New Cyber-Weapon Belies Spy Agencies’ National Security Claims, by Joshua Kopstein
Washington’s cyber-spies haven’t been resting on their laurels. Computer security researchers have uncovered a powerful new malware built for spying. And its targets are far from the usual national security threats that intelligence agencies say they need to watch.


Who do you believe … Officer Darren Wilson (who told his version of the Brown killing to George Stephanopoulos) or Dorian Johnson (Michael Brown’s friend and companion during the fatal shooting)? That’s the crux of the Ferguson controversy as protests spread around the nation. Racial divisions are as indelible now as they were in 1992 when LA Police officers were acquitted in the beating of Rodney King—perhaps because of the persistence of questionable police practices, an epidemic of asset seizures and a steady stream of police shootings.

Who wants to be the next Secretary of Defense? Now that Michèle Flournoy has dropped out, the Beltway rumor mill is churning in search of possible candidates willing to run the gauntlet of Senate approval.

Who wants to be SecDef anyway when you can make $172 million just for retiring from a defense contractor? Heck, you can even make $100,000 per year as a drone pilot. But who will help you deal with your job as a remote control assassin?


What is Dr. Strangelove’s advice to nuclear planners in the US and Russia? What does a Black Swan have to do with nuclear war? And what is motivating the US to get a nuclear deal done ASAP?

What does embattled NY Times reporter James Risen have to say about the War on Terror and press freedoms?


Why is Sierra Leone losing ground in the fight against Ebola?

Why is America “losing the war on terror”?

Why does the Uniform Code of Military Justice have little to do with justice?

And why does your family drive you crazy?

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