Are Student Loans Bringing Back Indentured Labor?  by Ryan McNamara
Everyone knows that American college loan debts are becoming unmanageable for many students. But since a college degree is all but required for getting a well-paying job, the loans may be bringing back a work arrangement not seen since the early 1900s: indentured labor.


Who is waging war on Internet security? The NSA’s prying eyes poke holes in the cloud, according to new Snowden documents.

Who will urge 1.2 billion Catholics to take action on climate change? Pope Francis will issue an encyclical on climate chaos when he visits the typhoon-devastated city of Tacloban in the Philippines.

Who owns more than half of America’s debt? Contrary to popular misconception, it is not China!


What is next for the Iraqi people? The near-impossible prospect that their broken nation will ever recover from America’s crushing invasion and occupation.

What might have happened to the missing AirAsia flight? No one knows yet for sure, but The Associated Press has this interesting primer on some possibilities about the latest hit to Malaysia’s reeling aviation industry.


Why have former intelligence professionals written an open letter to outgoing Senator Mark Udall (D-CO)? They want him to release the full Senate Torture Report.

And why does this evangelical leader equate “pro-life” with “pro-planet”?

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