Michael Hand found in Idaho Falls
Michael Hand found in Idaho Falls Photo Credit: Sergei / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Michael Hand, co-founder of the infamous Nugan Hand Bank who disappeared in 1980 after authorities began investigating the bank’s shadowy past following its sudden collapse, has been found.

The Nugan Hand bank was a CIA-linked cesspool of drugs, money laundering, and organized crime.  In the words of Jonathan Kwitny, the bank was “a true tale of dope, dirty money, and the CIA.”

Hand, who now lives under the name Michael Fuller, was found by an Australian news crew in Idaho, where he runs a company that makes survival knives for U.S. military clients, including Special Operations personnel. (Hand, a former green beret, previously resurfaced in the early 1980s working as a military advisor to CIA-linked military forces in Central America.)

Hand has been dubbed “one of Australia’s most wanted fugitives,” but does Australia have the political will to seek the extradition of a man widely believed to have been a CIA asset? Initial indications appear to be no.

As one observer noted, “The fact that Hand has been allowed to live the free life in the United States suggests he belongs to a protected species, most likely of the intelligence kind.” Hand’s partner at the bank (Frank Nugan) was not as lucky, dying under murky circumstances prior to Hand’s disappearance.

If Australia summons the political will to seek Hand’s extradition, will the US agree?

For those who follow the dark undercurrent of “deep politics,” this one is well worth watching…


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Donald Mitchell
Donald Mitchell
4 years ago

“de oppresso liber” mike…De Oppresso Liber! Liberate us Mike; tell us just what exactly happened…we’re oppressed Mike…set us free! remember; people have to prove what you say is either true or false.! Chances are it will all remain ‘skuttlebutt’..you’d never be prosecuted…hell, you know too much. So come clean! we’d all like to know…remember Chuck Marshall with the 5th SF up in the parrots beak?Tell us: what really happened?-DM

Donald Mitchell
Donald Mitchell
4 years ago

Michael Hand: use the Internet to “come clean!” Tell your countrymen and the rest of the world your “story” about what happened…from australia to the present. We’re listening…

Donald Mitchell
Donald Mitchell
4 years ago

Ever since Michael Hand got burned with regard to his banking exploits abroad, he has lent his expertise to the Agency in central America during the dirty wars, working for Col. Steel, thus “earning” the ability to obtain a new identity and elude prosecution from Australia’s justice system.

But, what about complicity in the murder of former DCI William Colby? Word has it that several of the so-called culprits involved in shady dealings with the Nugen-Hand Bank, were involved in the drowning death of William Colby, former Director of the CIA, and alleged “whistleblower” regarding the dirty deeds of Nugen-Hand Bank.

For Michael Hand to get a pass on his activities in Australia is one thing, but the murder of Bill Colby is another! Could it be possible that Mr. hand may have earned his “new bones” dealing in drug smuggling (again) when he went to work for CIA during the “dirty wars” in Central America, immediately after disappearing from Australia? Nugen-Hand bank handled money laundering for drug smuggling sources out of Southeast Asia during the Vietnam war. Why would interests in Central America be any different? After all, it is common knowledge that CIA was involved in drug smuggling sales during American involvement with the Contras.

Makes sense. Look at some of Hands former customers, such as: Edwin Wilson…just to name one. It was Colby who “dropped a dime” on people like Wilson; Shackley: Secord(who by the way, was head of CIA’s Air America, and the use of Heroin as a commodity in the Golden Triangle), Clines, and a slew of other “shady characters.”
Something to think about.-DM

5 years ago

Very interesting. People like Michael Hand are truly global operators of a supra-national system connected to the Special Forces and Intelligence Services of the world. This system must be exposed, ASAP.

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