So Far, 2014 is the Hottest Year on Record—Since 1880 by The WhoWhatWhy Team
This year is the hottest year on record since 1880 globally. What’s going on with our temperatures?


Who is Ashton Carter? The Beltway buzzers say he’s Obama’s leading candidate to replace Chuck Hagel at the Pentagon. The wonky Carter operated mostly behind the scenes, but is not averse to dropping a bomb or two.

Who will Carter be working closely with in 2015 if he’s nominated and confirmed? Say hello to incoming Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. John McCain. The intervention-minded McCain will take the gavel on the heels of a renewed military mission in Afghanistan, the predictable mission-creep in Iraq and a new set of budget cuts that hit the troops hardest …  even as defense contractors are lining up for another payday.

Who knows a thing or two about contractor paydays? Blackwater founder Erik Prince. He wants to apply what he learned during his time milking the government teat to help turn the Pentagon into a “self-contained machine.”

Who is defeating attempts to “de-militarize” America’s police even as President Obama is planning executive orders to halt excessive militarization?

Who fired 137 shots but are now crying that they’re the victims?


What do human rights have to do with climate change?

What are the CIA and the Pentagon hiding by keeping RFK’s papers secret?

What does a law from 1789 have to do with decrypting smartphones?


Why is Saudi King Abdullah fighting the wrong wars?

Why is Stephen Hawking concerned about artificial intelligence?

Why are journalists hiring lobbyists to work on drone rules?

And why are big cats in big trouble?

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