t suffering from the petro-surplus? Apparently, the oil-trading Islamic State can weather the storm since Secretary of State John Kerry said it could take years to defeat the group.

Who worked hard to debunk “conspiracy theories” after the death of Michael Hastings? The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Who’s counting police killings? Not the Federal Bureau of Investigation!

Who feels “very bad” after he avoided indictment in a controversial—and widely-watched—police killing of Eric Garner? NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo walked after a grand jury declined to indict him. This comes on the heels of Ferguson, President Obama’s plans to de-militarize the police and growing controversy about the role of race in policing.


What has returned to the housing market? Fraud in real estate appraisals.

What is making very little progress? Efforts to fight corruption around the world.


Why isn’t the Pentagon embedding journalists in its expanding efforts in Iraq?

Why is the Pentagon vetting Syrian rebels already trained by the CIA?

Why are drug cartels smuggling U.S. marijuana into Mexico?

And why is Tony Blair’s Christmas card so “terrifying”?

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