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Who is President Obama’s new pen-pal? According to reports, it is Iran’s Supreme Leader. And GOP Hawks are predictably upset about the letter that reportedly outlined a broader rapprochement and cooperation against the Islamic State.

Who else is critical of Obama’s strategy against the Islamic State? The U.S. Intelligence community.

Who killed Osama bin Laden? This Navy SEAL is taking credit, much to the chagrin of his fellow soldiers.

Who “overstated” the intelligence garnered from “enhanced interrogations?”According to the much-delayed Senate Report on CIA Interrogation, George W. Bush did.

Who admitted that an agent impersonated a reporter during an investigation? FBI Director James Comey.

Who has an “enemies list”? Former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson saysPresident Obama has one with her name on it.

Who is behind the rumor-debunking website


What did Chevron get for all the money it spent on the 2014 Election? Not much.

What is JPMorgan Chase’s worst nightmare? This whistleblower.

What are Americans still waiting for, even as the job numbers steadily improve? A long-overdue raise.


Why isn’t American democracy served by today’s Congress?

Why are people protesting in Hong Kong? Income inequality.

And why did the CIA’s Psychological Warfare Workshop bring George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ to the silver screen?

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